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(aka When Uchiha Sasuke acts on one word)

"I should stop being obsessive."

His head snapped up. "What?" Uzumaki Naruto stared at the other boy with a poorly hidden expression of surprise.

Sasuke sighed. Naruto wasn't listening again. It was the third time that day he had said something, only to have to repeat himself to the blonde idiot. "I said, I should stop being obsessive, dobe."

Naruto put a hand behind his head and grinned sheepishly. "Oh. I thought you said..." The rest trailed off into a mumble as he realised what he was saying. A light blush coloured the smaller boy's cheeks as he glanced any where except at Sasuke.

Oh, now this had the Uchiha intrigued. "You thought I said what?" he pushed.

"Nothing important" Naruto defended, still not looking him in the eye.

Yep, this was one thing he had to get out of the boy, if only to be able to tease him later with it. "Baka, out with it."


Uchiha Sasuke threw his tell-me-now-or-suffer-the-painful-consequences glare at the blonde. Naruto never stood up to the brunette's various glares very well; he was too honest to be able to.

"Fine" he surrendered sulkily. "I thought you said possessive."

Sasuke broke into laughter. That's right, loud and uncontrolled laughter, something that was considered to have been completely off limits to the icy avenger. Naruto glowered at his rival now best friend.

"Don't laugh at me teme."

The dark haired ninja didn't reply; he was still too busy laughing at Naruto to form a comeback. The blonde got annoyed swiftly - the fact that Sasuke's laugh was a very nice sound to his sensitive ears went unnoticed - and tackled Sasuke in an attempt to get him to shut up. The momentum caused the noise to end but a wide smirk had plastered itself across the other boy's face and refused to be wiped during the little tussle. The pair fought for a few minutes until the Uchiha gained the upper hand and pinned Naruto to the ground using his legs and weight. Sasuke's hands were placed on each side of the blonde's head to allow the boy to look down at him.

Naruto looked into those dark eyes, slightly crinkled at the edges from that stupid smirk. He could see amusement, yes that was extremely clear, but also something else. It was akin to the fondness that he saw in Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Iruka's eyes when they looked at him, yet, this was so much deeper. He opened his mouth to say something but words had mysteriously fled him, even the ability to ramble about nothing was gone, and so he just shut it again.

Sasuke was surprisingly comfortable in the compromising position they had ended up in, despite the ache in his shoulders from the effort of holding him self above Naruto. He had been carefully observing Naruto's expression as he sat atop the smaller ninja. The blonde was undeniably cute when he was confused, and predictably that oh-so-cute expression had showed up when he had tried to speak. "What dobe?"

Naruto's eyes flickered away for a moment; he had to gather some thing to say. "You win. Now get off me." The latter was softly spoken, not the usual heated command that Sasuke normally ignored anyway.


"Huh?" Naruto's brow creased faintly. Sasuke was not acting like him self, first the laughing now he wasn't shunning human contact.

"Want to know why I was laughing?"


"Because I am possessive" the Uchiha replied in a low tone, almost huskily.

"About what?"

There was a pause that felt like an hour or an eternity, rather than the several seconds that it really was.

"You." Sasuke could hear a definite hungriness underlining the word but he didn't really care enough at the moment to worry about his impartial reputation.

Naruto's breath caught in his throat. "Me?" he choked out.

Some black hair fell in front of his face as his head dipped slightly, Sasuke chuckling ever so softly. "Yes dobe, you."

Naruto voiced the only sane thing in his mind; the rest of his thoughts had broken down into an incoherent tirade of babble. "Why?"

"I really like you Naruto."

The simple statement had been said with such calmness that Naruto was envious; his insides were squirming at the revelation. The blonde didn't exactly want to hear the answer - he feared it - but the next question asked itself before he could stop the words.

"Y-you don't h-hate me or any t-thing?"

Sasuke blinked. The question had surprised him somewhat and now his previous curiosity was piqued again. Naruto had posed the question in such a quality that it sounded like the boy was pleading for a certain answer.

"Why would I hate you?"


The brunette rolled his eyes. He had no qualms about Naruto being a biju container. "Stuff the fox." He grinned deviously. "He's going to have to put up with me now."

There was silence as Sasuke's words filtered into Naruto's brain, which was coming back online after throwing out the babble. After a quick analysis, the statement held several meanings - Naruto wasn't always slow, especially when it came to the subject of the nine-tail youkai residing within him - and Naruto wanted to know which one was the real one.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he shot back.

"Baka." The word left his delicate lips as a single breath.

Sasuke followed the sigh towards the blonde, closing the rest of the distance between - all three inches to be precise - and kissed Naruto on the mouth.

Naruto was still a little shell-shocked so it did not occur to him to recoil or any thing like that. Some thing in his subconsciousness didn't want to stop Sasuke either.

"You so wanted this" Kyuubi chortled behind his jail bars, knowing that Naruto could hear the demon's every word.

Sasuke balanced on one hand and slid the other under the fabric of Naruto's black t-shirt to rest it against his stomach. He could feel the fluttering muscles below his palm and he smirked into the unbroken kiss, taking small pleasure that he was making Naruto nervous.

Naruto almost gasped at the sudden contact on his stomach. Sasuke's hand was extremely warm and made his skin tingle in a very pleasant way, not to mention aggravating the butterflies already there. Those long callused fingers shifted, curving along his stomach in an arc to curl around the side of his waist. The sensation caused Naruto to groan and the Uchiha immediately took advantage of this new event.

Kyuubi only sniggered harder at the development, ignoring Naruto's mental demand to shut up.

Naruto pointedly ignored every thing in his mind, from the demon to the extreme minority of thought saying this was wrong. It would be a long time later when Naruto would wonder whether it was wrong to kiss a guy or it was wrong that he had let Sasuke be dominating.

At the moment though, he was glorying in the sensation of Sasuke's velvety tongue experimentally exploring the entirety of his mouth. Naruto especially liked the brunette's taste and savoured this new found favourite flavour of his. The blonde buried his hands in the raven locks and returned the pressure against his lips.

When Sasuke felt the smaller boy's response to his administrations, the half of his brain that wasn't occupied with Naruto's mouth amusedly made a comment. 'Just like him, always making it into a battle.' But the Uchiha didn't mind at all, it was one of the reasons he was attracted to the blonde.

A burning feeling in his lungs that had nothing to do with how he was reacting to the touch of Naruto, reminded Sasuke they were human and needed oxygen to stay alive. He reluctantly pulled away from his friend, both of them panting after the kiss was released.

Once Naruto managed to breathe a little more normally, he smiled lazily at the brunette still on top of him. "I think I like the possessive Uchiha."

"You do, do you." Those obsidian eyes flickered to Naruto's lips before staring back into the azure irises. He smirked and a tiny hint of concern twitched one of the blonde's eyebrows. "Well, I do too."

Naruto was able to chuckle in pure delight for a few seconds before Sasuke leaned forward and captured his mouth in another kiss.

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