It all started with a small vat of blood with just a dash of iron.

Right then and there Rose knew that this Doctor would be very, very different from the old version.

Her first Doctor would never have dipped his finger in and had a lick. He'd have sniffed, perhaps, or just asked what it was. But licked?

The Doctor had always been somewhat fussy about what he ate, Cronk Burgers notwithstanding.

This Doctor seemed like an overactive child, forever putting things in his mouth, licking and nibbling and biting; whether it was licking a wall or sticking his fingers into a jar of marmalade, he just couldn't stop.

And it was driving Rose crazy.

She had found it very hard to keep her feelings in check when the Doctor had big ears, a leather jacket and a brooding complex to put Angel to shame. Now that he was a tasty hyperactive hottie with an oral fixation, her cold shower was getting more of a work-out that she was.

Was there anything he wouldn't taste? Except her obviously.

But so far she'd been quite able to put it to the back of her mind, to pretend that it didn't matter and to ignore it, maybe even joke when he started to lick and bite and nibble.

But if he didn't stop swirling that pen around in his mouth she wouldn't be responsible for her actions.

He had been chewing that same pen for an hour now as he tried to work out formulae for some special TARDIS extension trip thing that she couldn't possibly understand, because she was stupid ape who couldn't concentrate because his tongue kept curling around that blue top and his white teeth … nibbled incessantly.

Rose could see his tapered fingers tapping on the strong plastic body and caressing the nib as he gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling, his mind obviously a million light-years away.

To make matters worse he was wearing his glasses.

No, His Glasses. It deserved capitalisation.

They were thick and dark and geek chic sexy in a 'I-want-to-steam-them-up" kind of way. And boy did she want to. They hid his adorable, melt-me-baby eyes, which had to be against some sort of law, but at the same time they made him look so incredibly delicious. Someone she just wanted to sink her teeth into.

Oh, lord, his oral fixation had to be contagious.

About an hour ago he had unbuttoned his top shirt button and loosened his tie and it just wasn't fair. A slight peak of hard, tanned strong male and she was ready to scream in pure frustration.

Then, to be a complete bastard, he'd started to rake his hands through his luscious, thick hair and twist sections of it in sexy disarray.

Twice she'd tried to get up and walk away, to shower, to scream, or to run a marathon to ease some of her tension, but when she moved he'd pinned her with a hurt look and asked her where she was going.

So Rose stayed and wished with all her might that she was a blue biro whilst she cursed Time Lords and their insatiable, thick-headedness.

"Aha!" he suddenly said with a jubilant grin and jammed the pen in the corner of his mouth as he flipped the pages over again. As he swung in his chair she saw the muscles in his back bunch and ripple.

Rose clenched her fingers into fists and bit her lip.

She was going to kill him.

"I knew it!" he gave her his best dazzling smile. "Simple really."

"Oh?" she squeaked and had to clear her throat. "So, we all done then, yeah?"

"Almost." He picked up a book near him and then licked his finger.

He licked his finger, his tongue darting out to moisten the tip before dropping his hand down to turn the page.

Rose stared.

It wasn't fair. Was it even possible to die from frustration? She had to get out of there. Really had to go.

"Just one more," he mumbled and picked up the one again, making a few notes before sticking it into his mouth. His lips pulled back and his pearly white teeth nipped at the lid, his tongue curling around it to hold it in place.

Rose snapped.

She jumped out of her seat and stormed over to him, yanking the pen out of this mouth.

Half of her yelled at her to just grab his head plaster her lips to his and have at it. The other half of her screamed that that was, quite possibly, the worst thing she could do, including saving her father's life.

The two halves warred for an instant and one half was about to win when she registered the Doctor staring at her intently.

Doctor. Her Doctor. Her Doctor who had no idea of the effect he had on her and who would be quite horrified if he knew.

She cleared her throat and dropped the pen on the table "C-c-chewing p-pens is dangerous." She managed. "If you swallowed, you could choke and I can't break in another Doctor right now. Cup of tea?"

Before he could answer she turned on her heel and all but ran from the room.

The Doctor slumped back in his chair and whipped his glasses off.


He'd played the rumpled look, the half-undressed, the finger licking and the pen and she'd still managed to resist him.

He'd been so damn close!

He'd almost had her; had been within an inch of her cracking and throwing herself at him.

Damn, she was good.

But he was better.

Her willpower was truly impressive but his was better and he always, always got what he wanted.

And he wanted Rose.

He knew he could have her at any time if he showed the interest but that was too easy. He wanted her to come to him. He wanted to drive her half mad out of her mind for him. He wanted her to be the aggressor, the way he knew she could and that way she'd lose all her inhibitions.

And she was close.

Oh, she thought he couldn't tell but she didn't realise that every single one of his senses was a million times more sensitive than hers. She didn't realise that he could hear the way her heart beat frantically every time he was near. She didn't know he could feel her blood rushing around her body at a painful speed whenever he was around. She wasn't aware that he could smell her, feel her, sense her.

It was a slow seductive game and even though Rose didn't know they were playing, he was determined to win.

He glanced down at the chewed pen on the table and grinned.

He was so evil.

"Oh, Rose," he said, getting up and hurrying after her. "Do we have any of those cakes, you know, the ones with the cream in the middle?"

He was going to win and maybe sooner than he hoped.