Just a bit of a story I wrote at lunchtime. This is my first one-shot. Hate it! I know you will!

I ran around the TARDIS wardrobe, frantically trying to find a jacket before the engines quit rumbling.

I grabbed something without looking, and threw the hanger behind me in my hurry to get upstairs. The engines stopped moving as reached the console

"Did I miss anything?" I asked, buttoning up the leather jacket.

Four eyes stared at me. I knew it was winter outside in Ontario Canada, where we were going, and that my coat was a bit big, but why were they staring?

Confused, I walked to the door, and opened it. Man, that never got boring. No matter how many times I 've opened that door with Rose and the Doctor following me, it never gets old.

This time, I ran a ways ahead. It was snowing, I realized, a bit late.

My feet were cold and soaked with snow. I stuck my hands into my coat pockets, and felt a few odds and ends.

I pulled out my hands, and started to examine the things in my pockets. A few scrap peices of paper, a few wires, and a picture. One blurry, little pathetic picture. Just of some blonde woman -- mabey Rose, and some guy wearing this same coat.

I shoved the things back into the outside pocket, shivering, not of the cold, but of the mystery. Just in time to hear foot steps behind me.

How do you like it? It's my first ever one-shot! enjoy it! Please R&R!