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Chapter 3. Both a Nightmare and a Dream

A Love for War a War for Love

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Kagome opened her eyes, and became instantly aware of her surroundings; she appeared to be in an office of sorts and was tied uncomfurtably to a chair placed in front of a large desk.

Facing the window before her, that took up the entire back wall, was a very tall man.

She could not see his face for his back was turned to her, he stood roughly over 6 feet tall, with a strong handsome figure, long silver white hair running down the length of his back, and upon his head a single pair of ….. Dog ears?

"I see you've woken up Ms. Higurashi, tell me why would one wish to change there name?"

"That's none of your business!" she snapped.

"You're in no position to state my business lady"

Kagome inwardly fumed, she would not be intimidated by some low life! "What possible value could such information have to you?" she asked calmly.

"None what so ever, I simply wish to know and there for you will tell me, with out question!" His voice spook of danger and she thought it best not to anger one who was so obviously a demon.

"…. I wished my younger sibling to lead a normal life, along with other family members"

She replied.

"Aha, and how many close relations do you have?"


"What, only three. Name them?"

"Why, they have nothing to do with me, please, leave them out of this" her voice was desperate, as she stared eagerly at his back.

"Ms. Higurashi I have no intention of hurting your family, if you do not wish to tell me there names then provide me with at least their roles" he said quietly.

Kagome studied the man for a bit before replying in a somewhat confused tone "I have a younger brother and an older sister, then there's my mom."

"That's it, no father, no grandparents?"

"My father died when I was 16 and my grandpa past away four years ago"

"I'm sorry" her eyes widened startled at the genuine sorrow in his voice, who was this man?

"Who are you?" She asked, voicing her thoughts.

"My code name is Goth and I'm second in command to my elder brother, one of the demonic four, I run all the gang business in Tokyo" Kagome inhaled deeply "Dose that intimidate you?"

"No" this stubborn reply was rewarded by a deep chuckle. The man shook his head slightly "You haven't changed a bit have you?" he murmured.


He chose not to repeat himself "I'm sorry to say Ms. Higurashi, but the chances of you seeing your family in the near future seem highly unlikely, you are now a prisoner of the Demonic Horde, I give whatever welcome you chose to take"

"I see…. And how long do you expect to keep me here"

"Till you either escape, are rescued, die, or are killed by one of my men, and let me tell you the likeliness of the first two ever happening are near impossible"

Kagome inwardly fumed; she appeared to be falling into an endless pit, a pit that she was helpless to get out of. "Let's say I did escape, or was rescued, what then?"

"We'd hunt you down." 'Could've of guessed that one' "So I'm, stuck here for the rest of my life"


"Why me?"

"We needed the publicity, you're known far and wide, and because you don't take kindly to high security fallowing you around, you were easily accessible"

Kagome felt like she was on the brink of tears, but held them back furiously; she refused to appear week in front of such a man.

Yet she felt utterly beaten, upon her wrist were the chains that robbed her of the one thing that could save her, were once she lived a luxurious life, now she was domed to one of imprisonment. It appears lady luck hated her at the moment. To top it off, she had broken her promise. "I'm sorry" She muttered to herself.

Goth listened contently. Sorry for what? He wondered, the sentence obviously was not meant for him to hear.

"I suppose I'll be staying in a prison won't I?"

Goth sighed inwardly and cursed himself for being a fool "That would be were we keep our prisoners most of the time, but I have other plans for you"

At this Kagome snapped "I will not be some sex kitten to a gang leader, or member for that matter, no man here shall lay a finger on me or you'll regret it!"

Goth whirled around and stared at the girl in disbelief, then he did something he hadn't done in years, he laughed, and I mean truly laughed, "Honestly Kagome do you really think I'd let any of my men lay a hand on you?"

Kagome couldn't tear her eyes from his face, his features struck a chord in her memory, and for some strange reason an unbelievable sense of loneliness washed over her. She asked her question once again "Who are you?"

"It's me Kagome….. Inuyasha"

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"No!" It couldn't be, it wasn't possible, and yet could it be? Kagome took in the mans features there were many differences such as hair and eye color, and the dog ears on his head but then come to think of it, Inuyasha always use to wear a bandana. Everything else was the same, his nose his high cheek bones, the sharp edge of his jaw line, He had grown much taller and had filled out deliciously well, the promise of handsome features that was predominant so long ago were finally his, life had chiseled, cut and carved him into a masterpiece. And the hardships he had endured had given him a dangerous and powerful presence, intensifying the darkness that had been there long before.

