Chapter 2:

The loft was the secret hideout of Justin that not even his father knows of. He bought it with the money he acquired by selling his paintings. If there's one thing that Justin really really loves about Chris, it's that Chris never cares or meddle with his own hard-earned money. Justin usually uses the loft as a studio, but after the last fight he had with Chris, he's determined to get what he wants… one way or another.

He glanced at the sleeping man he recently had sex with and smiled. He thought that if he ever gets pregnant, their child would definitely look nothing like Chris. He was able to convince Brian to fuck him without a condom. Fortunately, Brian's horniness and his bubble butt did the trick. He held his hand near Brian and traced patterns on Brian's exposed belly. With a gentle smiled he realized that this is the first time he felt butterflies in his stomach by just merely gazing at the face of someone and he started thinking of the 'what if's'. What if he met Brian earlier? What if they met in another lifetime?

As he noticed Brian starting to stir, he plastered a huge grin on his face and waited expectantly for a Brian to open his eyes. He watched affectionately as Brian blinked his eyes once and then twice and as Brian tried to focus his attention on him. Justin was about to lean in to give Brian a tender kiss when he was startled by Brian's confused and slightly annoyed voice.

"Where the fuck am I?" Brian asked puzzled as he scanned his surroundings.

Justin's smile was replaced by a worried look and answered, "You're with me, at my loft, don't you remember? You went home with me last night."

"Oh right… right. Well, I have to go now," Brian said and he immediately got out of bed and looked for his clothes.

As Brian was busy dressing himself, Justin was panicky and was thinking of a way to make Brian stay. "Ah…" he stammered, "…how about breakfast?"

"Look," Brian snapped, "I've had you, I don't do repeats and I don't do domestic shit," with that Brian walked briskly towards the door and exited.


Brian slammed the door of his office furiously and asked a cowering new recruit to get him Detective Horvath. A few minutes later, Detective Horvath appeared with two mugs of coffee, handed Brian one and said, "Well, how was Woody's?"

Brian glared at Detective Horvath and retorted, "You told me I'd find the guy who could tell me everything about Craig Taylor in that place!" He walked behind his desk and sat down angrily, "For your information Detective Horvath, I didn't find anyone useful…" and the he mentally added, "at least not in the way I need them to be…"

Detective eyed Brian's neck (which had a love bite prominently showing) deliberately and replied, "But I think you found just what you're looking for Brian. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm needed by Chief Stockwell," and before he left he gave Brian a knowing smile.

Detective Horvath knew that Brian met Justin; he was contacted by one of the bodyguards of Justin last night about the meeting.

Detective Horvath is very much familiar with the Taylors, especially Craig. They used to be best of friends; he even tolerated Craig's illegal businesses and helped introduce all the necessary connections to Craig. And Justin, Justin is his beloved godson. He cut his ties with Craig though when he learned 7 years ago that Craig was going to marry Justin off to Chris Hobbes. Detective Horvath never liked Chris. He's always had this belief that there's something very sinister about Chris. He just couldn't pin point what. When he advised Craig not to go through his fucked up plan, Craig got mad and claimed that Detective Horvath was jealous of Chris' position as his second-in-command. Detective Horvath couldn't believe that Craig thought so little of him and left him for good. He never turned Craig in though, if there's one thing he values more than his life, it is loyalty. And though his friendship with Craig is already fucked up, he'll always be loyal to Craig. After that he secretly hired someone and sent him to Justin to be his bodyguard, he knew that he had to protect Justin one way or another because Craig is to blinded by Chris' supposed greatness that he won't listen to anything bad about him.

Detective Horvath sighed and wishes that Brian wasn't daft enough to ignore his lead.


"Where have you been?"

"Out, Chris…"

"Where the fuck did you go?"

"Since when do I have to report everything I do to you?"

"Where, Justin?"

"My loft!"

"Somebody told me you were with someone…"

"Whoever he is, he'll get killed for making up stories."

"Let me look at you."

"What the fuck is wrong with you Chris?"

"You were with someone, I can tell."

"I wasn't!"

"Why didn't you go home last night?"

"I was painting!"


"Let me go Chris, you're hurting me."

"Tell me the truth!"

"I am telling you the truth, now let me go or I'll scream."

"Go on and scream, nobody will be able to hear you anyway."

"I swear I'll tell my dad you're beating me, you fucker, he'll get you killed."

"Your father loves me more than he loves you. I know he secretly wishes I were his real son, not you."

"That's not true…"

"You know it is."

"No! He loves me more than anything in this entire world. He even sent Molly to the convent so I could enjoy his full attention."

"Why won't you tell him I beat you?"

"Because… he'll kill you."

"He won't. He'll think I'm doing the right thing."

"That… that is not true."

"I love you Justin, I love you very much. But if I catch you cheating, I won't hesitate to kill you. Your father wouldn't mind."


27 October 2006