A Turn For The Worse

Rune Alchemist Kaori

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Chapter 13

Just as promised Shuichi showed up bright and early, bursting into Yuki and Tohma's room. Both blonds groaned and rolled over, but Shuichi hurried over to Yuki's bed.

"Yuki?" he said, "You ok?"

"Mmmhmm.." the author mumbled. Shuichi leaned down close to Yuki's face, concern all over his face. He placed a small kiss on his lover's cheek and a smile flickered over Yuki's features.

"You still tired?" Shuichi asked.

"Yeah.." Yuki said, "But it's ok, come sit."

Yuki scooted over so the singer could sit down on the bed next to him. The boy smiled and happily climbed into bed next to Yuki.

"You're coming home soon right?" he asked, smiling brightly up at him.

"In a few days," Yuki said, watching a sad look come to his little lover that made Yuki pull him into his arms.

"But... Sakuma-san said that Seguchi-san was coming back to work tomorrow," Shuichi whined, his lips sticking out in an adorable pout. It made Yuki want to kiss those lips, but he didn't.

"Tohma doesn't have to make sure his body doesn't reject something new... besides... he's done nothing but try to work the entire time he's been here," Yuki said, ruffling Shuichi's pink hair. The younger male snuggled close to Yuki, sighing. Gentle fingers stroked his hair and a kiss was placed on top of his head.

"It's ok Shuichi," he said, holding the boy close, "I'll be home soon."

"I don't like staying there without you," Shuichi mumbled, "It's too quiet. I miss you too much.. I miss waking up and seeing you there... Yuki..."

The blond author was sure he heard a small whimper come from the singer and he gently tilted his head up, giving him a soft smile to make him feel better.

"Tell you what," Yuki said, "I'm going to give you some money before you go today, and you can go to the pet store and you can buy yourself that puppy that you said you wanted."

Shuichi's eyes went wide and he stared at his lover in surprise.

"REALLY?!!" He jumped up, violet eyes bright and happy, resembling an excited puppy himself.

Yuki smiled slightly. I must be out of my mind, I'm allowing my overly-energetic lover to buy an overly-energetic pet that is likely to destroy my house as much as he does.

He nodded his head slowly after considering this, placing a kiss onto Shuichi's forehead softly.

"YAY! Thank you Yuki!" Shuichi hugged his lover, but he was careful not to hug him too tightly.

"Shut up!" Tohma groaned drowsily, rolling over and trying to sleep. Shuichi flinched. He had forgotten about his boss being there.

"Try to be nicer and not cause trouble for him," Yuki whispered, causing Shuichi to look up curiously

"But.. But he starts it," Shuichi whispered back, pointing an accusing finger in Tohma's direction.

"Maybe.." Yuki said softly, nodding his head in slight amusement, "But especially when he first gets back, just... don't cause trouble."

Shuichi was about to protest again, but then just nodded his head. After all, if Yuki wanted him to do something, he would.

"Alright.." the singer said, "I'll try."

"Good boy," Yuki said, affectionately pushing pink locks of hair from his lover's face.

It was around lunch time that Yuki looked down at the singer curiously and asked, "Shuichi... do you intend to spend your whole day here?"

"Yes," Shuichi replied firmly.

"The pet store closes at two," Yuki said, "Go buy your puppy."

"But.. Yuki.. I don't want you to be alone..." Shuichi whispered, his arms wrapping around the author.

"I'll be fine," Yuki told him, "You don't want someone else to buy your puppy do you."

Shuichi shook his head. He kissed Yuki cheek, sadly sliding off the bed. Yuki gave him money, even though he knew Shuichi had plenty himself, it was because he wanted the puppy to be a gift from him.

"I love you Yuki," Shuichi said softly, "Come home soon please.."

"I will Shuichi," Yuki told him, ruffling the boy's hair, and letting him leave. He leaned back and closed his golden eyes.

Tohma had been making phone calls and watching different news channels all day, however he had not missed all the sentiment between Yuki and Shuichi. It cut him like a knife. However, he refused to say anything. He wasn't about to make a fool of himself when he didn't intend to live much longer anyway. He could take care of it tomorrow after work.

The following day Shuichi came to work and talked of almost nothing except for Hana, his new puppy. His friends didn't mind too much, glad to see that their lead singer was happy again and willing to work. Therefore the day went pleasantly until at last at 8:00 they parted their ways and Shuichi bounded home to feed Hana. He glanced back at NG and smiled before dashing off to catch a bus.

Tohma Seguchi sat alone in his dark office, a glass of brandy in his hand. He took a sip. Was he really so upset, and so stressed that he was serious about this? Yes... he was done. Tomorrow morning someone would come in for a 9:00 meeting and find him dead on his office floor. The blond shivered slightly. He reached into his desk drawer with a sigh...

End Chapter 13

The End

A/N: That's the end of this fic. Ah! I left you with a cliffhanger! You'll have to wait until I write the first chapter of the next one to find out what happens. I am so evil aren't I? I'm sorry, but the outcome just wouldn't be fitting for this story. Plus I also thought 13 chapters was an appropriate amount for a story called "A Turn For The Worse". I hope you enjoyed anyway though. Just... no one try to kill me for leaving you with a cliffhanger. -wince-