Next stop Sea

This is how Anko was spending her afternoon, sitting in an Anbu interrogation room tapping her pencil on the top of a file placed on the table. The room was completely quite except for the rhythm of the pencil. She let out a large sigh and looked up to the ceiling fan. "Okay let's try this again shall we? Where is my good old sensei's lair?" She then looked across the table and glared at the captive Jirobo, who simply looked down at his shackles on his arms and legs and then back at Anko. The snake mistress saw his distress and smiled at it. "Don't even bother those chakra cuffs won't allow you to call upon the power of the curse seal." She then pointed her pencil at the four corners of the room. "And the seals on the walls stop you from calling on your chakra."

Jirobo smiled. "That works both ways."

Anko leaned over the table showing Jirobo her goods which caused him to blush getting the reaction she wanted. "I don't need chakra to deal with you." She then went in for the kill and pushed her breast together. "Then again I could just beat you over the head with these." Jirobo was fighting every ounce of his mind not to have a nose bleed. Those thoughts were put to rest when he hears a familiar voice from outside the room.

"What the fuck do you mean I can't go in there? Do you know who I am?"

"Yes sir we do."

"Sir? Sir? Do I look like a fucking guy?"

Jirobo turned to a smiling Anko. "Please don't tell me that's who I think it is?" The door suddenly slammed open to reveal a grinning Tayuya.

"Long time no see fat ass!"

Jirobo simply looked at Anko with pleading eyes. "Please don't tell me."

Anko smiled at the terrified look on the boys face. "Meet my partner in this interrogation."

"You won't get anything out of me."

Anko shifted in her seat. "We don't need any info you could give us. Frankly with all the information that Tayuya and Kimimaro have given us there is no real good reason to keep you alive. Well except for one thing that is."

Jirobo glared at Anko not enjoying his time in the room. "And that would be?"

"Me." He turned his head so fast towards Tayuya that both ladies heard his neck crack. "I know I call you lot's of names like. Fat ass, lard lips, the living garbage can." Jirobo sweat dropped causing Tayuya to chuckle. "Anyways, out of all of us you were the only one I could really stand. So I asked the Hokage and she agreed to let you live if you pledge loyalty to the leaf."

Jirobo smiled. "Become a Leaf like you."

Tayuya chuckled once again. "Me a Leaf? I don't think so, when my future husband gets everything under control we are moving out to create a new village. One where humans and demons can live together." Tayuya's smile was soon replaced with a frown when she heard the fat ass start to laugh at her. "What's so funny fat fuck?"

"You think your little boyfriend can do all that. You really are living in a fantasy world. And how are you going to help him? You don't even have your curse seal on any more."

The smile returned to her face. "Two things about that shit stain. One you don't have your seal either. We had Kyuubi remove it for us. And two, I didn't need my curse seal when I killed Kidomaru."

Jirobo's smile faded right away. "It was you that killed him? But how? I felt Kidomaru activate his seal. Are you telling me you were able to kill him without the seal?"

Tayuya smiled and walked over to the door of the room and closed and then locked it. When she turned around she undid her henge and revealed her true demon form to her old team mate. At first Jirobo was going to call her a liar because she was in her curse form. But then the smile disappeared when he got a better look at her, Tayuya could see he was about to ask a question so she asked it for him. "How?" Jirobo simply nodded. "Well it turns out that I'm a real live demon, well half demon. My father was a human but my mother was a Succubus, my father found out about it and killed my mother saying that she was only using him as a free meal and was going to kill him the first chance she got. I don't remember much about my mom but I do know that she loved my fucker of a father." Anko could see the far off look in her eyes as she said this. Tayuya simply shook it off. "Anyways, before my dad could finish me off along came a gay snake, and placed a seal on me that prevented me from calling out my true power and basically put me on a leach. The funny thing about this story is that there were four others like me." At this she looked at Jirobo and smiled.

"You don't mean?"

"Yep my fat friend, we were all demons in the sound five except for Kimimaro. The seal he placed on us trapped away our demon blood." Both Tayuya and Anko could see that this information was sinking in. Anko stood up and snapped fingers, when nothing happened she did it again, and again nothing happened. All three looked around the room for something until a voice on the other side of the door was heard.

"The door is locked." Tayuya sweat dropped and put the henge back on that Kyuubi taught her.

"What kind of fucking ninja are you? You can simply pick the lock." Anko shook her head and unlocked the door as two anbu came in.

"That would have been rude." The two then picked up Jirobo and were taking him back to his cell when Anko's voice stopped them.

"There is one other person you should thank for saving your life."

Jirobo looked over his shoulder at the snake mistress. "Who?"

"Chouji, the ninja that helped you defeat that tin can. He said that if it wasn't for you they wouldn't have been able to take him down. Just think about the offer." Jirobo simply nodded and left the room. Anko smiled and clapped her hands. "Well, now to go home and pack my bags for the beach." Tayuya simply nodded the two left.

