When ties change

Authors Note: So this is the first part of my fanfic story of Darkwing Duck. I hope you liked it a little, feel free to send me your meaning of this part (don't be to mean pleas it's my first try you know). This part is more like a try-out actually, but I'm working on it so whit other words TO BE CONTINIUED. And I was trying to keep the characters a bit as the are in the tv show, but the probeblay will change as the storie will continieu.(Sorry for possible fault in the text, I corrected it but I might have overlooked one.)
- The character of Darkwing Duck, Morgana, LP, Liquidator, ect are not mine but all, I don't own them their all Disney's.


The sun was making it's way up to meet a new peaceful and loveable day in St. Canard. A small bird was just on the point of singing its song when –Dang-.

"You won't get away it this time,…"jelled a voice threw the city

"People pleas place your bets, it's now or never! Who will win this epic battle a clown in a costume or the almighty Liquidator!" said the dog, who was made completely of water, whit a commercial voice.

"Ow you're so funny" said Darkwing Duck whit sarcasm "You should hang out a little less whit Quakerjack!" he added sharply

"I dunno DW," said his sidekick Launchpad
"I always thought Quakerjack had some good ones!" referring to the jokes of the jester member of the fearsome five

"Ow boy, you gotta be kidding me!" said both Darkwing and the Liquidator at the same time. Mean while the chase had took them nearby the McCawber house.

"Hey look DW it's you girlfriends house" said LP

"What?" DW asked distracted, Liquidator took advantage of this and turned himself in a slippy spot of water on the road. The ratchatcer slipt and both dukes sitting in it screamed till it hit a fence. Darkwing jumped out and drew his gas gun "It's the flush for you water brain" he said and shot


"And that was it?" laught the Liquidator

Darn Gosalyn, Darkwing had let her clean his experiment as punishment for the last time she "cooked". Witch at that time meant an evacuation of the kitchen for several weeks. He told her so many times not to use soap one his gun. This was asking for a pretty good punishment, maybe a summer camp DW thought but he would have to pay for his distraction cause Liquidator had turn himself into a bad and hit Darkwing so hard he flew against the wall of the McCawber house, living a hole hole in the whale whit a pancake Darkwing print in it.

Meanwhile Morgana McCawber had become aware of the noise and went out to see what was happening. "Dark, honey" she said whit here regular sensual voice "What are you doing?"

"Hay Morg" Darkwing said painfully "Just everyday job" he added
"Yes and that jobs going to be finished soon!" the Liquidator said threateningly as he opened a new attack.

But LP was on the rescue and attacked Liquidator whit a kitchen mixer cause that was all he could find on such a short notice. First Liquidator was surprised by LP heroism but start laughing when he saw LP mighty weapon "Haha, I 'm so scared!" he respond "what are you going to do whit it? Hit me threw the head!" And attacked LP, who did a step backwards and trembled and felt.
While he felt he pushed the ON button which gave a pretty nice result. The mixer made the Liquidator change in nothing more than a bunch of soap bells." Blast" he bubbled but on his way to recover.

"Hey Morg sweetheart, can you give use a hand and cast that pudding spell of yours?" Darkwing asked quickly. "Alright, if you want it, here we go!" she pulled up her ands and made the incantation but in place of changing him in a chocolate pudding she awake a strong wind blast which pushed the Liquidator who was still a masse of the soap belles high over the city.

"Oops" "I was pretty sure that that was the pudding spell!" she said thoughtfully.
"Never mind you did great Morg!" he said a pecked her on the cheek (and he doesn't easily give compliments but he was kinda afraid of Morgana's impulsive magical character).

"Eeuh, sorry to interrupt DW but its 7 a.m. and Gos has to go to school!" LP interrupted. "Okay, I'm coming. I'll be their in a minute" he said dreamy to LP.

Morgana was so beautiful, actually she was the most beautiful he ever saw. Sometimes he wondered why she chooses him to be his boy friend. "So I'll see you Friday right?" she asked breaking to his thoughts "our date is still one isn't it?" he added whit a bit of annoying in her voice.
"Sure hon!" he said sweetly and took a good bye of Morgana as he saw his side kick sitting impatient in his sidecar. "Then I'll see you Friday Dark" she respond and walked back in.