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"You came back?" she asked dully.

"I missed the last train for Charleston."

"I'm sorry."

"They'll be another one tomorrow."

"I suppose so, that's the nice thing about trains at least there is always another one tomorrow."

"I could stay at the National if you'd rather I didn't stay here."

"It doesn't matter any more."

"I just don't want you to spend a sleepless night because of my close proximity."

"I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight."

"You should try to rest a little, I'm sure the next few days will be difficult."

"You have a far more positive outlook than I do, I'm sure the next few years will be difficult. I'm going up to my room, good night Rhett."

"Good night Scarlett."

He listened until he heard the door to her room close before he crossed to the sideboard to pour himself a generous glass of scotch. He was a fool to come back. A man bent on self-destruction. His mother was going to receive an odd telegram in the morning asking her to have someone go to the King Street station and collect his bags. He had been on the train about to settle into his seat when he found that he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't leave Scarlett.

He was still standing on the platform when the train pulled away without him. Damn it, he had been ready to leave Atlanta and Scarlett. Except for the visits he had promised to make to "keep down gossip" and to pay his respects at his daughter's grave he never wanted to willingly set foot in the raw graceless metropolis again.

But she drew him back like a siren drawing him forward to bash himself bloody on the rocks. It was so hard to let her go. He hated her, but a part of him ached for her. A part of him wanted nothing more than to draw her onto his knee and bury his lips in her hair before burying himself in her soft flesh.

She loved him, that was her misfortune…but could it also be his salvation?