Outside in the streets

Naruto was walking down the streets while looking up at the blue sky and sighed as another insult was thrown his way. He was getting it all day from the stupid civilians and some ninjas that he was the reason Sasuke left. It was his demon influence and evil that drove the Uchiha from the warm arms of the leaf. Naruto looked around him lazily while a mob was forming around him. A villager picked up a rock and threw it at Naruto only to have it caught and crushed in the hand of Kimimaro who was accompanied by four fox warriors. Naruto looked at his friend. "I told you I would be okay by myself."

"I understand that my lord but the attacks of these villagers on you are increasing." The fox took out there blades as more villagers and ninjas showed up screaming for blood. The screams were soon stopped thou because of the increasing number of bees and other insects flying around them. Everyone then looked up at the roofs of the buildings around them to see over twenty Aburame clan members glaring down at the villagers. Who then heard growling only to turn around and see twenty Inuzuka dogs teeth bared ready to attack along with their partners behind them. One of the Inuzuka ninjas stepped forward.

"Uzumaki Naruto is under the protection of the Inuzuka clan and any attack on him is an attack on us."

"As well as the Aburame clan." The villagers seeing this decided it wasn't the effort and started to depart, not before a civilian got one last word in.

"Figures a bunch of freaks helping a freak."

The ninjas that helped Naruto circled him and his followers and got down on their knees and bowed. Naruto walked up towards an Aburame ninja while speaking. "You guys are late. I thought you would have showed up later." The ninjas all looked up to see what he meant. Naruto stopped in front of the ninja and reached into the back of his head and brought out a small beetle that was on his index finger. He pointed the finger in the air and the bug flew up into the air back to its owner. The Aburame ninja watched the bug fly off and turned to the fox prince.

"You knew?"

Naruto smiled and calmly replied. "That Shino placed a bug on me? Yes I knew. But it was very hard not to hurt the little guy while I was fighting." The ninjas were all stunned. "I would figure that your clan heads wish to speak to me?" When the answer he got was a nod from all the ninjas. Naruto bowed his head respectively. "Let's not keep them waiting."

A town in Rice country

Screams filled the air as innocent people were killed in the streets in broad daylight. Walking down these streets and watching the mayhem continue was Orlox with Yowie to his right and Kabuto to his left. Walking behind the three were four troopers thou no longer were they equipped with their needle launchers but they were all now equipped with riffles. To be more exact it was the British SMLE

(History lesson time)

During the First World War the British were getting destroyed by the Germans, and their mousers, the British were getting desperate for a new gun and wanted to replicate the German gun. But they didn't have the time or money to create a new gun and put it into production, so a British weapons designer took the old one shot MLE and upgraded it, giving it a new look and a longer barrel as well as a small clip on the bottom of the gun. Hence the name Short magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) The gun was so much far superior to any other gun at the time being the only bolt action rifle that could hold ten rounds that were .303 calibres. In fact the gun was so good that the British carried it on to the Second World War turning it into a sniper rifle by placing a scope on the gun. It was the most accurate and reliable gun up until the end of the Second World War and now you know, and knowing is half the battle. But onto the story

Orlox watched as villagers were lined up against a wall of a building and shot at by a firing squad. He then looked to his left to see his newly designed trooper going from house to house. The flame trooper was equipped with the same armour as a cannon trooper but had no hat or metal mask; instead they had a full head gas mask. Strapped to the back of these troopers were two canisters of equal size, about three quarters the size of their backs, one canister was filled with oxygen that had a tube connecting to the gas mask giving a steady supply of clean oxygen to the trooper. The other was the fuel that fed the flame gun. The trooper went from door to door kicking them open and launching a stream of flames into the homes. Orlox shook his head as he could hear the mad laughter from the trooper.

Kabuto looked around at all the death and destruction and smiled. "It seems that you impress number one more and more. With these new weapons the world will fall into the hands of the Anubinatee."

Orlox placed his hands behind his back. "The age of ninjas and Chakra are dead." Orlox then stopped walking causing everyone else to follow while he turned and faced Kabuto. "And was that doubt I heard in your voice. Let me tell you child that I was making technological and biological break throws while your great grandfather was sucking at the bosoms of his mother."

Kabuto smiled and pushed his glasses back up. "I was simply stating a fact."

Orlox never liked this glasses wearing ninja and made it known to everyone. "There is a reason why I can impress others while some can't." Kabuto knew he was speaking about him and didn't like it one bit.

"Yes but for how long?"

If you could see under Orlox`s mask then you would be able to tell that he rose is eyebrow at this comment. "Is that a threat?" As soon as those words left his mouth Orlox took a step back as his four troopers stood in front of Kabuto with their rifles pointed at him. The surrounding troopers saw this and they too circled the former sound ninja with rifles pointed.

