Chapter 5: When old acquaintance shows up.


"What? This is the best I can and it is still not good enough for you?" The young fox stood bend forwards trying to control her breathing again.

"No it's not good enough!" Darkwing said severely and came standing next to her. They were at the secret S.H.U.S.H. trainings camp. Darkrose personal training had begun. It was now 6 o'clock in the evening and Darkwing had been drilling her since 5 in the morning. He had shot everything at her: she had a course first help, a trying in clues, a full top secret file of S.H.U.S.H., a fighting class and now she had a test to put it all together. She was tired to dead.

"Alright I know I'm not a record breaker but I'm quick!" she protested standing up straight again.

"It's not about being quick, it's about being quicker then the enemy. And you had luck today that as well QJ as MV were tired already at their full condition you hadn't made it against them!"

She opened her mouth to protest again but he cutted her of immediately.

"You are doing well and I don't doubt your skills. But if you should take on the five, Turus Bulba or F.O.W.L. or something like them you won't make it!"

She didn't protest this time "Alright so what now?"

"You're still not ready to face them, a part of your training lies in your own hands." there was a silence "But as we're still not that far…Again!"


"Ow my pore Spike you had a tough time didn't you!" A plant mutant duck was talking to a big flesh eating plant who was looking rather bad. "I promise Darkwing will pay for what he did to you!" Regginald said as he left the room entering a other part of his big greenhouse. "I'll get that dipwing one day!" he groaned as he was watering his plants.

"Ow so at least I'm not the only one who thinks Darkwing has to be removed!" a voice came from the shadows.

"Yaks!" Bushroot jumped behind his plants "Who…who are you?" he asked worried.

"It's me you knob!" Nega Duck came from the shadows not looking to happy. You would think that it would calm Reggie when he knew who it was but knowing it was Negs actually only made him more worried.

"Oww … hai …boss! Long time no see!" he muttered nervously.

"Yeah right!" he said sarcastically, the other fives were such a loser to Negs. "A real unpleasant situation, I know. So just listen peace of mutated flora I want you to warn the others. I 'm back and I want that St.Canard knows it and I need you knobs for my new plan."

Bushroot doubted for a moment "So with the other ones do you mean all 3 of them boss?" he asked nervous.

Nega Duck rolled his eyes "No I want you to bring Elvis emplace so he can knock to city down with his new single. Of course I mean the other you idiot who else!" he yelled angry turning red. He wasn't in a good mood Bushroot noticed.

"Well boss.." he started "that could be a little problem!" he hesitate.

Nega Duck who had calm down waited for Reggie to tell what was going on.

"Well it seems that QuakerJack and MegaVolt are kind off stuck for the moment!" he said trembling. He knew he would bring his friends in danger but it was every villain for him self for the moment.

"The two knobs had themselves arrested?" Negs concluded. Reggie nodded slowly.

"Great I love it when thing go bad form the start!" he groaned as he was walking around irritated. Then he turned to Bushroot "Alright, your first job is to bust them out meanwhile I will get the waterbrain! We'll meet at the headquarters!" he said and walked away angry leaving the villain alone whit his plant (not that bushroot mind, he preferred the tings that way!).

"So it seems I have to get some preparations done!" he sight to the petunia beside him.


"I hate prison! It's no fun at all." QuakerJack was lying on his prison bed with his head down so he could face MegaVolt who was in the bed underneath him.

"At least you aren't electrocuted every time you come in. Beside I though we had a deal: you can have the upper bed and you wouldn't be sagging all the time." MegaVolt said annoyed turning away from his fellow.

"Well what do you want for the one time we aren't in isolation cell. I'm happy they still didn't fixst them since our last escape." He said laying on his bed turning around bored.

"You still didn't tell me what happened that the caught you as well, what happened?"

"I did tell you Megs but you forgot, that's what happened!" the duck answer bored.

"Ow yeah, right. So what happened?" the rat repeated not really interested.