And he was a demon! It suddenly all made sense, there was no denying that he was who he claimed to be, what had never made sense so long ago suddenly came into a sharp and life shattering focus. He had for seen his future just as so many other demons had, and he had not wanted it for her, for they both knew that if she had stayed with him, she would not have been in this chair tied up a prisoner. She would have been standing next to him, a gang leader's wife.

The weight of her knew found knowledge brought Kagome to tears, she felt weak again, lonely again, and once again, she wished to die, and the only possible escape from such pain was time, but time was never on her side.

She felt him move behind her, she heard the clean swish of a blade and her hands became free, her face seeking refuge within them.

Inuyasha knelt in front of Kagome and brought her face up to his. His touch was gentle and warm, she knew it well. Good how long had it been, she was 16 when he left right? And now she was in her twenties! Had it been so long? It felt like only yesterday when she had last kissed him good bye. They'd been only kids, young and helplessly in love, pulled apart by the cruelties of the world. The pain was almost unbearable.

Why, why had it happened, why to her, and now why had he come back, after all those years all those lonely nights? His departure had left her in ruins, it had taken sheer will to pull her self back together, and now here he was once again the ghost of her past. It wasn't fair.

Kagome fell to her knees her fist pounding the floor. Filled with rage she turned her harsh gaze on him "You have no right" her voice was low and quiet, rung with the pain of to much heart break "what makes you think you can just leave me with out a trace or a word and now just come back and expect me to just-"

"I don't expect anything from you Kagome" Inuyasha said in hushed tone.

His words enraged her even more "then why, why have you brought me here, I had a life, It may not have been the best but it was mine and it was without you!"

The words hurt him but he pushed the hurt aside, she was right he had had no right, he'd opened an old wound, a wound they'd both suffered for, but her especially "Believe me Kagome I hadn't planned this, I didn't realize it was you till I saw you, you were to be another target, a headliner, the demons strike again! But then I recognized you, and that's when I brought you here, if I hadn't someone else in the gang would have killed you and I couldn't let that happen, you must understand this"

Kagome rose slowly from the floor, her tears had ceased though her body still shook from their force. Her gaze lowered she spook in hushed tones "why did you never tell me, all those years ago, why didn't you just tell me you were a demon, did you think I wouldn't have accepted you?"

Inuyasha stepped forward at this, his arm reaching out to touch her then deciding against it "No, I knew you would accept me, you were always the accepting kind, and that's what I feared. I didn't want you to share my fate, so I ended it"

"Why then! Why not in a couple of years, the law was only passed two years ago why not let us carry on until we ended naturally. God dam it Inuyasha you ended us before we were through"

"Come on Kagome" his voice begged her to see reson "could you see us ever ending, we'd been best friends since birth and deliriously happy together for three years, we weren't going to end! At least not soon that is, we were to in love, and…." Inuyasha sighed. He didn't know what else to say.

Gazing at her, he noticed that she'd grown taller, and even more beautiful with age, her body had filled out more, her legs grown longer, and her cheek bones more defined, her eyes remained the same though, the green just as vibrant as he'd remembered, and her presence was regal proud and dominating, just as it had always been, except for when she smiled, her smile had always been home "you've grown up Kagome" he said with a soft smile.

Kagome gazed at him, his smile looked so sad, she'd forgotten that she wasn't the only one here who had been hurt, he'd been shunned by society and stripped of everything he owned, and she had yelled at him because he had not wanted her to share in his fate. With this thought she laughed a pained laughed and shook her head before turning her gaze back at him "You've grown up to Inuyasha you're taller then me now, I remember when we were the same height"

"I was taller then you when we first started going out"

"Only by an inch"

He snorted; she remembered that snort and laughed "So what now?" she asked.

Inuyasha sighed and turned to look out the window.

"If you promise not to say a word to anyone, I'll let you leave"

Kagome mimicked Inuyashas snort "You would trust me enough to do that?"


No, she would have none of this, the last time he had left her it had nearly killed her... she'd thought she'd never see him again, and now that she had, she couldn't just walk away.

He herd her approach him from behind and turned when she pulled on his shoulder.

Kagome gazed fiercely into his eyes before wrapping a strong arm around his neck pulling him down into a fierce kiss.

He meant to pull away, he should have pulled away but his body refused to obey instead he found himself wrapping his arms around her small waist pulling her even closer to his frame.

She brook the heated kiss and pulled away slowly, a small tear ran down her cheek but was caught by Inuyashas hand as he gently whipped it away.

"Why?" his gaze questioned, his eyes still hazy from the passion of the kiss.