Kabuto looked around him and smiled. "Hey now no need for that. So what are you going to do about Orochimaru and the rice lord? This is their land after all."

Orlox waved his hand and the troopers went back to doing what they were doing before. "Orochimaru has lost too much in such a short period of time that he can't do anything. And the rice lord has so much pressure on him since the failed invasion that even if he wanted to stop this, he doesn't have the funding to." Orlox heard a scream and turned towards the direction of the voice to see a mother with purple hair on her knees crying while she held her ten year old daughter close to her. Two troopers laughed while pointing guns at the two. The little girl looked up over to Orlox her brown eyes filled with tears. Suddenly the whole world around Orlox froze and his eyes flew wide, in his eyes the mother and daughter were replaced with a blond haired green eyed woman with tattered and burned European clothing with a small girl the spitting image of her mother holding out her hand towards Orlox.


"NO!" Orlox leapt into action with the speed of a ninja and slammed his metal fist into the chest of one of the troopers causing him to fly back ten feet and smacked into a wall killing him on the spot. The other trooper removed his mask and turned towards Orlox only to receive a palm strike to his chest. The trooper coughed blood and fell backwards on the ground dead. Orlox looked at the two and smiled behind his mask.

"For a person who says the ways of the ninja are dead, you use chakra like a pro." Orlox turned and faced Kabuto. "I mean pumping that much chakra into his heart causing it to explode is something great."

"Get out of my sight." Kabuto smiled and bowed then turned into leafs blowing in the wind. Orlox turned back to the mother and daughter who were now back to being the two purple haired mother and daughter. "Go and tell everyone what you saw here." The two got up and ran away. Orlox stood there like a statue and watched as they ran off into the woods, Yowie came up behind Orlox.

"They reminded you of them didn't they?"

Orlox didn't look at his bodyguard and spoke. "They will pay, all of them." Orlox turned looked at Yowie. "Have the men finish up and pile the bodies in the town square. Burn the buildings to ash; we leave in a half an hour." Yowie bowed as Orlox walked by him with the four troopers following close behind.

"Your wish is my command my lord."

Back in Leaf

Naruto along with Kimimaro and the four fox demons sat in front of the heads of both the Inuzuka and the Aburame clans along with there children and some gaurds. Of course Naruto knew that the gaurds weren't there because of him, no they were there in case some else decided the crash this little party. Suddenly both leaders bowed Kiba's mother along with Shino's father and spoke at the same time. "thank you for coming to this meeting Naruto-sama."

Naruto simply smiled and nodded his head. "No problem I'm guessing I'm here because Shino told you what he heard when he was ease dropping in on our conversation with the leader of sea?"

Shino stayed in his normal no expression self and replied. "I'm sorry Uzumaki-san for intruding but something like that is not a simply conversation."

Kiba looked from Shino to a smiling Naruto. "What are you talking about Shino?"

It was Kiba's mother who was the one to answer her sons question. "Simple pup. Naruto here is starting a new village in the land of sea."

"What! But he will be hunted down won't he?"

Naruto chuckled. "actually mom has already done the paper work stating that I am no longer a nin of the leaf." Naruto then scratched his chin. "actually come to think about it I'm still a ninja of the mist."

Kiba looked at Naruto then back to his mother. "Then what does that have to do with us?"

"Simple pup we are requesting that Naruto-sama take our clans with him." Kiba stood with his mouth open, but it was his sister Hana who answered.

"Mother are you suggesting that we betray the leaf?"

Tsume turned to her children with a mix of sorrow and anger. "Tell me are you not tired of the shit that the people here give us?" Both children looked away. "the ninja look down on us as if they are better then us, simply because we are so close to our four legged comrades. Also I know for a fact that you Hana have been told by store owners and I quote to eat the stuff in the trash cans like the dog you are." Kiba was shocked at this and looked at his sister only to have her look away in shame. "Or how the men of the village want to know if you really howl to the moon like a dog in mating?"

Hana looked at her mother in near tears "I know okay."

Kiba looked ready to snap and the fact that he was growling was no indication that he was calm. "Why didn't you tell me about this? I could have."

Hana turned to her brother. "What would you have done brother? They would have done the same to you. Plus your just a gennin what would you have done to jounins and anbus?"

Naruto coughed and got every ones attention. "I can tell that you really mean all this." After seeing the clan heads nod Naruto went completely serious. "You do understand that your clans will most likely be labelled as traitors right?" After seeing them nod he let out a deep sigh. "the construction of the city will not be complete for about three to four years. Also there are some major rules that everyone must follow if they want to join this society."

Shino's father nodded his head. "what ever they are we will be able to follow them."

Naruto simply chuckled. "don't say that until you have heard the rules. Rule number one this village will be a multi cultural place."

Tsume was listening carefully while petting her dog partner. "What do you mean by that?"

