I know that I ended this story quite some time ago, but this came to me a while back and I really wanted to add it to this story and give it a bit of a final ending.

Please Enjoy!

6 months later...

Buddy Pine was nervous.

After recovering from having his head smashed in by Mr. Incredible, Buddy had found a job working quiet work as a custodian overnight in a business building. It wasn't flashy and it made poor use of his skills, but it was honest work.

He kept his head down, his nose clean and just did his job. Despite paying legal fees and the like out of his paychecks, he was still able to save up a little money.

Violet was wonderful too. She helped him a lot by making sure he had food for break and keeping his place clean. She practically lived with him, even if she didn't officially.

Which is why Buddy was here now. It had been hard, but he had saved up enough and was ready.

Ready to ask Violet to marry him.

He just had one more obstacle in the way, an obstacle that had just walked in the door and was heading towards him.

Bob Parr did not look happy, but Buddy really didn't expect him to. After all, the man thought Buddy had seduced his daughter for revenge against him. It wasn't entirely true, but there was some deep hatred there for Buddy, a hatred Buddy knew hurt Violet.

He knew that this relationship he had with Violet had caused a rift between her and his father. While Buddy had seen Violet's mother and brothers, her father wouldn't even look at him unless he forced the issue as he had today.

Buddy stood when Bob reached the table. "Thank you for meeting me Mr. Parr," he said. He started to offer his hand, but stopped halfway. Chances were good that Bob would break Buddy's hand if given the opportunity. Instead he gestured to the chair.

"Please, have a seat."

Bob sat, his glare fierce. They were in a public place with a lot of civilians around. Neither one wanted to draw attention to themselves. Buddy sat across from the angry father and took a deep breath.

"I wanted to meet with you and talk about Violet."

Those were the wrong words to start with as Bob's face went from angry to full of rage. "What did you do to my daughter?"

Buddy lifted his hands quickly, shaking his head. "Nothing, nothing! Violet is fine!"

The rage slowly simmered back down to annoyance and anger, with a hint of curiosity. "Well, if nothing is wrong, what could you have to discuss with me? The fact that you forced my daughter to abandon her family?"

That stung, but Buddy had expected hostility. He took another breath. "I know that the past between us is causing the issues between Violet and her family. I also know that Violet wants us to get along, to be apart of each other's lives. I don't want Violet to ever feel like she has to chose between me and you."

Bob didn't look convinced, but Buddy continued anyways.

"I want Violet to be happy and I want to be with her. I...I want to ask her to marry me."

Rage filled Bob's eyes at those words. Buddy was suddenly thankful that he had chosen such a public place for this meeting. "No, I forbid it."

Buddy expected that response, didn't stop it from hurting though. He took a deep breath, determined for finish what he had to say.

"I know that you hate me," he said firmly. "Frankly, I don't blame you. The fact that Violet cares for me surprises me more than you can know, especially with I did to you and your family." Bob's eyes narrowed and Buddy knew that he was remembering more of the past but pressed on anyways. "I love her, which is why I came to you first."

Once again, curiosity overtook the rage in Bob's eyes. He didn't seem to know what Buddy was thinking and that was keeping him guessing.

"I know that it would take a miracle or two for you to approve of me. Violet is your only daughter and I'm a villain who attacked your family. These are facts.

"I also know that you are important to Violet. If she and I were to marry and you weren't there to walk her down the aisle, it would devastate her."

Buddy took a small box out of his pocket and set it on the table before looking back up at Bob. "Which is why I won't ask her unless you approve."

Bob's eyes widened in surprise before he reached over and picked up the small box. He opened it and found a modest ring inside, a plain silver band with a small violet gem in the center. It wasn't much and, in Buddy's opinion, not worthy of Violet's true beauty, but it was a ring his bought for her doing honest work. He couldn't ask for anything more.

"When you approve, you can give it back to me."

Bob closed the box and looked back up at the man sitting across from him, for once looking at him as if seeing him for the first time. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because Violet loves you, and I love her. I want her to be happy."

Bob glanced once again at the box in his hand and then back up at that the obviously nervous man, why hadn't he noticed he was nervous before?

"And if I never approve?"

Bob watched as Buddy took a hard swallow, as if that was his greatest fear. He knew that this man was a villain, but watching him now, Bob wasn't so sure.

"Then, I'll never ask," Buddy replied, his heart freezing at the images it invoked in him. "Chances are good that Violet would leave me on her own one day since I would be unable to commit to her."

The small box in his hand suddenly felt a lot heavier. He had the power to remove Syndrome from his daughter's life forever.

Buddy took a breath. "I only ask that you not tell Violet about this, regardless of your decision. If you approve, she'll find out soon enough."

"And if I don't?"

Bob watched as Buddy's hands seemed to shake. He clasped them together on the table as if trying to hide it, but it was too late.

"Then...she'll hate me instead of you," Buddy said slowly. "I would rather her think that I didn't want to or couldn't marry her rather than her father forced us apart. Regardless of what happens between Violet and myself, at the end of the day you are still her father, forever."

Buddy stood suddenly, his eyes darting around the room, as if nervous. Bob watched as the younger man suddenly seemed to want to look anywhere but at him. Had the thought of losing Violet someday really caused him to act this way?

