At First Sight

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Basically, my version of Kakashi Gaiden.

PAIRINGS: YondKaka with slight hints of KakaObi and fatherly/teacher-ly type hints of JiraYond.

The first time I saw Kakashi wasn't when he was assigned to my team. I had known his father… well, not personally, but then again… who didn't know the infamous Konoha's White Fang? I remember that day… it had been love at first sight…

Knock Knock

"Yes?" The Hokage answered from behind the two large wooden doors to his office. It was a gruff grunt from the old man, something normal and expected. It just so conveniently happened that Minato Namikaze was in that room, too, two other nin beside him. A pair of ANBU appeared from behind the door, a young boy around the age of six with glistening silver hair between them. Minato blinked, cocking his head in confusion.

"What is it…?" The Sandaime inquired, apathy slurring his words.

"Go on… tell him what you did," One of the ANBU commanded, pushing the boy forward. The child sighed aggravatedly and pursed his lips shut, his eyes reflecting utter boredom.

"Kakashi? What did you do this time…?" Sarutobi asked, leaning back in his chair and taking a lengthened drag on his pipe. The child remained silent. After a couple moments of this, the Hokage spoke. "You need to let the dead rest, son." He whispered, referring to the young nin's father. The boy perked up, a swirling turmoil of hate, anger, frustration, and terror ridden in his expression. Immediately, the child shot glare, deadly enough to kill, towards the Hokage.

Minato had heard of the mans' death. He had also heard that there still remained one Hatake to the clan. 'This child must be...' The blonde allowed his mind to drift, keeping both cerulean orbs locked on the smaller nin.

The Sandaime got to his feet with a huff.

"Kitsune, Ookami… you may leave the Hatake child in my care, thank you…" He commanded in a soft whisper.

"Ossu," The two ANBU members complied and were gone, leaving the Hokage, Kakashi, Minato, and the two other jounin in the office alone.

"Hatake?" Minato heard the nin beside him whisper to the other. "I thought that clan had died off when Konoha's White Fang died…"

"No, I heard there was still his son left… but those are just rumors…" The nin opposite the the one speaking replied quietly. The six-year-old shot them the same glare he had the Hokage, gritting his teeth beneath an onyx mask.

"Yeah…" The boy spoke, his voice light and somewhat effeminate. "I'm the last Hatake… what of it?" He growled, his fists curled in a clench to the point of bleeding. Minato's eyes widened slightly as he noted the boy's body trembling slightly with anger.

Sarutobi walked to the boys' side, laying a gentle hand on the childs' shoulder to quell his suffering.

"Don't hold it against them, Kakashi." He whispered solemnly. The child jumped away, flinging a single kunai in the Hokage's direction. Needless to say, the old man caught it with ease, seemingly expecting such a reaction.

"Don't touch me…" The child growled, drawing two shuriken from his holster.

"Now, now…," The elder whispered, dropping his guard completely. The boy tensed at this, realizing he wasn't being taken seriously. "There's no need to fight me, Kakashi-kun. I'm not your enemy and you know that."

The child, namely Kakashi, dropped his expression completely. After a couple seconds of debating the Sandaime's words, he released a shaky sigh and dropped both shuriken back to their holster.

"There…" Sarutobi smiled, taking one stride towards the silver-haired nin. Kakashi took one step back, taking a defensive stance along with his step. The Hokage sighed. "Kakashi, please-"

"I don't trust you." Kakashi stated calmly, his expression unchanged. His silver eyes stared lazily into the Sandaime's, an underlying aggravation tracing each pigment.

"Don't trust Konoha's Hokage?" One of the jounin scoffed from the sideline. "How can you not? He's our leader, our protector. To not trust Sandaime-sama is-"

No sooner had the words left his mouth was Kakashi there and ready to punch him. Naturally, adult jounin never expected a mere six-year-old child to have chuunin level skills… if not even jounin, so no guard was up to put the man on the defensive. Kakashi took full advantage of this, knowing he'd been underestimated, and took one hard swing right to the elder nins stomach, sending him back into the wall. Needless to say, Minato and the other jounin stiffened. Kakashi prepared to spring onto the nin and bite him, but Minato knew it was his place to step in and grabbed the child around the waist, bringing him up by his stomach and putting him in a lock-hold.

"Lemme go!" Kakashi struggled with the elder nins' grip, but, eventually, found it completely useless to even continue such a hopeless struggle and ended up giving up, panting hysterically as he let himself fall limp in the other's arms. He knew the man holding him was far above his own advanced level, as much as he hated to admit it. Minato smiled as he felt Kakashi's body weaken in his grasp, his head helplessly falling back to the elder male's chest, heated breath coming in slow pants. "Damn…it…" He growled between breaths, teeth clenched.