"The village will be a mix of humans and demons." seeing Kiba and Hana's scared reaction caused Naruto to smile. "All citizens will follow a non violant agreement meaning humans can't attack the demon villagers and the demons will not be able to harm the human villagers. Every one helps and works with each other. Next and most important rule is no clan compounds."

Kiba stood up and pointed at Naruto with anger. "What kind of stupid rule is that! How will we be known as a clan if we don't get our own land and name?"

Naruto looked at Kiba with a taxing expression. "That is the exact reason why for that rule. If one clan has more land then the others it creates anger and all the other residents to create there own clans competing against each other."

Shino's father again threw in his two cents. "He is correct most of the meetings between the clan heads and the village elders is mostly arguing over who has more say, and who's clan is more powerful."

Tsume simply nodded her head in full understanding, as nothing really ever got settled in the meetings over to much fighting.

"of course your clansmen can all live together in a district but it will simply not be named yours."

"What of a veterinarian clinic?"

Naruto turned to Hana and smiled. "well I have no problem about you opening a animal clinic. Come to think of it some of the demons that want to join are animal demons, some are even dog demons." Naruto then smiled at the two parties seeing as they were thinking carefully. "Think it over and I will ask you again in three years and see if your answer is the same." They all simply nodded their heads and watched as the fox prince stood up and walked to the door with his entourage following. When he got to the door he stopped and pointed his finger in the air and smiled. "Oh and please keep this a secret I don't want the rest of the village knowing about this." He then became serious and let his demonic eyes shine with fire. "And if you tell the Hyuuga what I plan to do for the Branch clan, I will destroy you and your whole clan."

Kiba taking this and a challenge stood up and sneered at Naruto. "Are you threatening us?"

Naruto not taking his eyes off the group continued. "If it means that you will destroying there lives then no it's not a threat. It's a promise." And with that the group walked out closing the door behind them. When they exited the compound that is when Naruto let out a hardy laugh, Kimimaro sighed and turned to his new lord.

"was that really necessary to threaten both clans, and enjoy it so much?"

"Hey don't blame me my father must be getting to me, but I really meant it. If they cause the lives and hopes of so many to be crushed, then I will do the same to them." His fox guards looked up at they're new lord silently nodding in a approval. It looked like the old ways of the demons were going to be changing, and from what the squad of demons could see from the past days it was going to be interesting.

The next day the group of people were traveling to the dock down where the ship would be taking them to sea. The large group stopped for the night to rest, suddenly Munenori who insisted to come to protect his new lord stood up and growled towards bush. Naruto seeing this sighed. "It's ok it's only Madara." True to his word Madara stepped out of the bushes followed by Itachi and Deidara, once seeing them everybody relaxed a little. "I thought you said you would meet us at the docks." Madara simply sat on a log beside Naruto.

"I got bored with waiting." he then looked at everyone who was now around a camp fire. Naruto looked at the Ancient beside him.

"Number one said that two of the demon lords are dead, Is that true?" When he got his answer in the form of a nod he decided to dive in deeper to get information. "How is it possible for humans to kill demon lords?"

Madara sighed and scratched the back of his head as he sat down on a log in front of the fire. With Itachi and Deidara standing behind him. "Humans can't but with a little help the sky is the limit." as he was saying this Madara lifted up his right hand and opened it showing nine rings. "These little guys throw all of those rules out the window."

Anko looked at the rings with a raised eyebrow. "jewellery?"

Madara chuckled as he placed the rings in his pocket. "If only it were that simple."

Flash back at Akatsuki headquarters

In a dimly lit room in the lowest floors of the base five members of the s-class criminal organization were having a private meeting. The darkness of the room blocked out there faces so only the silhouettes could be seen, soon one of the figures sighed and stepped forward into the light to reveal Madara. "Thank you for coming, you were the only members I could trust that have not been touched by the madness that is now happening."

"What are you going on about Tobi?" The figure stepped forward to reveal Kisame Hoshigaki not looking amused.

"Sigh. Tobi was not my real name it is Madara Uchiha original father of the clan. If you do not believe me then just ask our other friend here." Madara moved his hand towards one of the shadows to reveal Itachi who stepped up and nodded. "You have all been deceived, and brought into a war that has been waging for over the beginning of the planet."

"Wait, wait, hold up a minute." the person who spoke entered the light to reveal Deidara. "First of all you can't be the father of the Uchiha that means your like what? 100 years old, and what do you mean a war from the begging of the planet?"

"Well more like eight."

"eight hundred!"

"oh no eight thousand give or take." Madara answered and waved his hand like it was nothing to think about. "Honestly I lost track after so many years." Everyone in the room except for Itachi had there jaws touching the floor.


"What my delusional artistic friend here is trying to say is that this is a lot to take in." The voice came from the last person who stepped forward to reveal Sasori who was not in his armoured puppet. "Can you please elaborate for us."

"Well long story short the only reason I joined this group along with Itachi here was to try and stop what our leader is doing right now."