Did Syndrome really love Violet?

"I leave the ring with you now. I don't know what decision you will make, but I hope that you will approve one day." Buddy then forced himself to look at Bob. "Regardless of what you may think, I love Violet with all of my being. Her happiness is all that I desire, even if that is without me."

Buddy then nodded at Bob, who was still sitting there processing this information, before Buddy turned and walked out of the cafe.

Bob watched Syndrome leave, his own mind firing thoughts off too fast to keep up. He looked back down at the small box Syndrome...Buddy had given him. He had the power to make this go any way he wanted.

He could make Syndrome disappear.

He looked back up at the door the other man had just walked out of. Perhaps, in away, Syndrome was already gone. Perhaps, Buddy Pine really did love Violet Parr.


Bob really didn't know what to think anymore.

Buddy spent the next several weeks in agony.

Now, three months had passed since he had met with Bob Parr and the young redhead hadn't heard a peep from the man. He was worried and Violet has started to notice, mentioning it once or twice when they were together.

Buddy had played it all off as being tired from work, but he already knew that wasn't it.

He had hedged his bets and hopped against all hope that Bob Parr would accept him, accept his love for Violet was real, allow him to marry his daughter.

Buddy was sure now that it would never happen.

Even now, sitting across from her in the small Italian restaurant they liked, watching her eat spaghetti and tell him about how school was going, Buddy wondered.

How long would Violet wait before she realized they wouldn't be moving forward in this relationship? How much longer would he get to sit and listen to her voice? How much longer would he get to enjoy the touch her hand in his own? How much longer would he be allowed to be happy?

He didn't want to think about it, but as the days dragged on into weeks and then into months, Buddy knew that Bob Parr wouldn't accept the reformed villain as a son-in-law.

It was a gamble, Buddy knew, but he meant what he said. If he wanted to be with Violet, her family had to accept him, all of them.

She would have to be the one to end it, Buddy already knew. He was too selfish to walk away from her. If she wanted out, he would let her. It would kill him, but he would find a way to keep away from her so she could be happy.

The place was crowded tonight with a few large families all having a good time. Buddy had wanted that with Violet, but he knew it would not be.

Violet stood, kissing him on the cheek, before heading to the ladies room. Once she was out of sight did Buddy retake his seat, cause a gentleman always stands when the lady leaves the table after all, and allowed the smile to fall from his face.

Although Buddy knew that Bob hated him, he also knew that it bothered Violet that Bob and he didn't get along. It was why he was willing to risk everything, placing his future happiness in the hands of a man who hated him.

A blonde woman walked over and said something to him, but Buddy politely turned her down. She walked away and Buddy turned back to Violet's chair.

He loved Violet and he knew her family was important to her. He wouldn't be the thing to come between them.

He blinked as he registered a body taking Violet's chair, a body that wasn't Violet's. Buddy looked up and right into the face of Bob Parr.

Panic flooded Buddy at that moment. What was he doing here?

"I thought about this long and hard," Bob said firmly. "I don't like you."

Buddy swallowed, his throat dry, but said nothing.

"In fact, I think you are the last person in this world I would want for my baby girl."

Buddy felt his heart break. So, he wanted to deliver the decision in person, watch Buddy crumble in defeat. He would lose Violet know for sure. She would leave once she realized that they had no future.

"That said," Buddy looked back up at Bob, "I've watched the two of you all night. I had to see for myself what kind of man you were to her. You treat her like a lady, you look only at her and refuse any advancements from other women when she isn't around. I know that you've been working an honest job and paying back what you owe to society.

"Plus, it's obvious to anyone that Violet is in love with you."

Bob reached into his coat pocket and sat the small box on the table between them. Buddy looked at the box in shock, sure he would never see it again when he handed it over to Bob three months ago.

Buddy slowly lifted the box and looked back up at Bob, confusion and shock in his eyes. "What...are...?"

"I approve."

The moment those words left Bob's lips, Buddy felt as if the world suddenly flooded with color and light, it was almost blinding. Happiness surged through his veins as the realization of what those words meant hit him.

He could keep her, he could have a future with Violet. Bob approved of this.

Buddy opened the small box and looked at the ring, suddenly shining more brightly then even before. He closed the box and looked up at Bob, unable to hide the smile on his face or the tears filling his eyes.

"Thank you."

Bob Parr took his daughter hand in his own and smiled at the young woman. She was more beautiful today than he had ever seen her.

The music swelled and the two turned and looked out among a sea of friends and family gather together today.

At the end of the aisle, dressed in a white tux, was a smiling red-headed man. Bob felt Violet's hand grip his arm tighter as they started walking.

Bob glanced at his daughter as they walked up the aisle together. She was smiling and was almost glowing.

When they reached the end, Buddy walked over to them and stood before them. He held out his hand and Bob took Violet's. He squeezed it with a smile at his daughter before he reached over and placed it in Buddy's.

No one commented on the tears in Bob's eyes as he did this, but when he looked up at the young man he had just effectively handed his daughter over to he saw that he wasn't the only one with tears in his eyes.

It was at that moment that Bob knew he had made the right choice when he returned that ring to Buddy Pine that night.

As Violet Parr became Violet Pine, Bob wiped the tears from his eyes and smiled.