Sick Day

"Pookie," Maureen cooed as she crawled onto the bed next to Joanne's sleeping form. "Pookie." Moaning, Joanne rolled over so she was facing Maureen. The diva brushed a strand of curly hair out of her lover's face. "You feeling okay Pookie?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Joanne replied weakly. When she tried to sit up, Maureen gently pushed her back down, and felt her forehead.

"No way in hell are you getting up. You are going to stay in bed, and I am going to take care of you." Joanne's eyes felt heavy. She didn't even comprehend that Maureen was going to take care of her.

Around noon, Maureen gently woke Joanne. The lawyer was running a fever, and was coughing a lot too. She sat up, and propped herself up with her pillows.

"Here, eat this," Maureen told her firmly as she handed her a bowl of soup. Upon seeing Joanne's reluctant face, the diva added, "Don't worry, it's from a can, and I remembered to add water this time." Joanne took a bite of the warm liquid, it was perfect. Maureen waited to see what Joanne thought of the soup.

"It's great Honeybear, thanks." Maureen smiled. "I know that you have much better things to do than be here taking care of me. You can leave if you want, I'm a big girl."

"Really?" Maureen was about take Joanne up on her offer when she remembered that Joanne would take care of her is she was sick. "On second though, I'll stay here with you." Joanne was surprised by Maureen's response.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, let me get dressed, and I'll let you rest." Maureen got up, and changed into shorts and a tank top despite the fact that it was February.

"How can you wear that? It's freezing in here." Joanne lay down, and burrowed deeper under the quilt. Maureen leaned over, and kissed the lawyer's cheek.

"I'll turn up the heat then. Now, you get some rest so you're back to normal soon." Maureen pinched Joanne's ass playfully, and sauntered out of the room.

Joanne curled up in a tight ball. She felt the heat come on, and closed her eyes. She hated being sick. It was her job to take care of Maureen, not the other way around. The heat wrapped around Joanne, causing her to relax slightly, and eventually doze off.

When Maureen climbed into bed that evening, Joanne's eyes fluttered open. The lawyer rolled over to face her lover. She was feeling much better now after sleeping all day. Maureen smiled, and kissed Joanne's mocha skin softly.

"How are you feeling Pookie?" she asked. She was sitting on the bed channel surfing. Joanne scooted as close as possible to her girlfriend, and rested her head on the diva's chest. Maureen stroked Joanne's curly hair. She wasn't used to being the one in charge; it scared her a little. Maureen knew that she was high maintenance, but she liked to have someone to take care of her. Now, for the first time ever, she had been the one taking care of someone else.

Maureen wrapped her arms around Joanne, and kissed the top of her head. Joanne snuggled even closer to Maureen.

"How are you feeling?" Maureen asked again. Slowly, Joanne opened her eyes.

"Much better," she replied. "Thanks for taking care of me." Maureen's hand slid down to Joanne's ass.

"Anytime. You've been out all day. I was actually pretty worried about you." Joanne kissed Maureen on the lips.

"It was just some twenty-four hour virus, you didn't need to worry." Joanne wrapped her arms around Maureen's waist. She was actually happy that the diva had been worried about her. It showed that they really had something here. Soon, both women were fast asleep.