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Chapter 3 – Questions

Starfire turned over in her bed looking up at her ceiling. A loud yawn escaped her mouth before she had a chance to cover it up. "Good thing no one is here," she thought to herself as her mind began to come out of the haze of sleep and into the real world. Slowly the hazy memory of someone leaving her room and a sharp pain in her neck began to bring itself forward interrupting her normal morning thoughts. She shook her head trying to determine if the memory she was seeing was from a dream she had or if it had really happened.

Absentmindedly she reached her hand up to her neck tracing the familiar curvature of her body. Immediately she knew something was wrong; underneath her finger tip was a small bump. Not something that anyone would notice looking at her, but she could definitely feel its capsule like shape. Walking over to the full length mirror hanging next to her dresser Star proceeded to examine the spot looking at it from all different angles. Star decided that it would be better if she looked into the weird lump after she had fully awoken. She headed towards her bathroom to get ready for the day.

After her shower Star headed down the hall towards her friend's room. Knocking twice a sleepy looking Raven answered the door looking slightly irritated. "What can I do for you Star," she asked moving to the side allowing the alien girl to float in.

"Friend Raven, I had a most troubling dream last night," Starfire began taking a seat at Raven's desk and looking at the empath a worried look etched upon her face.

Raven floated over and levitated at eye level with Starfire trying her best not to look at bothered as she felt. She had been up half the night looking into Robin's strange actions and instead of coming up with answers she only came up with more questions. "What was your dream about," Raven asked trying to bring her tired mind to the present situation in front of her.

Starfire launched into her story leaving no detail out as Raven continued to sit listening to every word her mind beginning to race with the new information. When Star started describing the assailants form her mind went straight to Robin and his odd behavior. At the end Star mentioned the lump she discovered on her neck and Raven's eyes went wide. "Show me," she commanded walking over and tilting Star's head to the side with great force. She examined it best she could without tearing into Star's neck and pulling it out. "I think we should have Cyborg do some tests on whatever is in there," Raven stated looking straight into Star's eyes.

"Should we not alert Robin about this," Star asked her brow furrowed in confusion.

Raven sighed rubbing her head with her fingers before answering Star's question. Raven explained to her everything that had been going on and what little she had been able to uncover during last nights snooping. Star looked on in amazement and then worry and finally anger. "So you think Robin my Robin is not who he says he is and that something is wrong," Star accused standing up and folding her arms across her chest.

Raven sighed for a second time, "Star I know Robin, I know you know about our connection and I'm telling you that is not Robin. I don't know what is going on, but I assure you this is not something I would lie about. Just come with me to see Cyborg and if this turns out to be nothing than we'll go and find Robin," she said waling over and placing her hand gently on the Tamerian's shoulder.

Star looked at Raven; she had never lied to her about anything so why would she start now. And even Star had to admit that something had been off about Robin's actions as of late; she just wasn't sure what. "Very well, we will go and find Cyborg and have the tests of medical done to see what this is," she said beaming one of her trademark smiles. The two girls left using Raven's teleporting to avoid coming in contact with Robin on the way to the garage.


Neo-Robin awoke to the sound of a very annoying alarm clock. "How that guy can listen to that kind of racket is beyond me," he thought to himself as he ripped away the covers revealing a solid black outfit. Last night as he felt Starfire's room Raven had come down the hall. He had quickly jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep. Due to Slade's genetic engineering He was immune to Raven's empathic abilities. He jumped out of bed to silence that infernal noise and headed towards the bathroom to change into the appropriate clothing.

Once changed, he headed off towards Star's room hoping to find her still asleep. He wanted to see if the capsule he had injected her with last night had finally pulled into her blood stream rendering it completely undetectable any of Cyborg's scans. Knocking on the door once he opened himself and walked over to her bed expecting to find her in the same position he had felt her in last night. To his surprise she was nowhere to be found. He searched the bathroom and her closet only finding silky eating his breakfast.

Next on the list of places to look was the common room. The double door swished open and Neo-Robin peered in looking for any sign of that fiery red hair. To his dismay the only people present where Beast Boy and Terra currently too preoccupied with each other to notice his entrance. "Where could she be," he thought to himself trying to remember everything that Slade had told him about Star's habits. Suddenly a thought crashed into his brain; the roof. Neo-Robin ducked out of the common room and headed towards the roof hoping to find both Star and Raven meditating.

Neo-Robin bushed through the door with much more force than he wanted to; looking around franticly for any sign of the girls Starfire in particular. Nothing that was he found on the roof; absolutely nothing. Neo-Robin slammed his fist into the side of the building with great force.

The double doors of the common room swished open for the second time that morning eliciting a groan of protest for the two teens on the couch. This time they decided to acknowledge who was interrupting their game time. Turning they saw a very agitated Robin enter the room. "What's up? You look a little irritated this morning," Beast Boy asked turning to fully face Neo-Robin as he took a seat on the couch opposite from Beast Boy and Terra.

Neo-Robin just glared at them, he was beginning to get sick of seeing them together all the time. At least they could go to one of their rooms did they have to always make out on the couch. "Do you know where Starfire is? Or were you two too bust with each other to notice anything else," he asked glaring at both of them the distain evident in his eyes.

Beast Boy and Terra shrank away from the glare. "Yeah, Raven and Starfire went to the mall this morning," Terra answered matching Neo-Robin's glare.

"Great," Robin said standing back up and heading for the double doors.

"Wait, where are you going," Beast Boy asked standing up from the couch.

"Out," was all the reply they received as Neo-Robin walked out the door.

"He is really acting weird lately," Terra stated grabbing a hold of Beast Boy's arm and pulling my back on the couch. "So, shall we finish the game and figure out who is the winner," she asked kissing Beast Boy lightly on the lips; all he could do was nod his head in agreement reaching over and grabbing his controller.


Starfire walked over to the medical table and laid down while Cyborg and Raven wheeled over the portable scanner. They carefully positioned it over her neck and began the scan. The system swished and beeped while it took a picture of Star's neck. As the test was finishing Beast Boy and Terra busted in the room but laughing hysterically. They froze the moment they saw Star on the table.

Terra rushed over to her side, "What's wrong," she asked looking worriedly into Starfire's eyes.

Suddenly the machine beeped signaling that it had found something worth looking at. "Look at this," Cyborg said pointing to an image on the screen a small object is embedded in her neck. "Looks like it was intended to be inserted into the bloodstream, but was caught in the muscles of Star' neck," he said looking over at Raven and Star.

'What's going on," the two teens asked in unison as confused looks plastered on their faces. Raven walked over and pulled them into the medical bay closing the door behind them. Raven explained the situation to them while Cyborg tried to find a way of removing the device.

"We are going to have to use your healing powers while I surgically remove the device," Cyborg said explaining the procedure to all of them.

"And your sure he went out looking for us at the mall," Raven asked Terra as she watched Cyborg deaden the area around Starfire's neck.

"Yeah, I wanted to get rid of him," she answered taking a seat next to Beast Boy and leaning against him while he wrapped his around her waist. Raven nodded and walked over towards Cyborg ready to begin the procedure. After several agonizing minutes the two Titan's retreated back looking at their handy work. There was no visible mark on Starfire's neck and a small silver capsule was sitting in a tray.

Cyborg walked over affixing the microscope to it. Look he said indicating for the other Titan's to peer through the lenses. The Titan's filed in line each looking at the device and coming away with anger on their faces; finally Terra looked through grinding her teeth together as she scanned the faces of her friends.


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