bbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp!!!!!!!!!! 'Whack!!!'

naruto slowly opened his eyes yawning and looking at the clock across of him at the time, the read 6 O'clock in the morning. Grumbling to himself that it was too early naruto rolled over to the other side of the bed and tried going back to bed.

"Time to get up kit."

Naruto tried to ignore the kyuubi that was bugging him to wake up. "Ten more minutes."

When Naruto was at the age of six he found out about the Kyuubi inside of him. At first he thought it was his imagination. But over time with the villagers still treating him like shit and the names they were calling him like, demon and freak he was able to put the two together. At first only the Hokage treated him like a son. Over the years up until he was 12 it was only him and the Kyuubi who was like his second father teaching him the jutsu's that he learned over the hundreds of years that he lived giving the child the same level of jutsu's as the Hokage him self. but what was really interesting was when Naruto hit the age of nine when the Kyuubi's spirit started to mold into the boy's body giving him increased sense of smell, sight and hearing as a fox, over time the Kyuubi watched over and taught Naruto how to handle the new changes in his body also telling that there would be more when he got older.

"Kit you have to get up and meet your team for training."

Naruto slowly got out of bed and looked around half asleep still. "It doesn't matter Kakashi sensie won't be there for another hour and even when he does show up he's just going to be training Sasuke and not me." Naruto could hear the demon fox sighing and agreeing with the boy but Naruto knew he had to do this. He put on his orange jump suit and started to walk down the street. As he walked to the training area hands in his pocket and head to the ground he could still hear all the insults and feel there glares.

"Stupid demon brat should just leave."
"I know what a loser."
Just then Naruto was hit in the head by a rock, he could have dodged it but he didn't care any more. "Go back to hell you bastard demon!" Everybody laughed and pointed fingers at the fourteen year old boy as he placed his hand on the spot, he looked at his hand to see it was covered in blood. inside Naruto's head the Kyuubi was furious.

"How dare they attack you. Let me out so i can feed on there flesh!"

Naruto just ignored every one and continued to walk to the training ground. When he got there Sasuke was leaning up against the bridge railing with Sakura on his right pleading for him to go on a date. And of course Sasuke saying no, the two looked up to see Naruto walking towards them his head to the ground and his happy attitude gone. Sakura glared at Naruto.

"Nhere have you been dobe? your late!"

Naruto just walked paced both of them. "Sorry." And headed over to a tree and sat down, Naruto took out a scroll and started to read it, trying to learn new moves. Sakura just glared at Naruto not satisfied by his answer and stormed over to him. Before she could yell though Sasuke interupted.

"What happened?" Naruto knowing what he was referring to didn't even look up.

"I fell."

Sakura just laughed. "Stupid dope."

"Here." Naruto looked up at Sasuke to see him giving him a hankerchief this suprised Sakura. Sasuke knew full well what realy happened. Ever sense they got back from wave Naruto got more and more powerful and tacticful, this confused Sasuke and he decided to follow him around. What he saw was that every single village member over the age of thirty hated him.

Naruto took the handkerchief and wiped the blood off as soon as he was done Kakashi showed up and smirked.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I got lost on the way here." Sakura screamed out liar and Naruto just ignored them all and went back to reading. Kakashi saw this and looked a little puzzled but pushed it aside.
"Today I will spar with Sasuke."

Sasuke looked over to Naruto who was still reading. "What about Naruto?"
"He will train with Sakura on chakra control." Sakura let out a great sigh of annoyance and pointed her thumb back at naruto who was still reading but listening in on the conversation.

"I don't want to work with the dobe. Naruto can't do anything right."

"Don't worry about me." Everyone turned back to Naruto, who finally stopped reading and looked up at everyone with no expression on his face. "I'm reading up on some jutsu skills."

Kakashi smiled, Naruto saw this and gave an evil smirk. "Plus it's not like it's the first time you've ignored me in training." Kakshi's smirk faded into a frown.