That very next day… I inquired on Sarutobi exactly why the poor child had such an angry aura to him. In detail, he explained…

"Well, Minato-san, you'll have to understand this… Kakashi, normally, is a very monochromatic child. After his mother passed away, it was only him and his father left to the Hatake name. It was hard enough then… but, now he's all alone. I'm sure you've heard of Sakumo-sama's death, yes?" The elder man paused, tagging a drag on his pipe and releasing with liquid ease. "Well…" He began again, voice renewed. "Sakumo was Kakashi's father. Needless to say, Kakashi was devastated. I think just about anyone would be, seeing their own beloved father kill themselves right before their eyes. So, I'd say it's understandable that ever since that day, he's lost all feeling other than the hate, anger, and depression he's kept inside. I think, even if he doesn't show it, the boy must've gone through some trauma when he realized he was the very last of his clan. In all truth, I think getting therapy and quitting the ninja lifestyle is the best thing that could happen for him. Although, as you saw yesterday, Kakashi-kun is a very rare case. He's nearly good enough to be a jounin while he's still in the academy. He's a true genius, to say the least. But, you know… He's being appointed a genin tomorrow…" Sarutobi stopped there, a weary, smitten smile perking the corners of his lips up. Minato blinked, still trying to comprehend everything simultaneously. Then, suddenly, it hit him.

"Wait… y-you're asking me…to…?"

"Lead a genin cell? Yes, indeed I am."

The blonde was speechless. Never in his life had he had a team of genin. Ever. Nor did he ever consider himself patient, caring, and nurturing enough to lead one. To assist the future of Konoha was a big resposibility; one Minato wasn't sure he could handle.

So, I went to my own sensei, Jiraiya for advice. I think he helped me… somewhat…


"Hn?" The sannin spun on his heel and beamed down at his former student. "Well, well, you look awfully sulky… what's on your mind?" The white-haired man asked.

"Er… Sarutobi-sama…asked me… to…er…honestly... I can't do this, sensei..." Minato bit his lower lip, averting both cerulean orbs to the right. The sannin blinked.

"What? Minato...? You're not making any se-"

"Sarutobi-sama asked me to lead a genin cell!"

Jiraiya paused, eyes wide for a second, jaw slightly ajar, before breaking out into hysterical laughter. "Bahahahahaha! Minato...really, Is that all?" The blonde made a sound of protest, clearly annoyed by the other's reaction.

"IS THAT ALL!? Sure, that's easy for you to say! You've done it a million times! I've NEVER done it! Hell, I'm a virgin at leading anything, nevertheless Konoha's youth! So, how can you just say 'is that all?'!" Minato complained angrily, tears rubbing at the edges of his eyes as his voice threatened to break. Jiraiya snickered.

"You're so hot-headed, kiddo. Honestly. Calm down and stop worrying, will you? You're gonna be fine, trust me," The sannin smiled. "You're a better leader than you think, Minato. Ne, so, the old man tell you who you're being assigned to yet?" The blonde perked, shoulders dropping in defeat.

"…that's the problem…" He sighed. "I'm being assigned to two famous clan members… an Uchiha and a Hatake…"

"Ehhh?" Jiraiya exclaimed, a hint of jealously in his voice. "The last remaining Hatake member and a child from the famous Uchiha clan? Dear kami-sama… Maybe that is a bit over your head, Mina-chan."

Minato shot him a glare.

"I'm not a kid anymore, sensei." The blonde growled, blushing slightly. "Couldn't you at least give me some tips...?" Jiraiya smiled as he heard the blonde mumble 'and maybe give some encouragement' under his breath.

"Damn, you're too cute when you're angry~." He joked, giving his former student a light lick across the cheek. Minato sprung back about a foot.

"Wha-wha-what was that?!" The blonde spluttered semi-annoyedly, noticably flustered. The other half of him wasn't even sure of the emotion it harboured. Arousal? Nah, probably embarrasment. Jiraiya snickered, noting this in his smirk.

"Oh, nothing, nothing~," The sannin sang, smirk widening into a teeth-revealing smile. "You know I think you'll do fine, right?"

Minato blinked. After a moment of comprehension, a small smile of gratitude creased his expression.


And, so, I ended up getting some reassurance (I guess you could call it) from my former sensei. I was pretty grateful… but… I couldn't stop thinking about that lick. For god's sake, what in the world kind of pervert was he? I could have sworn he was only interested in girls.

...And, no, I did not just look down to check for breasts. Though, the next day sure proved interesting enough to get my mind off it.

"Minato-san, these are the genin you will be watching. Make sure to read over their bios pretty decently and look into them before you meet them tomorrow morning, alright?" The Sandaime grunted, thrusting some papers at the blonde, who caught them and hesitated before turning to exit the room.

"D-domo…" Minato stuttered blatantly, clearly caught off guard, as he whisked himself from the Sandaime's sight.

A sigh escaped the blondes' mouth as he sat down and looked over the profiles.