Kisame crossed his arms and huffed while closing his eyes. "You mean Gather the tailed beast so he can bring world peace?" the other two non Uchiha people in the room chuckled, knowing that the leader was off his rocker. But hey when he pays good money who cares.

"If you mean destroying the world and killing all life on the planet then yes." That got the three to stop laughing and look at the mask man so he could elaborate. "Did you ever wonder why he gave you all rings?" When the others looked at him for more information even Itachi so sighed and continued. "Their used to kill the demon lords."

"Wait, wait right there. I thought we were catching the lords so we can harness there power in that weird statue thing so we can rule the world? Or something like that yeah?" Madara looked at Deidara and shook his head.

"That is what he has told you. Heck maybe he believed that at one point. But that was not what it was, he wanted you all to catch the tailed beast lords and extract there power into the statue and kill them."

Kisame now taking this a little more seriously put in his two cents. "But that's the point right? I mean the power goes into the statue and then Pein absorbs the power and then he can bring peace right?"

"The power being gathered isn't for him."

"Then who?"

"That's the real question."

Itachi stepped forward and started to rub his chin. "Then how can the rings kill the lords?"

Madara started to walk around the group looking at the floor. "The rings use the wearer as a sacrifice. One life for another of equal or greater value, that is the idea when performing the ritual that Pein has planned. The rings bypass that law and simply take the wearer as the sacrifice. Have you all ever tried taking them off?" They all shook there heads and began trying to take the rings off but to no avail. "They all have runes on them making it impossible to take off." Kisame saw no other choice and brought out a kunai and brought it to his finger before he was stopped by Madaras voice. "That wont do you any good."

"Maybe not for him, but I am another story." They all turned to Sasori who twisted his right hand and pulled it off with the ring still attached. "See all done."

"Again that won't work The ring has your chakra signature and life force recognised. The power of the ring will still work, not even Orochimaru is safe."

"I say he is lying about all of this yeah. I mean this is all just unbelievable."

Madara looked at them all and rose his eyebrows. "Really now this coming from a guy who has mouths on his hands, a walking speaking puppet, and a shark man highbred." they all looked around sheepishly until Madara broke the silence. "About that Kisame what are you? I mean I sense no demonic energy from you and scent, so what?"

"Oh that is an easy one." They all turned to Deidara and waited for him to finish, after a short dramatic pause he simply smiled. "His mother was into bestiality." Out of nowhere he was punched across the face landing on the other side of the room by a raging Kisame with his face still in the air.

"Dick my mother was a saint."

Itachi simply coughed and got everyone's attention again. "So what are we going to do now?"

"First I will get all of those rings off then, we are going to stop Pein before he does something stupid."

"So how are we suppose to do that? I mean we can't even find his real body."

"That's where we come in." Everyone looked up onto the ceiling to see Zetsu coming through. "We have found him and he is not alone."

"What do you mean?"

"Wait even creepy plant Zetsu is in on this?" Deidara said as he pulled himself off the floor.

"We have always been working with Madara. But yes the real Pein was getting the ceremony ready while talking to a cloaked figure, the weird thing is I couldn't read him. I mean no chakra or life, the only thing I got was evil. Tell him the other thing. Oh right the figure stopped and looked right at me, then whispered something to Pein before melting into the shadows. No one can sense us when we are trying. Pein then called Konan and told her to gather that nut Hidan and the zombie Kakuzu then I left. So basically what I am saying is we got a fight ahead of us."

"Great they are moving faster then I thought. So now the real question is who's in and who's out?" Madara asked while looking at everyone In the room the first to step up was Zetsu, or should I say drop up as he dropped from the ceiling landing in front of the Uchiha father.

"We are in sir." then stepping behind Madara, the next to step forward was Itachi who simply nodded. Kisame seeing his partner and friend thou he would never say that to anyone, step forward simply shrugged his shoulders and stepped forward also. The next was Sasori who took a couple of seconds to think about it before stepping forward also. Deidara let out a sigh while shaking his head.

"Well I'm not about to get upstaged by Pinocchio here, and what better way to show him my art is better." Madara looked at them all and nodded while smiling behind his mask.

"Good then the first thing I shall do is get those curse rings off." The door to the room started to rumble as it was pounded on by what sounded like a raging elephant, They all turned to the door getting into fighting positions. "The second is to answer the door and welcome our guests." Then the large door flew off the hinges towards Madara who simply stood his ground and moved his head slightly to the left to avoid the door that impaled it self into the wall behind them all. When the smoke cleared they were welcomed to the sight of four large troll Anubinatee monsters. (the one that was in the forest during the leaf invasion. I will be calling them that now.) that were ducking under the door to get in followed by about two dozen ninja and samurai Anubinatee demons. Madara put one of his hands behind his back and the other in front of him bowing. "Welcome my friends." He then looked up with hate in his eyes. "To your death." With that said the new group jumped towards the demons to do battle.