"I was about to fight that girl, which bye the way was quite hot."

"I know I was there and beside you said that already, so after that?"

"When I was knocked down from behind."

"Typical something for you, how stupid can a person be!" MegaVolt said rolling his eyes.
QuakerJack jumped annoyed out of his bed "What?" he cried "I couldn't help it, at least I stood up longer then you. I was still up when you where doing a nap!"

"I wasn't napping, that stupid kid watered me!" MegaVolt said standing up facing his cellmate. "And now that I come to think about it, it was your fold!" he said pointing toward the other villain.

"Mine? You're the one who is vulnerable whit your super power!" QuakerJack yelled.

"At least I have a power, which can't be said of you!" he snapped.

"Al right buster that was it!" QuakerJack said as the stared fighting when a big Bang could be heard. They were both blown against the prison bars. QuakerJack was the first one to stand up again dusting of his clothes and waiving with his arms trying to let the smoke go away.

"What the hell just happened?" Megs asked while he got himself up.

"No idea Megs, but why care there's a new exit and I'm about to use it!" he said and walked over towards the big hole in the wall.

"Damn!" he muttered looking down.

"What's up?" MV joined him. "Damn indeed, the putted us on the high side!" he said looking down. They were on the high side of the hill where the prison was standing on, it was a very big way down!

"Looks like we won't be out of here for a while!" MegaVolt started when out of nothing a plant grabbed him. The same happened to QJ for a moment the both yelled in surprise but the plants wrapped around their mount making it impossible to say anything. When they were just a few feet above the earth the plants dropped them on the ground.

"Nice move Reggie but you could tell them to be a bit softer next time!" MegaVolt said making a painful face.

"I don't think there will be a other time if you two get caught again. Nega Duck will have you lynched for that." Bushroot said.

"You wouldn't!" QuakerJack giggled standing up again.

"I'm still considering it, if you always thank me on this way." Reggie said.

"We're villains Veggie, we don't do thanks!" MegaVolt cutted of "but what was that part about Nega Duck?"

"Well he's back." Bushroot started as they took of toward their headquarters. "And I can assure you one thing: he is up to no good."


"I'm dead!" DR said sitting down in Darkwings secret hide-out.

"As long as it's of tiring and not because you were to slow to beat the villain you should be happy!" the mallard respond.

"Nice way to encourage people!" she said smiling.

Darkwing who had just been to the kitchen part of the tower walk back in with a couple of glasses "Do you want to drink something?" he asked offering her the glass.

"Sure thanks!" he sat down beside her.

"From were do you know Gosalyn?" he asked, he had only trusted her in her hide-out so soon because Gosalyn had pushed him to.

"Ow, well I am following a stage to get myself a diploma. I'm working as social assistance at Gos her school for the moment. When she gets herself in trouble I am the one who gets her out!"

"Well in that case I guess you have work enough!" he smiled but wondered what kind of trouble Gos was getting herself into lately of which he didn't knew. "But does that pay well?"

"No, not really! But I have a job at hamburger hippo as well so I can pay my hotel."

"You're not planning to stay there for ever are you?"

"No but I would like to stay in St.Canard this time" "if you don't mind." She added. "I'm saving money so I can buy my own apartment!"

"If you want you can sleep at the Darkwing tower so you can save your money of the hotel as well, it will be quicker."

"Do you mean that?" she looked at him with big eyes.

"Yes, I do"

"Ow thanks, thank you, thank you, thank you" she gave him a big hug.

"Hey no problem!" Darkwing said and smiled "now you are around so you can join me on fights!" He normally didn't easily trust someone, and he had to admit he still didn't trust her but nerveless she intimidated him and he remembered that one-day. There was a chance that she did indeed do as she had said, that all what she had said was true. Beside he was a hero, when someone asked him for help he had to do that, that was his job. She had come to him and asked him to save her and he promised he would although he faired that he might not save her from herself.

She smiled to him warmly.

"We'll be getting dangerous!"


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