"You stopped me from fallowing you once before Inuyasha; I'm not letting you go again not this time, not after being without you for so long"

"People change Kagome, I'm not the person you fell in love with so long ago"

Kagome leaned forward and kissed him again, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck her desperation and sorrow flowing through the kiss, as she clung unto it for dear life, before pulling abruptly away "don't tell me what you felt in that kiss isn't real, the same passion we felt long ago is still there, I know you can feel it I see it in your eyes"

Inuyasha sighed and buried his head into the nape of her neck, inhaling her scent, like he used to. He remembered her scent; it was nearly the same as before, only now more grown up and sensual making it more intoxicating then before.

"I'm not leaving" she stated stubbornly, as she fell even further into his arms.

Her words stabbed at his heart. Why did he reveal himself to her?

"You have to" he whispered into her neck.

"No I don't"

Inuyasha pulled away missing her warmth as soon as he did "Kagome I refuse to be the reason you ruin your life! You can't stay!"

"If you let me go, I'll tell the police everything that happened here"

"Kagome I know you"

"How can you be sure? Eight years is a long time Inuyasha"

He growled, the sound vibrating his chest, it was menacing, and very dog like, something she had never heard him do before, but she refused to be intimidated by it.

"You cannot make me leave Inuyasha, not when I just found you once again"

"Kagome! I'm not the boy you once loved!" he growled releasing his hold on her and pulling away "I've done things that would haunt you till your end, I've killed more people then you or I could count, what you love is a memory"

"You lie, you still have the man I loved inside you, I can see it in your eyes, and as for all that you've done, my love for you was always unconditional, your actions mean nothing to me, it's the man behind them that counts"

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome by the shoulders and shook her "You naive fool! You cannot give your life up for something that happened eight years ago! You're sentencing yourself to your own hell!"

"I don't care I will not lose you!"

"I'm already lost!"

Kagome watched as Inuyasha receded back to his chair, she would not give up yet. "If I manage to hit you five times in hand to hand combat will you let me stay?"

"Giving up so easily?"

Kagome smirked "well, yes or no?"

Inuyasha smiled "I know this game Kagome, you know I'm a demon, and I won't go easy on you like when we were young"

"I don't expect you to"

Inuyasha surveyed her, he knew she was well trained it said in her file that she did her very own stunts, but he knew she couldn't beat him

"Very well I accept you challenge"

Kagome smiled 'let the fight begin'

Inuyasha charged, he always made the first move, why should this be any different. With quick speed he amid a light punch to Kagomes arm. Kagome shifted trapped his fist and delivered a blow to his right check. Any normal person would have been sent to the ground by such a blow, but Inuyasha merely stared in disbelief that she had even managed to touch him.


He growled and charged once again, Kagome tried to doge but Inuyasha wouldn't let that happen again, he caught her arm and twisted it behind her back, applying only enough force to make he wince in pain "Give up this is pointless"

"No!" Kagomes heal shot up making direct contact to Inuyashas groin. Unlike before, this one actually sent Inuyasha to the ground.


"Dam it bitch I have great use of that area!"

Kagome laughed "Come now Inuyasha you're being beaten by a girl!"

He growled and in a flash was on his feat. Kagome had barley no time to react, as Inuyasha took her to the ground pinning her with ease.

"Ha I win!"

"Not quite, the only rules were that I had to hit you five times, therefore you really can't ever win"

Inuyasha growled in rage "Then what the hell was the point! This fight could go on forever!"

"Not if you let me win"


"Then you'll have to keep me pined to this floor for the rest of your life!"

Inuyasha growled, that was so like her, quickly he adjusted himself on top of Kagome freeing one hand. Kagome watched as he pulled out a cell phone from his pocket.

"Hey that's cheating!" Kagome yelled.

"Oh shut up wench….. Slayer I need you up here now!" Inuyasha placed the phone back in his pocket, and smiled at Kagome "Your lucks changing"

At that moment a tall woman with long black hair, pulled up in a high ponytail walked in. "Sango meet Kagome, Kagome Sango. Sango if you would be so kind as to put Kagome in chains, and place her in my room "

Sango looked a little startled by this order, but did as she was instructed. Once in chains Kagome was lead through a door situated behind a sliding book case "You're right, you're not the man I once knew" she stated as the door closed.

Inuyasha collapsed into his chair, his face buried in his hands, her words echoed in his head, all he had ever wanted was to live in a world were he could prosper as an equal to all other men, have a respectable job and live a respectable life with the woman he loved, but fate was cruel. He could never have that, or his Kagome.

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