In Peins secret sealing room, the real Pein was in his spider wheel chair thingy. (Really what was it weird ah?) Surrounded by his paths with him in the middle, the lifeless dolls hunched forward, he stayed on the top of an alter that had the demon statue behind him. Konan stayed to his left taking nervous glances at Pein and then towards the living corps of her best friend and crush Yahiko. Pein glared down the many steps that led to the alter towards the large double doors leading the room. The room itself was in a word magnificent with marble floor and pillars with gold vines running up the pillars into the ceiling. The pillars made room for the large red silk rug that ran from the door up the steps to the altar which Pein himself was the centerpiece. Konan then looked towards the door when she heard fighting on the other side and looked back at Pein who was glaring at the door. "All who oppose a god shall be treated as ants and be killed beneath my foot." Konan swallowed before looking back at the door knowing what was coming when she heard the fighting stop with the yell of the final guard dieing.

The door to the room slowly opened with the what Pein saw as the traitors of his disciples walking into the room slowly with Madara in the lead. The group looked perfectly fine except for their cloaks having cuts or burns on them and all looking at their ex leader with hate. "So the mortals have come to beg at their gods feet for mercy. But I will show none."

"Well that is the total opposite of why we are here." Suddenly they heard laughter coming behind one of the pillars as Hidan stepped out with his triple sickle resting on his shoulders. Across from him on the other side of the room Kakuzu stepped out ready to do battle. Kisame looked at The mad Monk and smirked getting his sword ready.

"Always wanted to cut that stupid smirk off your face. Now I will get the chance to,"

Pein looked at them all as his paths came to life and disappeared only to reappear at the bottom of the alter blocking the staircase lined up. Pein slowly turned around to the demon statue raising his hands slowly towards it. "squash these ants while I complete the ceremony." With that said Konan, Kakuzu, and Hidan jumped to do battle with Hidan laughing like a mad man. Zetsu simply melted into the ground while Sasori and Deidara went after Kakuzu, and Itachi and Kisame went up against Hidan. Madara simply stood still as Konan flew at him with a paper sword drawn and swung at the Uchiha who simply bent back to avoid the cut.

Hidan got behind Itachi and brought his sickle down laughing. "Got you now make up boy." Only to have his weapon intercepted by kisames blade.

"Don't think so." Hidan glared at Kisame which left him open to Itachi who sliced open his stomach with his sword. Looking down at his wound was all Kisame needed as he kicked the monk in the side of the head knocking him to the ground. Hidan then rolled out of the way to avoid a fire ball jutsu from Itachi, Hidan then ripped off his cloak and laughed as his stomach that was cut open one second was now sealing back up and healing over. Hidan laughed into the air and activated his sacrifice mode.

"idiots I cant die, my god protects me from all. Hahaha." His laughing was cut off as he was hit by a lighting blast that put a hole in his shoulder, he grunted then looked where the blast came from to see Kakuzu's lightning mask trying to hit Sasori's puppet of the third Kazakage who proved to be faster. "Shit watch your surroundings asshole ."

"You should follow your own advice." Hidan quickly turned to see kisame bring down his blade with enough force to crush boulders, Hidan quickly brought his weapon to block again, but this time one of the three sickles broke under the pressure. Again the insane monk jumped back to make distance swearing all the while. Kisame looked to his right to see Itachi appear beside him. "So why don't you put him in Tsukuyomi so we can finish this."

Itachi simply looked at Hidan as he was checking his weapon swearing as much if not more then Tayuya. "Before any of this Madara came and told me if I ever had to fight Hidan to never use that against him."


"He said if I did I would have to fight the demon that so calls a god in his head along with him. I didn't believe him at first but after everything that I have seen so far I will not take the chance."

"Hmm smart move."

"We need to end this quickly." Itachi quickly looked at the demon statue to see two eyes open with a third one slowly opening. "We need to stop him before it's to late." He then glanced at the others seeing Madara still dodging Konan and the artist duo still fighting the zombie, but to give them credit they did destroy two of his masks with only the lightning being left. "And the others still have their hands full."

Kisame grinned while looking at Hidan who finally decided to attack and charged at the two. "Gladly." Hidan jumped towards Kisame with his sickle pulled back at the last second he twisted his body in a ridiculous fashion and swung at Itachi who's eyes widened before his head left his shoulders and fell to the ground followed by his body. What Hidan didn't take into account was how close Itachi was to one of the pillars so when the blade sliced the Uchiha's head off his blade impaled the pillar and was stuck. Hidan didn't seem to mind thou as he looked at the headless corpse of Itachi laying on the ground with the head looking up at him with a face of shock. Joy soon turned into anger as the head exploded into crows then the body slowly following suit.

