By: Cryptchick (formally known as AmbereyesCryptchick, or plain Ambereyes)

A Love for War a War for Love…..

Chapter 1. Introduction

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Summery: The law had finally been passed proclaiming all demons as dangerous, to be killed on the spot. A group of rebels form fighting for the demon cause, and kidnap Kagome and up and coming star, yet what happens when the leader, turns out to be a long lost love and treasured friend, stories a lot better then summery.

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He gazed at her face, so pure, so beautiful. Guilt stabbed at his heart, its clutches cold and unwavering. He would never be worthy of her.

'If not now then when?' his voice shock with the intensity of his emotion, he feared losing her, yet now he had to let her go. His strength was failing, and against his will a single tear fell, gliding down his cheek.

Her gaze pierced his very soul. The brilliant green eyes that usually were so full of life and fiery passion were now locked in confusion and pain. She was usually good at hiding her feelings although she never really bothered to, it was never in her nature to do so, yet if you'd known her well enough you would always know were to look when trying to find out what was on her mind. It was her eyes, the windows to her soul. Yes those eyes, those piercing eyes, they would haunt him for the rest of his life.

'When we no longer love one another, that's when! What is it that you fear so much that would tear us apart?!' Her voice was strong and deep, ripped with passion and a questioning concern.

He gazed at her and all her unyielding strength, she wasn't about to give up without a fight he knew this; he had expected it as well, for she was and always would be a warrior at heart. She was the kind of girl that even the worst of men lusted for. She was every mans dream. The perfect girl, Strong but tender, Hard but caring, proud, but modest, courageous but not without fear, a vision of beauty; and she had been his.

'It's complicated….. There are so many reasons but I just can't-'

'Put them to words' she finished, with a disbelieving smirk. He gave her a nod, she knew him too well, and yet knew nothing of him, and for that he was glad, not even an angel could love a monster.

'Tell me what you want'

He snorted at the question. He knew very what he wanted and it was everything he could not have. Her…to be with her forever… if only life could be so grand.

'I want you to move on, I want you to forget me and the love we ever felt, I want to see you happily in love with a man who treats you better then I ever could have'

He had to turn from the intensity of her gaze. He knew she would never believe that lie and he hadn't expected her to, but he knew that she would see his solemn decision of the matter and realize something far beyond what she could fathom, was at stake, and knowing her she would leave it be.

'Will it make you happy?' no! he wanted to scream how could it make him happy, he loved her with all his heart and had been in love with her since junior high and now finally he had her, and he had to give her up. Could fate be so cruel?

He had only been happy once in his life, and it had been with her.


'Bullshit' he remained silent, he had to; he didn't trust himself to speak.

'I'm not just going to leave like this Inuyasha'

No and he didn't expect her to, but he needed her to. Finally finding the courage to look her in the eye he took a hold of her hand 'Kagome please, you know I'd never ask you for much, but I insist upon this, I can't explain it, witch is why I need you to trust me that this is how things must be, you have to promise me, not to fallow me, or try to find me, move on and live your life to the fullest, just promise me…please'

She gazed at him reading the determination in his eyes till finally she nodded and sighed, a tear running down her cheek. Leaving him would be the hardest thing she'd ever done, and she didn't want to go, but she loved him and would do anything for him so great was her love. she would miss him 'I'll go then' she said ' but I want you to know that loving you was the best thing that ever happened to me and I'll never regret it, my only wish is that one day you'll see in your self all the things I see in you. I'll never forget you nor the love we shared, and I never could, InuYasha you're the first person I ever loved, and a part of me will always love you until eternity' she leaned forward to kiss him then, and he replied eagerly, it was to be their last kiss and they hung onto it for dear life. Finally she pulled away and already he missed her warmth. She was crying now, not hard but the subtle tears drifted lightly down her cheeks as she smiled sadly at him ' remember me Inuyasha, and remember always that I love you'

Inuyasha nodded and watched her leave, the tears coming freely now. He would see her only once again in the near future, but she would not see him, and the hurt would bring him to his knees. For she was everything he could not be, his mind was black and his heart blacker still, he dreamt of murder and destruction day and night, and fought constantly the temptation to kill, the calmest thought he ever possessed was the thought of his end. He hated himself for the monster he was, and she, his angel, his light, his only ticket from insanity was the only thing that had saved him from his darkness. Yet it could never be, for how could one so tainted love one so pure without ruining all that was pure about them? It could never happen. Yet he would remember her always. His savior, his friend and lover… His Kagome.

-Good morning Tokyo, It's another beautiful day with a high of 25 and spotless skies, your listening to Reko and the morning crew on Star 1O1 radio the news and more great tunes after these messages-

Jade rolled out of bed and proceeded to untangle her limbs from the treacherous heap of sheets, her radio red 6:36am but it was five minutes fast.

After turning up the volume on her radio she proceeded with her daily routine.

Talented, famous, and beautiful, Jade was one of many superstars, her career sky rocketing as she became both singer and popular actress.

Though fame had its price.

She lived a solitary life, mostly due to preference. She had once taken residence with other members of her band, but the fast life of rock and role had taken over and she had barley managed to escape its grasp. So now it was back to her old ways of solitude, and she loved the peace and quite of it all.

The news came on and she listened contently, there had been another demon attack, for killed two missing the slayers had their work cut out for them. It was only two years ago that the government had passed that god awful law. Jade had watched it in horror as demon after demon was stripped of all they owned and forced out of society. They'd been now officially labeled as dangerous and were to be weeded out one after another. All demons were to be reported and exterminated on sight. The genocide of an entire species, all because of some zealous fool.

Of course the demons hadn't liked this at all, including some rare humans. A gang had been formed; the rebels calling themselves the Demonic horde. At first they were no real threat being unorganized and chaotic the government easily penetrated their ranks and cut them to the chase but recently under what believed to be new management they'd become undeniably lethal, and no matter what the government tried to do, they were seldom caught at their game.

Flipping her radio off she grabbed her trench and sunglasses, dawning a red haired wig and hat she scurried out the door. She'd rather chance walking the dangerous streets then get stuck in downtown Tokyo traffic for god knows how long, besides no one would recognize her and if they did, not many people now a days would dare draw attention to them selves by screaming her name, you could never know weather a demon was near, waiting to find suitable prey.


He glanced down the street, a majestic figure that would make small men cringe. His eyes scanned the grounds around him, picking out his men below. They had there target, and awaited the kill. It was him code name Goth second in command to his elder brother, one of the demonic four, the leaders of the Demonic horde, and he had a job to do.

He picked out her scent instantly from the throng, it was distinctive and smelled of an exotic flower and musk incense, the smells stirred something in his memory but he dismissed it. The famous Jade Sung would soon meat her end.

He had never seen the woman before nor did he care to, yet the name had been repeated to him many times before, she was an actress and lead singer in some band, and a famous one at that, bringing good publicity in for the gang, its was said she had played in many movies from horror to action sci-fi to drama and that she had skill let alone a beauty, critics called her miraculous, stunning, a performance like you've never seen, the voice of an angle and renowned talent for the stage.

'Well miss Sung it appears your career is soon to come to a dramatic end, how befitting' "Monk! She's headed your way, clad in a black trench, red hair, hat and glasses"

"On your word boss"

"Slayer you ready"

"Just say action"

'And so it begins'

"Action!" Goth leapt from his perch on the roof and landed in a squat shielded from sight in the darkness of a near by alleyway. His blood was boiling, his eyes glowing, and his claws itching for the kill. They were right when they proclaimed demons dangerous, but in banning them, they took away the guilt of killing the innocent, and that was their biggest mistake.

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