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Fun, sun, great view

"All we are is shadows and dust" Naruto opened his eyes to the sound of the soft and scornful female voice only to see nothing in front of him but darkness. Looking all around him was nothing but black and him floating in the middle of it. "Demons and angels suffer this same fate that haunts all men." Naruto quickly looked to his right where he heard the voice whispering into his ear only to see darkness.

"whose there?"

"thou unlike man, they must live with it for decades, while man only minutes compared to them."

again Naruto looked around the darkness searching for this female voice all the while trying to keep his cool.

"Your really starting to get on my nerves creepy voice lady."

"So to combat this they must prove there worth and be written in there history and tales. Be it for good or evil."

Suddenly the Scroll of the fallen angels that Kyuubi retrieved from Kabuto appeared in front of Naruto in the distance slowly getting closer until it was a hands reach away. "The creepy skin scroll dad found? What does that have to do with anything?" but he was now only rewarded with silence. "Hey now you stop talking?"

"Your loved ones are going to die."

Naruto was shocked still as fear gripped him."W-what did you say?"

"Your loved ones will die, first your most cherished, and then your most loved. And there is nothing you can do to stop it."

"Screw you i will stop it. None of my loved ones will die, i will make sure of it."

"It's too late for that." Naruto looked at the scroll in front of him and gasped in fright as a massive demonic skull with glowing red eyes ate the scroll and boomed in a great fearful voice. "It has already begun, and there is not a thing you can do about it!"

Naruto woke in his bed in a cold sweat with a gasp. "Bad dream?" Naruto looked to his right to see his father Kyuubi in human form sitting in the sofa that was in his hotel room. He then rubbed his head and looked around the room, it was an average motel room considering that the land of sea was still trying to get back on it's feet. The bed was a single sized mattress a single window off to the left of the bed had sun coming through the broken shutters temporarily blinding him. The carpet was a sick green colour, not his first choice of colour but what ever. The room it self only had basic needs such as a small fridge couch and table along with a night stand and alarm clock. Naruto looked at the clock to see that it was already ten in the morning.

"Yeah really messed up dream but i have been getting a lot of those lately."

Kyuubi looked a little concerned. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Naruto shook his head while rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "No I'm starting to get used to these weird things happening. Plus it's probably stress from everything that is happening." But both Naruto and Kyuubi were not convinced of these words but Kyuubi would not push the subject on him he already had something to talk to his son about. "So where is everybody?"

"They are all down at the beach, but before you go i need to talk to you about something and you are not going to like it."

Down at the beach the girls were having the time of there lives. Ino who was wearing a two piece light blue bikini was lying down on a beach towel with sunglasses on soaking up the rays with Kin on her left wearing a green one piece bikini also wearing a pair of sunglasses and lying down on a towel. And Shizune on her right wearing a black one piece with sunglasses, and Tonton sitting on her lap wearing small sunglasses and a small sun hat, All four ladies let out a sigh at once enjoying the wonderful ocean air and beautiful sun. "This is the life girls. I don't ever want to leave."

Kin smiled still catching some rays. "You said it Ino if only Naruto were here?"

Shizune looked at Kin and smiled. "He is still sleeping but he should be down soon." She then started to look around the vast beach. "Where is everyone else?"

Ino sighed and sat up and pointed to the small outdoor change rooms to the left. "Temari and Tayuya are by the change rooms trying to get Hinata to come out. Apparently they got her a racy bikini and she refuses to get out." she then pointed to the right a fair distance away you could see a massive amount a men of all ages circling around something. "And Tsunade and Anko are in the middle of that." Kin,Tonton, and Shizune who were following Ino's line of sight nodded there heads and sighed.

Kin then started to look around again. "What about Gaara and Tenten?"

"You know i have no idea."

With Gaara and Tenten

"Okay Gaara that's good just a little bit more." Tenten who was wearing a two piece yellow bikini purred in satisfaction. "Almost there you got this. It was such a good idea to do this on the other side of the beach where there is no prying eyes." Gaara who was wearing blue trunks looked really nervous.

"I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong Tenten it's my first time trying this."

"No way you are a natural at this soon with my help you will be a pro. Alright almost there. Yeah you did it!" Tenten who was holding a small shovel was jumping up and down in excitement for her boyfriend who was standing in a small ankle deep water pound that Tenten built using the shovel and making a stream from the beach water up to the middle of the beach. Gaara was looking very scared at the water while wearing a water ring around his waist and two water wings on each arm.

"I'm not fond of water."

"But you faced your fear and took the first step." She the hugged Gaara who stood very still and blushed at the contact."

"Thank you."

With Tayuya, Temari, and Hinata

"okay Hinata come on out of there and show us that suit Tayuya got you." Both Temari and Tayuya were waiting outside of the outdoor change room for the ex Hyuuga princess to come out. Temari was wearing a red one piece swim suit and leaning up against the door with her arms crossed, while Tayuya in her natural demon form was pacing back and forth getting irritated wearing a black two piece bikini that left little to the imagination. The girls were left alone by most of the beach mostly because of the half succubus who gave everybody who wasn't her destined mate a look that promised she would rip off your most treasured junk and make you eat it. It also didn't help that she was the one who picked out Hinata's swim suit and didn't want any one to ogle her. Suddenly the timid voice of Hinata escaped the change room.

