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Title: Ocean Blue and Sapphire

Authoress: Tysonkaiexperiment

Dedication: To Kiraracutie, who found the random KH Yaoi coupling generator and helped me get this. LOL. She doesn't like the pairing much, but she admits it's cute. Also, after finally giving into the pressures of me and our friends, our other close friend finally asked her out and she agreed. And they seemed to be happily together, and they didn't think they would date. HA.

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Note 2: I'm sorry this is so short! It's short because I'm attempting to put all my SoRokuness into the lemon next chapter! It's being written now!

Ocean Blue and Sapphire Chapter 21:


"Here, these are for you." And Roxas thrust the flowers into Sora's face, his lips in a straight line, cheeks red, eyes squeezed shut tightly. Sora, on the other hand, was gorgeously sitting there with eyebrows raised, eyes wide, and mouth open.

Why had he done this? Damn Axel! If only that idiot redhead hadn't made a bet with him to find out who can woo Sora first. Maybe he shouldn't have told Axel about his crush, then he could still be admiring Sora from afar, happily. Now people were probably going to give him weird looks and say he wasn't cool enough to even look at Sora and—.

Sora's mouth closed, but it simply opened in surprise once again. His right hand raised and he tucked a spike of hair behind his right ear as he looked up to Roxas, still speechless.

"Y-yeah, have a nice day!" Roxas almost squeaked out before laying the roses-twelve beautiful de-thorned red ones-before bolting out the door of the classroom and towards the apartment he shared with his older brother, Cloud.

The rest of the day he sat on his couch watching several shows-such as Ocean Blue and Sapphire and Hot Hot Can You Get?-before loosing himself in a tub of vanilla ice cream and watching some random marathon of chick flicks. His life, as he knew it, was over. He would have to change schools, change his last name back to Strife (as he had his mother's maiden name of Oomura right now), change his looks, and oh god he was hyperventilating! Cloud hadn't questioned why he came home early, once he saw the view of a chick flicks title on the TV screen he knew. Roxas only watched chick flicks when something bad happened to him or when he thought something bad happened to him.

It was a couple minutes after noon when a knock came on the door, Cloud figured it'd be one of Roxas's friends since the school was a standard Japanese school and let students out at noon (except Roxas loathed that to make up time they had to go in on Saturdays). He opened the door and a brunet was standing there, one Cloud remembered seeing in a picture in Roxas's jean pocket. Oh yes, and when Cloud came into Roxas's room to ask and had been eyeing the picture up, the younger blond quickly grabbed it and sent several ferocious screams and threats to him for getting fingerprints on the picture. So this was the famous young boy of Roxas's wet dreams, huh? "Can I help you?"

The boy bowed, it was rather well done in standing position, "M-my name is Sora Leonhart, sir, and I would like to speak to Roxas, if I could."

Cloud's eyebrows raised, elegant and polite, he liked this kid. There was a pause as he eyed the brunet's tight hold on the bouquet of flowers and he grinned, "Oh Roxas!" He singsonged into the house.

"I'm not home!" Came back the blond's cry from the living room, and faintly the opening song of the Sukisyo! yaoi anime series drifted into the hallway opening.

Cloud grinned back to the brunet, "As you could see he's home, just come on inside, he's eating all my ice cream. He always does that when somethings wrong."

The brunet squeaked before almost falling as he all-but-jumped out of his shoes and made his way to the living room. Cloud smiled, pulling down some extra plates for dinner.

"Who was it anyways Cloud?" Roxas asked, lips partly open to stick a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth, he had sensed the presence behind him but just assumed it was his brother.

"It was me." The voice was soft, simple, and sent butterflies into the blond's stomach. Roxas dropped the spoon into the ice cream and sat it down as he stood and whirled around, only one voice had been able to make him do that. And it seemed like the butterflies moved even quicker when Sora smiled.

"You, but-uh... guh—.."

"Guh?" Sora asked, blinking before setting down the roses on the table near the ice cream and sitting next to the place where the blond was just sitting, "Sit with me, please?"

There was a few seconds of silence before Roxas slid into the seat, almost wishing the couch would just open up and eat him. This couldn't be happening, it just couldn't! "Why are you—..."

"You never waited for my answer." Sora stated simply, his knee was bumping into Roxas's as it twitched up and down (a habit for a nervous or thinking Sora) and the blond could feel the warmth spreading through his body, "I don't exactly have the best grades to run out of school."

"Oh." Roxas blushed, looking down and avoiding Sora's searching gaze, "So.. uh.." He could find nothing to say, he never even imagined this would be happening.

Sora's lips tugged up into a smile, and before Roxas could react he reached up and placed a kiss on the corner of Roxas's mouth, "Thank you for the roses."

Roxas had yet to move, eyes wide and mouth gapping, he reminded Sora of a fish.

Giggling, Sora leaned up to place another kiss to Roxas's lips, but this was one was not on the corner, it had been a full mouth to mouth kiss. He pulled away slightly, "And that is what I think of your roses."

It had taken twenty seconds for it all to calculate into Roxas's head, ten for the words to sink in and another ten for the words to click. With a bark of laughter he pulled Sora close by his cheeks and placed a kiss all over the brunet's face, leaving no skin untouched. Sora mewled and pressed himself to his new boyfriend, he buried his face into Roxas's chest and sighed contently.

Roxas's fingers tugged through the brunet spikes of hair, he leaned down, kissing Sora's forehead before clasping their hands together and entwining their fingers. And everything was happy, and everything was perfect.

Until there was a 'clicking' sound and Roxas chased his older brother around the apartment and was demanding the camera as Sora sat back and watched, lips pulled into a pleasant smile.

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