"Well now because of that smart ass remark you've just won 50 laps around the village. Go!"

"What ever." Naruto put his scroll away and started to jog off with Sakura laughing at him from behind. "I bet I'm the only one going through crap like this."

The hidden sound village

In one of the training areas a fourteen year old girl wearing kacky black and grew camouflage pants, and a green sleeveless jacket with a matching black and grew camouflage scarf around her neck, and black wrist bangles was on her hands and knees sweating. Was trying to catch her breathe, her long black hair covered most of her face and black eyes.

"Your so weak and useless Kin." Kin Tsuchi looked up and glared at her two team mates who were looking down at her smiling with there arms crossed. "You can't even keep up on a C rank mission with us let alone a D, weak stupid woman." Kin slowly got to her feet and wobbled a little trying to get some balance, her body and face were bruised and beaten.

"I'm not weak, I'll show you weak!!" Kin screamed as she ran forward only to be punched in the gut hard by the bandaged ninja Douzu. Kins eyes went wide as she fell to her knees holding her gut in pain.

Zaku walked up to her and smiled. "You know what happens to ninjas who can't keep up."

Kin knew right away what happened. They were pronounced missing nin and then killed.

"That won't happen." Just then there sensei arrived and looked at the view in front of him with a smirk.

"Well Kin I see your getting what you deserve for messing up again." Kin looked to the ground in despair; even her sensei had no faith in her. "You alone have ruined the reputation of this team, I'm just glad your parents aren't around to see this." That got to Kin and a single tear fell to the ground. "Which reminds me Kin Orochimaru would like to see you tomorrow afternoon about your progress." kin knew what it was about and just kneeled there in shock as her team went to train with out her. "Nobody else in this world could possibly be having a worse day then this."

Naruto was performing his jogs around the village when suddenly he was tripped by a person, with a thud to the ground Naruto slowly sat up looking at the thirty year old man who was now laughing at him. "What the hell is your problem you old geezer!?" Naruto looked at his right to see Ino Yamanaka running to his side and helping him up. "You feel proud of yourself picking on a kid?"
The man glared at Ino. "I feel great picking on a demon."

Ino confused with the statement glared at the man. "Look in a mirror pal!" The man just glared and walked off. Naruto got to his feet and dusted himself off with the help of Ino.

"I could have gotten up myself." Naruto looked at ino who was smiling.

"I know."
"Thanks." Ino smiled even brighter, Naruto saw this and took chance into the wind. "Hey do you want to get a drink my treat."

Ino blushed a little. "I would like that." So the two set off to a store while walking Naruto decided to start the conversation.

"So how are things with you?"
Ino sighed and placed her arms behind her head. "Not good, my parents are always fighting, that's actually one of the reasons why I'm out here and not at home. Sometimes I just want to leave and run away. you know what I mean?"
Naruto smiled. "I know what you mean, and I'm sorry to hear that."

This was the first time ever that Ino heard Naruto like this, he was so much more polite and dignified. "So what about you?"

"Well I'm on a team that totally ignores me and idolizes Sasuke, I'm socially declined, out of all us rookie nine I'm said to be the most incapable and stupid. So in all I could be better."

"Sorry to hear that." In truth Ino never really liked Sasuke sure she thought he was all that until she caught Naruto training by himself. His skill level clearly make him not to be the dobe everyone made him out to be, after that she started to watch him closely and noticed that he would always go out of his way to help others even if they made fun of him. She came to the conclusion with herself that she really liked Naruto and not Sasuke; she would only put on the Sasuke act to piss off Sakura. Naruto not wanting to get Ino kicked out a store with him decided to purchase the drinks from a vending machine. The two then sat down on a bench and just sat in silence until Naruto cleared his throat and stood up.

