Okay, this is my first attempt at an Incredible fanfic. I don't own the Incredibles or anything associated with them. I simply own the plotline.

Summary: Syndrome wanted to be normal once, now Violet wants to be normal. Syndrome survived and decides to destroy the Incredibles one by one, starting with the girl. What happens when the two realize they have more in common than they thought?


Being a superhero was great…at least for the first few years. To Violet Parr, saving the world had lost its appeal.

It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it, she did. The fame and praise and satisfaction were more than she could have asked for…but it came at a great cost.

Tony broke up with her after three years because he suspected she was seeing someone else. In reality, she was saving citizens from numerous villains. Her friends abandoned her because she was never around and her schoolwork began to slip drastically.

After she barely graduated from high school, she told her parents she wasn't going to be Invisigirl anymore. She wanted nothing more than to be normal.

Her mother understood, but her father, Mr. Incredible, didn't understand. He couldn't see why Violet would want to be normal when she was born different from everyone else. Despite it all, he did agree to help pay for Violet's college education and an apartment.

Violet agreed to attend the community college nearby in case she was needed, and her father was okay with that.

That was almost six years ago and now Violet was all grown up and ready to move on. She had accepted a job as an English teacher at the local high school, but she dreamed of moving away from her childhood town and on to something greater.

But for now, things were going great.

Being normal wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Buddy Pine once wanted to be a super, someone worth respecting. Now he saw supers as beings meant to be destroyed.

Pacing his old lair deep beneath the city, Syndrome, AKA Buddy, thought about how to go about with his newfound plans.

Originally he wanted to join the supers, now he wanted them gone. He looked over old schematics and drawings and plans and wondered how he had come here.

The Incredibles.

All five of them had somehow aided in his downfall. He would have died had it not been for his quick thinking and his ability to maneuver with only one rocket boot.

He had gotten away only moments before the plane exploded and moments before his cape pulled him into the turbine. Luckily his cape had ripped and he had been flung over the turbine instead of pulled in. He rushed away quickly, like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Now nearly ten years had passed and Syndrome felt he was ready to make his move, to exact his revenge.

His plan had been simple. They had taken his life…so he was going to take theirs. The problem was Jack-Jack was too hard of a target, and so was the other male Incredible. Both still lived at home and were under the constant protection of both parents. He wanted to take something from them and have them fret over it for months before they discovered the body.

It was then he remembered the eldest child, the girl. Surely in ten years she would old enough to leave the house…maybe even be away from the family.

It took some time, but after looking through Mirage's files, he learned the identity of Mr. Incredible, Robert Parr, and used it to find out about Violet.

Finding the girl was easy, what he was going to do with her for the months it would take was more difficult. His plan required that she remain alive for several months before he actually killed her and left her body to be discovered.

And tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity. She would be out and in a public place.

He knew this because today was her birthday.