Team Asuma was working on a D rank mission, cleaning up graffiti on the rock face that was moulded into the Four Hokage's heads.

'If this was Naruto……I'll smash him along with forehead girl when I get the chance!' Ino grumbled, adjusting herself on the crane's platform helping them reach up to the mountain face.

' Hey, Ino, I heard it was Sasuke who did it, not Naruto.' Chouji chimed in, for a joke, as he wiped off some obscene words in pink writing.

Ino's eyes widened in admiration. 'Oh! But Sasuke-kun's so cool! Must have been his idea of a cool joke!' and she let off a dreamy sigh.

Shikamaru would have smirked at Chouji's joke…..but that would have been………

Too troublesome.

Ino started to close her eyes and imagine Sasuke….but in that second, she became unbalanced and she slowly started to slip off the crane….but she wasn't noticing! She was too busy dreaming about the Uchiha to notice the danger she was in.

Shikamaru turned his head and saw her falling.

'Fuck! Ino is so troublesome!' he swore. He calculated the angle at which Ino was falling, and the speed at which she was falling, adding to the position she was in. Then, he quickly pushed Chouji off the crane (quite a feat that was too) and pushed down with all the chakra in his hands to bend the crane down. Thanks to Shikamaru's calculations, the crane lowered in the right spot and caught Ino right before she was about to land.

'Ouch! Hey, why am I so far down?' Ino looked up at the two tiny figures above her.

'Well, somebody was too busy dreaming about lover-boy to notice she was slipping off the platform!' Chouji taunted, but a glare for Ino stopped him before he could go on.


Back on ground level, a sand ninja was watching the amusing trio.

That guy was impressive. In the blink of an eye he thought of a tactical way to save that Ino, instead of just rushing down like other people would. I come to escape from the Sand Village and it's problems, and I find someone that reminds me of my big sister. Oh the irony.

The Nara boy fascinated Kankuro. He smiled to himself, pulling out a bit of sand from his pocket.

Shikamaru Nara, let's just hope Gaara doesn't find you.


'Lady Temari! Please! You must come out for your fitting!' A maid pleaded at the door to the tough Sand kunoichi.

'No! Leave me alone! And how many times must I tell you not to call me Lady!' Temari yelled back through the screen. She slumped against the wall, sighing. God, Gaara maybe have changed after that battle with Naruto, but he can still be a controlling ass when he wants to be.

Suddenly, the maid was silent. Temari could hear sniffling.

'Hey, what's the matter with you? Why are you crying?'

'If…I don't get you to the fitting room now, Master Gaara might kill me.' The girl sobbed.

ARGH! Screw Gaara, but I can't let the girl die. Oh well. Just bear it as much as you can, Temari.

'Ok….but this is only for your sake. You got that?' Temari slammed open the screen door and walked out with as much dignity as one can after screaming for half an hour.

The maid let out a gush of relief.

As Temari walked into the fitting room, she took in all her surroundings. Sashes of pink, gold, blue, violet, orange, and black silk were hung all over the room. It was full of color and materials. And, right in the corner to the left, was Gaara.

Temari glared at him, but Gaara's face was, as usual, emotionless.

'Come on now Temari, let's get on with your dress.'

As the tailor hurried over and started pinning fabrics to her body, Temari snapped 'If you're hands move anywhere not concerning materials, I'll cut them off you hear me?'

The tailor was too frightened to nod, but instead, kept pinning.

'This is obviously n-not the fi-finshed d-d-dress, b-but its what it'll look like' as the tailor stepped back for Gaara to survey his masterpiece.

A tiny line indicating a smile crossed Gaara's face.

'Acceptable. But Temari can pick the color.'

He thinks that just because he lets me pick the color of the freakin dress that I'll forgive him for the other choices he took away from me?

'I pick……the light violet-grey.' She looked at her brother.

'….No.' Temari nearly showed anger and outrage on her face. What the fuck? What happened to the 'Temari can pick the color' thing???

'You wear that for your everyday clothes. I wish for you to pick something a bit more brighter on the day.' Gaara spoke, delicately but firmly.

'Fine… then the violet-blue'

'Too violet.'

'Then the lake-green.'

'Too watery. We're sand ninja.'

'The tangerine silk.' Temari replied through clenched teeth.

'Too tacky.' Said Gaara nonchalantly.

' What do you suggest then dear brother?' Temari said in a voice too sweet it had to be sarcastic

'I think I liked the violet-grey originally.' Replied Gaara.

Temari blasted the fabrics and the dress before storming off.

The dressmaker decided to risk a comment.

'If I may say so sir, most women are usually……….cheerful when shopping for their wedding dress.'

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