"Are you sure about this Tayuya-chan? I don't think i can come out wearing this and not die of embarrassment."

Tayuya stopped her pacing and sighed looking at the change room. She would never admit this to anyone else but out of all the girls besides Kin, Hinata was the one she felt the closes to, she had a sweet heart. She never told her to stop her swearing, and she hardly got mad at her. But when she was watch out. Plus she would not lie saying that she wasn't attracted to the woman physically, under her baggy clothes was a body that reviled all the other girls in there little family. "I know your nervous but just imagine Naruto's surprised look when he see's you. He will probably faint from blood loss."

Temari looked at Tayuya and rose her eyebrows. "I'm guessing Naruto's not the only one who will not be able to look away."

Tayuya glared at Temari with a blush dusting her cheeks. "Shut the hell up tramp i have no idea what you are talking about." Temari simply smiled and nodded her head.

"okay i am coming out now." Both ladies turned to the door to see Hinata step out it was as if the whole world stopped. Out stepped Hinata wearing a v shape purple bikini that made Tayuya's look like something a nun would wear, the top of the suit barley covered her breasts that in a few years would rival Tsunade's. And the back went right up also barely covering her behind. Hinata looked behind her and pulled at the back of the swim suit trying to get it dislodged in her rear end but proving it to be impossible. "Are you girls sure this is okay to wear?" Temari who this whole time couldn't keep her eyes away from the girl. (mostly in jealousy of her figure.) Shook the shock off and responded.

"W-well i mean it does look good on you right Tayuya?" Both girls looked towards the succubus and were rewarded with the sight of her passed out on the sand with a smile on her face and blood dripping from her nose. Temari looked at Hinata and smiled. "I think she likes it."

With Tsunade and Anko

Both women were in lawn chairs at the beach with sunglasses on, both in racy two piece swim suits. Anko's being dark green and Tsunade's being pearl white. All around them were various men trying to impress them be it flexing there mussels or grabbing them drinks to even one middle aged man juggling torches. Most of these men were people who failed to impress Tayuya or feared to go near her or the other girls around her, one man commented that he saw her spitting out fire from her mouth she was so angry. But both Tsunade and Anko didn't mind the attention hell they loved it and tried to see who could get more men to fall for them. Anko lowered her sunglasses and turned to Tsunade.

"How did you manage to get here? Shouldn't you be back at the village?"

Tsunade who was looking out to the ocean didn't even look at the snake queen. "I'm on vacation."

Anko simply sweat dropped at the comment. "You haven't even been the Hokage for a month."

"Don't worry i have it all under control."

Back in the hidden leaf village in the Hokages office we see one Jiraiya the toad sage sitting behind the Hokages desk sighing a mountain of paper work while crying anime tears. "Temporary erokage sir. There are more papers for you to sign." Jiraiya looked up to see Kakashi coming into the room bringing in a new pile of paper work.

"Hatake? What are you doing here?"

Kakashi simply sweat dropped. "Lady Hokage told me i had to be your assistant and call you erokage or i would kiss my icha icha collection goodbye, and ban me from entering any book store so i couldn't buy more. You?"

Jiraiya shivered. "Hime told me i had to do her job while she took a vacation, or she would crush my balls with high heels and surgically remove my penis with a butter knife and a mirror."

"Why a mirror?"

"So i can watch her doing it." Both men shivered at the same time and then sighed before going back to work.

Back at the beach Tsunade gave off a creepy smile that actually scared Anko a little. "Yes all under control." She then lifted her empty glass into the air. "Now which one of you strong young men can get me another drink?" as soon as the question left her mouth a small riot broke out between the men to see who could grant their goddess her wishes.

With Naruto

Naruto was walking towards the beach down the streets of the land of sea beach village, that was being rebuilt now that Hatcher was gone the people were using all the gold to rebuild sea to it's former glory. Naruto was walking along side his father and the lord of the island discussing plans to rebuild the capital so that demons and humans alike could live together. But at the moment his thoughts were on what his father told him, Naruto bid the village leader a good day and let him know that they would finish up tomorrow. Kyuubi watched as the leader bowed and walked away back into the city. He then looked towards the beach and then at his son. "Go and have some fun you deserved it." Naruto simply nodded and ran off towards the beach, the rest of the couple of days entitled Naruto getting a full blown nose bleed thanks to Hinata's swimsuit and add to the fact that Tayuya was behind usually hugging her from behind didn't help. Then they had fun and games including a sand castle competition which Ino and Kin found unfair that Gaara was able to manipulate the sand and create a perfect miniature model of the hidden sand village, which Naruto congradulated him with a laugh and Tenten with a peck on the cheek. Soon it was time to head back and while everyone was laughing and getting packed up, Naruto simply couldn't let his fathers words leave him.

"Son in six months you and the other demon holders will be going to the demon world and training to take over our mantles."

Naruto was shocked and replied. "When will i be able to return?"

"Four years."

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