"Shit!" He then turned towards Kisame who was once again swinging his blade down, Hidan quickly jerked his arm trying to get his weapon free. Hidan then knew he would lose his arm holding the weapon or lose his head, seeing as he needed his head a little longer he made a quick decision. So bending his body back he allowed himself to lose his arm, but while this was happening Kisame didn't see Hidan pull out his pole blade with his other arm, So when Kisame severed the monks arm said monk quickly stabbed Kiasme in the side splashing blood on him and the blade. Kisame quickly retracted his blade and held his side as the one armed man vanished and appeared at the other side of the room laughing as he put the blade in his mouth and slammed his hand on the ground calling up his sacrificial circle, he then spit his weapon back in his hand and laughed at Kisame who was still holding his side. "You all said I was the stupid one ah? Well lucky for me I made this before you entered the room and hid it." Then Hidan rose the blade into the air and brought it down towards his heart, with his eyes closed a smile came to him as he felt the sweet wetness of blood over his heart.

"You didn't hide it well enough." Hidans eyes widened as he heard the voice of Itachi beside him, he looked at the Uchiha with his blade drawn and covered in blood. Looking down to his left hand he rewarded with the sight of the bleeding stump that he once called his hand, then to the floor where said hand was holding the blade still.

Hidan glared back at Itachi rage filling his very being. "You didn't just do that!" right after the words left his mouth his head was severed from his body courtesy of one Kisame Hoshigaki, Hidans head rolled across the room and stopped. Hidan then opened his eyes and glared at the two as they stood over his body. "You think this will stop me? I will simply get Kakuzu to sow me back together after he is done killing the fag twins." Kisame smiled as he walked up towards Hidans head and looked back at Itachi who quickly went through hands sings .

"Amaterasu!" with that Hidan watched on as his body was covered in black flames and turned into ash, he then looked up at Kisame who had his foot raised above him.

"Fuck you I will be back and when I do you will beg fo." He never got to finish as kisame stomped his foot down and crushed the monk head under his boot. The shark lifted up his foot and looked at it in disgust before looking towards his Partner.

"Hey Itachi you got a towel?" Said person simply turned his back pretending not to hear him. "Gee thanks."

The two artists were wrapping up their fight with there combined arts with Sasori's puppets and Deidara's clay bombs, Kakuzu was up against the ropes with all his masks destroyed. He would never admit it but he was much stronger when he was working with Hidan even if he hated his guts. Now when he saw Hidan get crushed thou his moral was quickly falling as the two in front of him had great to perfect combos. Kakuzu jumped back to make some distance while breathing heavily, he then stretched out his arms as hundreds of black strings came out of him making him look more like a monster. He took one last deep breathe before charging forward only to find that he couldn't, looking down he then knew why. There holding his legs in place was Zetsu who was halfway out of the ground smiling up at him. "You didn't forget about us did you?" Kakuzu looked back up to see the two artist strongest attacks heading towards him, letting out one last sigh the zombie watched as the attacks were about to hit him with no way to escape as he had used all his chakra fighting them and powering his masks.

"Shit." that being said all that remained when the smoke cleared was a huge hole in the wall with half of Kakuzu's corpse in the rubble. Deidara walked up behind Zetsu who just came out of the ground.

"where were you when those stupid masks were after us yeah?"

Zetsu looked shocked and held his chest in mock pain. "Hey we are the spies not a fighter, plus we think you should be thanking us as we just helped you kill him."

"yeah well are you going to eat him then?"

Zetsu looked at the corpse and turned away in disgust. "We aren't that hungry." Konan heard the explosion and saw that she was now the last one remaining, and that the others looked a little worse for wear but still able to fight. And Madara here was simply toying with her as his hands were behind his back all the time dodging her attacks and jutsu's as if they were paper balls thrown by a child. So she quickly Flashed back to Peins side out of breath and falling to one knee.

"So you too have failed me Konan?" Pein looked down at her in displeasure before looking back at the statue. "No matter you have served your purpose. Now watch as I ascend into heaven and deliver peace to the world once and for all."

"A delusion That a mad man could only come up with." Pein looked at Madara and a smile cracked on his almost dead face.

"This coming from the man who made this all possible. Was it not you who got everyone together and came to me for this plan of world peace? I am simply doing what you wanted."

"This is not what I wanted. Yes I wanted peace and thought that you would be the prime candidate to help with this idea. But over time your obsession of peace turned into a nightmare where started to see yourself as a god, and now you have killed two innocent people who were born with a curse that some called."

"But this was your idea you wanted to gather the demon vessels. What other reason would we gather them then to perform this right?"

"I wanted to gather them so that we could give them a home and protect them. But now that you have killed the five tails and four tail vessels it's obvious that you are now mad and need to be stopped."

Peins smile grow larger as Madara was speaking. "He said you wouldn't understand, that you would be blinded and needed to see the light."

Madara stepped forward curios. "Who told you?"