"I should get back now." He then started to laugh which startled Ino. "Sometimes I wonder if anyone would even miss me if I left this village tomorrow. Thanks for listening Ino, see you later." Naruto ran off leaving Ino to just wave back sadly.

"That's not true. I would miss you."

Naruto arrived back at the training area to see Kakashi and Sasuke fighting, with Sakura on the side line cheering on Sasuke, who was losing. Naruto walked up beside Sakura and watched the match and decided to speak up.

"Sasuke after he finish's his attack strike his left leg!" Sasuke was to busy to hear what he said but a loud mouthed pink haired girl heard every word and wasn't too happy.

"Shut up dobe! Sasuke doesn't need advice from a dead last like you!"
Naruto sighed. "I'm only trying to help."

"If you want to help you should just leave this team and village. Nobody would miss you anyway." That remark caused Naruto to go into shock and cause the spar between Kakashi and Sasuke to stop and put full attention into the conversation. "I mean that's why your parents left you right? because they saw what everyone else sees a failure?"

Rage filled every once of Naruto's and Kyuubi's being.

"Kill her kit! Kill her now!"

Naruto calmed his nerves and turned his back on his group. "Naruto she didn't mean that."
Naruto turned back to Kakashi. "No she meant every word. And she's right what's the point in living in a village that doesn't care about your life." Kakashi was about to make a remark but Naruto stopped him at it. "Don't sensie, I was always thinking about leaving but this was the ice breaker." He then turned to the whole team in general with a sad looking Sasuke and a happy Sakura. "Oh and forehead bitch." Sakura glared at Naruto "Let me show you what a dead last can really do." Naruto bit his finger and performed some hand seals, once complete he slapped his hand on the ground causing a cloud of smoke. The same thought was going through everyone's head. 'That's a high level summon where did he learn this.' Once the smoke cleared a red two tailed fox the same size as kakashi stood with green eyes.

"You summoned me Naruto?"

"Yeah Neito. Take me to see the hokage."

"Of course hop on." Naruto jumped onto the back of the fox as if he were riding a horse.

"Naruto how are you able to summon a talking summon?"

Naruto and Neito turned to face them with neito growling at them feeling Naruto's anger towards them. "There's allot you don't know about me sensei. Oh and don't send anybody after me or I will kill them." With that Neito ran off leaving the three in shock.

In the hokages office sadimame was busy doing paper work, he stopped and slowly rubbed his eyes and looked to his balcony to see neito sitting out on the balcony, the sight caused the old man to sigh in sorrow.

"Hello Neito."

The red fox bowed his head. "Good afternoon hokage."

"Well where is Naruto?"

"Right here old man." Sadimame turned in front of him to see Naruto sitting in a chair in front of his desk. "I want to tell you personally that I'm leaving the village." The old hokage sighed seeing the whole situation on his crystal ball.

"I guess I should try and stop you but it seems your mind is made up." Naruto only nodded causing him to sigh again.

"I can't live in a place where I only have five people who talk to me with respect and without using demon bastard in every sentence."
"And who would that be?"
"You Iruka sensei, Anko, Ibuki and." Naruto paused for a second. "And Ino-Chan, I just want to ask you not to declare me a missing nin. I do plan on coming back one day when I'm not seen as the villain."

The hokage stood up and walked over to a cabinet and opened it with Neito and Naruto watching his every move. "Naruto I would never do that to you. But where do you plan to go?" the old man took out a large envelope and walked back in front of Naruto who stood up to meet him.

"I plan on going to wave for awhile to train, after that I really don't know."

"Well here take this, it's not much but I've been planning on giving this to you in case of an emergency." Naruto opened the envelope and looked with wide eyes at the amount of money that was in there. "You've earned it." Naruto hugged the old man and caught him off guard but he hugged back.

"Thank you Sadimame, for everything." After that Naruto hopped back onto Neito and the two were off to their new life, below the hokages tower a certain blond female ninja saw Naruto exit the roof onto of a huge red fox.