It's been about year since Shikamaru and Temari married. Well, eloped is the right way to put it. They didn't exactly want a big fuss.

That's a lie.

They knew they couldn't afford to buy enough food for the banquet to satisfy Chouji, and that they couldn't stand Ino fussing over them. Then, there was sure to be a scene where Sakura, Rock Lee, Naruto, and Sasuke got into a fight. Well, more like Sakura, Naruto and Rock Lee fighting with Sasuke unfortunately getting dragged into it. Kiba was going to have a fit if Akamaru was not allowed human seating at the dinner table, Shino would cause trouble with stray bugs flying into the food, Tenten and Neji might be pissed that their wedding thunder was stolen. And Gaara and Hinata, who might appear as the only sane people besides themselves, would probably leave early due to the commotion. Oh yea, and Tsunade was sure to leave a high liquor bill.

So when Shikamaru proposed they run away for a simple wedding under the clouds, Temari said that that was just fine.

Four months later, Temari's stomach started bulging. Shikamaru didn't dare say anything. And he didn't dare show his face for a day or two when he discovered she was pregnant. Needless to say, it wasn't planned, and Temari went on the rampage for weeks blaming Shikamaru. After ten months of tantrums and incredibly frightening mood swings, she gave birth to two healthy twins- Sheiko and Tomoya. Surprisingly, they were not of the same gender, but they did share the same personality traits…


Sheiko crouched among the tall grass. She was tiny, but her sharp eyes allowed her to see between the grass. Her other half, Tomoya was positioned on the branches of a tree, overlooking the whole field. Sheiko smiled to herself. There was no escape. The field was totally empty besides that sole tree and the grass. Tomoya and her could see everything for miles. She knew she and her brother were going to win this time.

Clutched gently in her hands, was a yellow butterfly. She released it into the air, careful not to be seen. This was their secret signal, that the field was all clear.

But if it was all clear….

Where were they?

'Geez… usually when people play hide and seek, they don't have to plan strategically. You just walk around peeking into every nook and cranny, no using your 195 IQ, against your parents, that's for sure.' Sheiko muttered. She sighed, and then continued.

'Where are my moronic pa-

'I hope you're going to take back what you were about to say young lady.'

Sheiko, alarmed by the new voice, turned around, but realised her body wouldn't move.

'Crap!' she squealed. Behind her, Shikamaru frowned disapprovingly, still holding his shadow-binding-jutsu pose. Who had taught her that word? Temari had to know when to keep her mouth shut in front of eight-year-old girl.

'Don't use that word.'

Sheiko grumbled. Then she turned to her father.

'Where's Tomoya?'

Shikamaru smiled slightly.

'He's…preoccupied with your mother.'

Out of the blue, came a boy's voice.


'Troublesome woman, be a bight gentle with our son eh?' Shikamaru called out.

'Ha? But he's being so defiant.' Temari replied yelling from the top of the tree?

Sheiko frowned. How did they ambush them?

Shikamaru read her thoughts.

'You're not alert enough. You took your eyes away from Tomoya for a split second and that's when Temari replaced him. All you see is a shadow, which you assume is Tomoya. Then, once again, you simply assumed-which you should never do unless you are absolutely correct, that your back was covered since Tomoya did not convey any signals. Thus I was able to sneak up on you. You're idea of teamwork was smart-watch from the ground to the front while Tomoya had a full view of the field. Sending out signals and messages was also clever. But you'll never beat your mother and father at hide and seek.'

Sheiko sighed. Suddenly Temari jumped down from the tree, holding a struggling bundle.

The twin's mother grinned, while their father only allowed a small smile to cross his face.

'We've won kids, which means ice cream for us! And you have to wash the dishes!'

'Oh man…' Tomoya muttered.

Temari glared at her son. 'Don't talk back! Fine, I'm letting Sheiko off, so you're going to have to do them all by yourself. And then I'll send you over to Gaara's.'

Tomoya paled. Even Sheiko shivered a bit.

'But…Mom...anything but Uncle Gaara.'

Temari spun around. Shikamaru shrugged. He usually stayed out of Temari's mothering matters.

'What did I say about talking back?' she warned.

Tomoya gulped. Temari looked ferociously angry for a second, but then her face relaxed.

'Of course…Hinata will be there…so Gaara won't be too out of hand…' she mused.

Tomoya nearly jumped for joy. Aunt Hinata made the best cookies; she stuck little blue M&Ms to make tiny Byakugan eyes on the gingerbread men.

Sheiko, on the other hand, was all alone at boring old home. Tomoya stuck his tongue out.

'Hey! Mom, Dad! He stuck his tongue out!'

This time Shikamaru spoke.

'What if we sent him to Kankuro's?'

Temari smiled evilly. 'Oh, that's a smart idea net-boy.'

The blood drained out of Tomoya.

Damn! I mean Uncle Gaara's bad and all! But UNCLE KANKURO!!!! NOOOO! He's so…embarrassing! I CAN'T BE SEEN WITH HIM!!

'Dad!' he hissed.


'She's ruining my reputation by doing this!!'

Shikamaru smiled.

'Oh, I know.'

Tomoya buried his head in his hands.


After the kids were sent to bed, Temari and Shikamaru sat on the couch.

'In a year, so much has changed.' Temari said.

Shikamaru nodded.

'You've become less troublesome for one thing.' He added. From the look on her face he thought she would attack him, but instead she hugged him tenderly.

'And I might just stop calling you net-boy,' she whispered in his ear.

Net-boy smiled.

'Don't do that Troublesome Woman.'

'Huh? Why?'


'Come on net boy, I mean, Shikamaru.' It was hard saying his real name after so long.


'I said, get on with it!'

'It's just that…'


'Then I'll have no excuse to call you Troublesome Woman.'

Temari laughed.

'You can call me that anytime idiot.'

'Really?' she nodded.

Shikamaru leaned forward, and kissed her lightly.

'I love you too, Troublesome Woman.'

A/N- WAAA THE LAST CHAP! For once I finished through with something! Even though my story isn't THAT great I feel proud to have finished it. And relieved to have a break from fanfic. But I still love all the reviewers! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Especially those with constructive criticism. I had no flames whatsoever, except for one gaarahina hater. But who cares about that? I'm happy.

Some things to clear up. Unmotivated Genius, I just made up the names Troublesome woman and net-boy. I wasn't following the book from that. I know she calls him crybaby, but net-boy sort of actually a little fits in because in their first encounter in this story she makes fun of his netting on his clothes. after he points out she's being stupid since she has netting too but the name sticks. Also, about the time thing-I change some things. It's called fan fiction, so the fans can change the fiction around. I didn't they know they kept contact and stuff especially the Sasuke Retrieval arc since I barely read the manga, only the anime. When the English manga is up to date I'll read it. But, though the time is wrong and they did know each other, in this fiction it's different. That's all.

I also wrote one other thing-a one shot. It's not Sakura/Itachi...but they are teh main characters. totally diff story. angsty.

Oh, and sorry about the lame last line. Kinda clichéd no? but I wanted it sweet.