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Two Titans sat on the couch in the massive common room watching a scary movie in honor of Halloween. The red haired girl continued to squeal and whimper as the movie progressed squeezing tighter and tighter to the raven haired boy. The boy just wrapped his arms around the girls enjoying the feel of her body against his and loving the intense feeling of warmth she managed to convey.

"So Star, are you enjoying the movie," he asked leaning in and placing a light kiss on her cheek.

"Why yes Robin, the movie is quite enjoyable, if not a bit frightening," she replied snuggling in to his tighter.

The movie lasted another hour or so; the red clock on the wall blinking 11:30. Star yawned and smiled; watching Robin replaced the DVD back into its case. "I believe that I am tired and will be going to bed," she said after Robin had completed his task.

"Sure thing," he answered walking over and placing a gentle kiss on her lips, "I think I am going to go work out for a little bit; since I missed my evening workout," shooting her an accusing glare. She just smiled at him and floated off towards her room leaving Robin watching her go.

Robin walked in the training room and headed over in the direction of his favorite piece of equipment; the punching bag. Setting his bottle of water on the weight bench Robin proceeded to hammer at the bag until he managed to actually bust a hole in it. The sand spilled on to the floor causing Robin to hit the bag again in frustration. "Damn cheap bag," he grumbled as he walked over to brag a dustpan and broom.

Robin was kneeling down on the floor cleaning up his mess when the familiar sound of the door whooshing open and then closed again grabbed his attention. Looking over at the door Robin was met with the emptiness of the training room. Deciding that it was just a passer by in the hall Robin turned around to go back to cleaning up his mess only to be met with a kick that send him sailing across the room and crashing into the stack of weights.

"Well, well, a bit off our game aren't we Robin," the familiar voice of Slade rang in Robins ears as he tried to standup. Robin struggled to move only to find he had no control over his body. Looking down the length of his frame Robin found a small dart sticking out of his chest.

Slade walked out of the darkness and into the little light that the training room offered. "You won't get away with this," Robin definitely stated, "the other Titan's are going to find you."

"But Robin, you don't even know what I'm planning. So how can you be so sure that I am not going to get away with it," Slade said walking over to Robin. Slade reached down and grabbed Robin by the collar slamming him into the wall.

Robin dangled by Slade's grasp unable to move a muscle. Robin finally chocked out, "Well, when what do you have planned?"

Slade pressed a button on his wrist and a second figure hiding in the darkness walked out. Robin's eyes widened in horror as an exact duplicate of him self emerge from the shadows.

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