Pein's smile disappeared and Konan who now got her second wind stood up and could see that Pein was going to do something as he slowly turned back towards the statue with his hands out glowing as the statue started to open it's mouth. "I almost said to much. Now then let me show you the light."

"bad news, no one here has rings on except for you and Konan. What are you going to do kill her and yourself?"

Konan looked alarmed at Madara then at her friend for an answer which he gave with out looking behind him. "Her life is meaningless to me, but at the moment I will need her for the next ritual. No I do have a ring on but you forget that I have six bodies." two of the paths started to crack one of them being Yahiko. Konan could do nothing but look on in shock as their childhood friend and her crush die again in front of her. What made matters worse is when Yahiko turned towards Konan and cracked a small smile before turning into dust, she could do nothing as she fell to her knees and tried to fight the tears that were threatening to fall. The demon statue's mouth then started to open and shot out two massive energy waves that filled the room and knocked everybody but Madara and Pein to the floor. After a while when everybody who fell got back up, they waited for something to happen as Pein now turned back to them looking at his hands. Madara simply looked at Pein with a frown, soon Pein to was looking at his hands in disappointment which soon turned into anger and rage as he looked back up at all the traitors in front of him. "What did you do? I feel no different. You stole my gift!" with that the last of Peins paths jumped towards the group in front of them as they engaged in battle. Even thou it was six on four the Uchiha ancient's group were still on their heels as Peins paths were harder to read and predict, plus the whole see what the other see's was a real bitch. Madara was able to kick one away and glare at the so called god who was starting to look tired.

"Is this what peace is to kill all in your way, friends and family?"

Pein looked shock for a second then started to think. "Yes you are absolutely right I can't have true peace until everything is gone." He then started to laugh. "Think about it was and hate is caused by humans, that is what he has told me. All I have to do now is get rid of that, I will kill every man, woman, and child. That way there will be no hate, no pain and no nothing, yes it makes so much sense now!" He started to laugh once again, but he suddenly stopped and slowly looked down towards his chest to see a paper blade coming out covered in blood. He then slowly looked over his shoulders to see Konan holding the blade with tears running down her face. "How I am a god?" The rest of the paths looked back towards Pein and were about to come to his rescue, but the Akatsuki members took this chance and finished their opponents.

"I'm so sorry Nagato, but I had to." Peins eyes widened and seemed to become clearer.

"Nagato? I haven't been called that in a long time. I should be the one to ask for forgiveness."

Konan pulled out the blade and turned Nagato's head towards her gently in the palm of her hands smiling lightly. "What do you mean?"

"For everything, the lives I took and letting him control my emotions and judgment." He was now coughing up blood and losing his sight as death was now looking over him. Konan looked shocked at first then desperate as the others started to slowly walk up the alter.

"Who? Who controlled you?" But Konan never got a response as the last of her friends left this world, she bent her head down and hugged Nagato letting a single tear fall.

"Are you okay?" Konan looked up at Madara and took a deep breathe.

"I will be over time." Madara simply nodded and looked up at the statue and glared at it. "So why didn't the ritual work?"

"Oh it worked. Just that the power didn't go to Nagato but some one else, and I think I know who."

Itachi decided to break the silence. "So what do we do now?"

"Well first things first we are going to destroy this statue. Then we are going to hunt down and kill the Anubinatee before they do what they intend to do."

Kisame was wrapping up his wounds and just finished tightening them. "And that would be?"

"Exactly what Nagato said. To kill every man, woman, and child on this planet." When he got the reaction he wanted from the group he continued. "So I know I asked this before but who is in and who is out." When nobody moved he got his answer, but he was surprised by the extra voice.

"I am in." They all turned and looked at Konan. "They wont get away with what they have done here." Madara simply nodded his head.

"Very well. Itachi, Deidara you two will come with me. The rest of you I want you to each go and watch over the other demon holders. With the statue soon to be gone, they wont be able to drain the demon lords energy. But that still might not stop them from simply killing the containers, so please watch over them for now."

One the way to sea on a ship

The sun was high in the sky washing everyone with it's warmth, the party was on the deck of a large ship looking over the railing towards the land of sea that was coming closer. "Then as you know we came and met you soon after?"

Naruto nodded his head and looked up at the sky. "So two of the lords are dead? Did you ever find out who the guy talking to Nagato was?"

"He was defiantly a Anubinatee. We just don't know who, at least now I don't."

Hinata looked at the mask man and tilted her head. "What do you mean Madara-san?"

"I mean I thought it was number one but that was thrown out the window with what he said to me."

"so tell me how many were they able to get?"

"Which means that the power for the ritual didn't go to one as he had no idea?"

Madara nodded towards Ino. "Which means it went to another member or someone else. But enough of this you are here to enjoy yourselves, and you should you all deserved it." Madara turned and walked towards the other side of the ship speaking to himself, his voice changing to that of a serious man on a mission. "Because you will need all the energy you can get with what is coming over the horizon."

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