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The courtroom was mostly empty, considering that no one knew that she was Invisigirl in the first place no one expected it to be crowded, it was just a simple kidnapping case to the outside world.

However, inside the courtroom everyone knew what was really going on. Violet knew that the judge was hired by the government in charge of supers to preside over these events, and she knew that everyone else in the room was aware of who she was and who he was.

However, no one knew just how much it was killing her to see him sit there in those handcuffs.

Mirage's words had echoed in her head since that day almost a week ago. Was this simply a test of her feelings for him? Did he even know that was what he was doing?

She kept her eyes on him as he sat there next to his lawyer, who looked like he would rather be shooting knives out his nose then defending Buddy. He looked horrible, like he hadn't been eating properly or taking care of himself. Surely he wasn't being mistreated…was he?

Doubts filled Violet's head as the case began.

"This is the case of The State vs. Buddy Pine in the kidnapping and assault of Violet Parr. Mr. Pine, how do you plead?"

The lawyer stood. "We plead…"


Buddy had spoken. Violet could feel herself shocked at how he sounded. He sounded…sad and lonely.

Her father mistook her gasp for fear and wrapped his arm around her. "Don't worry dear, he'll get what's coming for him, especially after what he did to you."

They all knew now, that she and Buddy had slept together. What they didn't know was that she wanted it. She had tried to explain, but fear wouldn't let her speak. Her parents simply assumed that he had forced himself on her…and they added it to the list of charges against him.

The judge looked at Buddy confused. "Excuse me?"

Buddy stood. "I said…that I plead guilty…of any and all charges you have against me."

The judge looked at Buddy's appointed lawyer, who simply shrugged his shoulders. He personally didn't care cause he was getting paid either way.

"Very well," the judge said. "I will now read off the list of charges here so the court will know what you have already pleaded guilty to. Please restate your plead for each charge. Kidnapping."


"Assault with intent to commit murder."


"Sexual assault or rape"

Buddy paused here for several seconds before speaking…"Guilty."

Violet could feel her heart pounding in her chest. He pleaded guilty to it…knowing that it wasn't true. Why would he do that? He would end up in prison forever…

"Well, Mr. Pine,"

Where she would never see him again.

"It seems that in light of your confessions…"

And she would never touch him or kiss him again.

"I have no choice…"

Where she would never be able to love him again.

"But to sentence you to…"


Violet stood as she yelled out in the courtroom. All eyes were on her now, all except the blue ones she wanted to see.

She couldn't let him end up in prison. She wanted to show him that she wouldn't back down, that she didn't believe what he said to her that day,

That she could pass his little test.

"Your honor…" her father was going to throw a fit, but she really didn't care. "I would like to withdraw all charges and consider the case closed."

Buddy's eyes widened. He wanted so badly to look at her, but he knew that if he was dreaming that it would all end if he turned. He kept facing the front.

The judge looked confused. "Young lady, I don't think you realize what you are doing. I understand that this is a hard time for you and that being in his presence may incite some fear in you, but that is no reason to…"

"It's all a lie."

The court was silent now. It seemed like no one spoke for the longest time. Finally the judge spoke up.

"What do you mean?"

Violet took a deep breath. "It's a lie."

"Are you saying that Buddy Pine didn't kidnap you?"

Violet took a deep breath. "Technically no." She could feel her parents' eyes on her, but she wasn't about to stop now. "I went with him willingly."

The judge narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Are you also saying that he didn't hold you against your will?"

"Yes, that is true…however, he did give me an option to leave without an fear of a backlash against me or my family, but I chose to stay."

"And he didn't assault you with the intent to murder you?"

"He never hurt me, although he did create a device that hurt me and he did try to kill me. But he also saved me. I was going to drink the poison laced in my drink and he stopped me."

The judge took a deep breath. "And did he in fact rape you?"

The eyes were really concentrating on her now. It was rather unnerving. "No, he didn't."

Helen Parr stood. "That's impossible. The doctor insisted that you were no longer a virgin and that you had had sex recently. He had to have raped you."

"No mother he didn't. Even if he wanted to he couldn't have."

Everyone seemed rather confused, so Violet decided to explain. "My powers were the reason I was still a virgin after all this time. They would protect me if I were ever in a situation I didn't really want, even if I was drunk at the time. So if Buddy had tried to rape me then my powers would have stopped him."

Helen narrowed her eyes as the realization started to dawn on her. "So, then…you…"

"I was willing and I wanted it…I wanted him."

The silence in the court of deafening as Violet's confession seemed to echo off the walls. Finally Bob spoke.

"We raised you better than that Violet. We told you that sex was meant to be between two people in love, not just a random thing. What could have possessed you to do something like this?"

Violet smiled before turning to her father. "I fell in love with him."

Buddy didn't know what to say. He had listened to the whole thing and he couldn't believe what he had heard. She loved him…she…loved…him… He couldn't help the smile appearing on his face.

The smile didn't stay there for long though. Moments later Buddy found himself on the floor with a very angry super/dad slamming his head on the floor. Despite Mr. Incredible's super strength, it seemed he wasn't using it at that moment.

"You son-of-a-bitch! You tricked my daughter! You asshole! I'll kill you!"

Despite the threats, Buddy felt on top of the world even as his head was pounding into the ground. He could die a happy man, Violet loved him.

"Daddy, Stop this!"

The pounding stopped and he just laid there on the ground and for a moment all went black. Suddenly he was on his back, his bruised head resting on someone's lap. Very carefully he opened his eyes and looked up into shining blue eyes. He smiled slightly.


"Shhh. They went to go get the doctor and Dad has been taken away into the other room. You're safe now…"

He reached up and gently cupped her cheek. He must have passed out earlier and someone uncuffed him.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks and he gently wiped them away. "I hear that you love me."

Violet let out a small laugh and nodded, taking his hand in her own. "Yes, I love you very much."

Buddy's smile widened. "That's good, cause I love you too."