"Rin… Obito…and… Kakashi-kun… hmm…" He whispered to himself, reading their names aloud as he skimmed their bios prior to reading them. "Tomorrow should be interesting…"

So, I looked over all their bios and even memorized a bit of each one in case I ever felt like teasing them with some fun facts. It seemed to me that it'd be pretty easy… but, from what I had seen of Kakashi then was enough to get me worried that I wouldn't be able to teach up to all their standards. While Kakashi stood at jounin level, Rin and Obito were, naturally, remaining at an advanced genin level, if not chuunin. I wondered over and over how in the hell Sarutobi expected me to do all this. Couldn't he have given them to a more experienced instructor? It would have made so much more sense! Ahhh, Hokage-sama, why meee...!?

"On your way to meet your new team, eh?" Jiraiya mused early the next day. The blonde was much less than thrilled to see his former sensei there to greet him that day. He was already nervous enough as it was. Having Jiraiya there to get him riled wasn't something he exactly needed.

"Yeah…" Minato sighed and panned both cerulean orbs up at the peaking sun; heated rays painting the red, orange, and purple sky a brighter colour, slowly morphing it into it's normal blue-ish hue of daybreak. Jiraiya looked over, his normal cheesy smile not plastered across his face for once.

"…you're gonna be okay…" He muttered. The blonde blinked and looked over to his former sensei.


Jiraiya smiled and kissed Minato lightly on the cheek.

"Trust me." The sannin whispered lovingly. Minato blushed wildly and avoided eye contact, looking desperately to the side and taking an unusual interest in the cicada struggling to make it's way across the path.

"Y-you didn't have t-to kiss me, sensei…" He whispered embarrassedly, the light hue of pink across his cheeks burning brighter with his softspoken words. Jiraiya snickered, returning to his normal chipper self.

"Alright,'re an adult now, after all. I suppose I should just go a little farthe-"

"NO!" Minato cut him off, knowing already what he was going to say. Jiraiya smiled.

"Haha, well, go on, kiddo. Your teams a'waitin'." He laughed. The blonde sighed and stopped.

"I'm...not...a KID!" The blonde growled. Jiraiya held back snickers.

"Good luuuuck, Mina-chaaaan~! You're gonna need it~!" The sannin sung playfully as he danced off. Minato couldn't help but be grateful for the end of the morning's calamity.

"Thanks, sensei..." He growled, sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

He could see his three new students already awaiting his arrival. A shiver fell through his spine as he remembered exactly where he was going and what today was. Although he pushed confidence to the outside, he was cowering in fear at his new responsibility on the inside.

"Well… it's now or never…" He whispered to himself as he leapt atop the veranda.


"C'mon, Hatake! At least arm-wrestle me!" The Uchiha growled, making flailing movements with his arms accompanied by an aggravated expression. Kakashi stayed still, an expression of boredom across his face.

"Jeez… Obito-kun, stop it, will you? Leave him alone, he obviously doesn't want to." The kunoichi of the team, Rin, tugged at the Uchiha's cheek annoyedly.

"Itaiii! Lemme go!" Obito wailed, struggling with the female. "I wanna fight that damn Hatake and prove that I'm better!"

"Now, that's enough! Will you quit it!?" Rin growled as she stepped between the two. The silver-haired nin got to his feet, eyes closed. Obito perked.

"Heh… finally gonna face me, Hatake?" He growled egotistically. Kakashi didn't bother to look up.

"You're not worth sparing a punch on." He whispered before walking to the other side of the veranda in silence. Rin swallowed, brows furrowing in concern.

"Kakashi-kun…" She whispered worriedly.

"Why I oughta-" Obito clenched his teeth, pushed Rin out of the way, and lunged at Kakashi, who evaporated before he could a punch. "What!?" The Uchiha gasped as he hit the floor. Kakashi reappeared beside Rin, a simple twig in the place of where he had been.

"Substitution… if you can't even manage to comprehend that, then you shouldn't be here. Just being a Uchiha doesn't make you special…" Kakashi whispered furiously, a growl to his tone. Rin took one step back, intimidated by what might happen next. The Hatake turned to Obito, a death-glare to match his unworldly devil-like tone.

Rin blinked as she noted three kunai laced between Kakashi's fingers, clenched in a fist behind his back.

"Obito, don't-!" Rin started, knowing what would happen. Kakashi put a hand out to stop her.

"Don't get involved…" He growled through clenched teeth. Rin cringed at his serious, chilling tone. She had only heard that tone from full-grown adults, never from a mere child. "If that idiot wants to fight me, let him. I'll beat him down and show him just how special being an Uchiha really is…" Kakashi's icy eyes narrowed. Obito swallowed as a small shudder of fear ran the length of him.

"Y-yeah!? Well…" The Uchiha took a deep breath, gathering his courage, and took two shuriken from his holster. "We'll see about that!" He yelled, hurling them in Kakashi direction. Before Obito could blink, the Hatake had pushed Rin out of harm'[s way and leapt into the air above the other genin, hurling three kunai at three vital points towards Obito. The Uchiha froze. Kakashi was dead serious.

"Obito!" Rin shouted from the floor.


Kakashi back-flipped and landed smoothly on the floor a little ways behind Obito. The Uchiha was fine, despite barely breathing from shock.

"What?" The silver-haired nin turned on his heels to see what had blocked his swift attack.

That's when they met their new sensei.

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