The dimensional gateway

"Are you ready to try it again?" asked a black cat.

"Hai. Ready when you are mother," replied her silver-haired daughter.

"Then let's begin. And would you at least try the world first before you return?"

"Yes mother," the daughter replied irritated.

A swirling vortex appears. Inside it, there is a dimension different from their own.

"I'll be back, Luna Beros!" called the silver-haired daughter.

"Not if I have anything to say about it, you won't! Don't come back from that dimension without at least testing it first, Sakuramaru!" cried Luna.

Sakuramaru jumps into the vortex. It remains open for another few seconds, and then it closes. Luna hopes Sakura would at least stay in one dimension for more than one week!

In the other dimension, Sakura was wandering about in her astral form. She takes a look around.

'Maybe this is the place. If it isn't, mother will be furious at me!"

She spots a couple. The two appear to be normal. That is, until the man uses a strange circle to make flowers. The woman laughs and says "You don't always have to use alchemy to bring me flowers dear!"

'ALCHEMY?! I don't believe it! I thought alchemy was a myth, a mere fancy! I must find out if it really is alchemy before I return home.' Sakura thought.

She follows the couple to see if it really is alchemy. The man stops to talk to a neighbor, and then helps the other man with a broken wagon. Sakura is amazed at the light. When the light is gone, the wagon looks good as new!

'It really is alchemy. I think I may have found the place I have been searching for.' Sakura mused.

She returns to her home to report to her mother.

"I thought I told you to at least try the world before returning!" said Luna, exasperated.

"Calm down mother. I only came back to tell you I've finally found the world I have been searching for."

"You mean…?"

"Yes. I mean that I am finally ready to leave and start anew. Father will have one less child to deal with. Nii-san! What are you doing here?!"

"I came to see if you are finally leaving for once!"

Sakura begins to pack her things. Her father stops by and finds out she's leaving. He looks relieved when he hears this.

"You're finally ready for the test of maturity?" said her father.

"Yes, Sesshomaru-sama. I'm leaving tonight. Are you going to come and watch me leave?"

"Hai. I may have missed Sassha's and Seto's trip to another world, but I won't miss yours." Sesshomaru said, smiling.

That night…

"Well, I'm off! I'll miss all of you. Well almost all of you anyway." Sakura said looking at her brother.

"Ha ha. Very funny sis." said her brother.

"What, don't tell me you're jealous Inuyashamaru?" laughed Sakura.

Inuyashamaru snorts annoyed. She just laughs. She reenters the gateway and disappears into the vortex.

The man and woman she followed were named Trisha and Hohenheim Elric. Little did they know that their lives would be transformed by a demon.