It was tuesday at Good Burger and we find Mr. Bailey looking for Ed. He finds him in the milkshake machine...again.

"Hey Ed, can you step out of the milkshake machine for a sec and deliver these orders?" Asked Mr. Bailey

"But I dont do deliveries" Said Ed, still wading in the strawberry jacuzzi

"The guy who did them just won the lottery and quit, now can you do it or not?'

Ed cheerily accepted his new excursion. He donned his trademark skates and set off to make his delivery. It has been about 6 months since Mondo Burger's owner kurt Boswell was arrested for using illegal steroids to enlarge his burgers to an almost comedic size. Things have been calm since then and Good Burger has been prospering thanks to Ed's sauce, which eventually got Ed promoted to assistant manager. Ah, life is good. Ed thought as he roller Bladed quickly down the streets singing a familiar tune.

♫I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude...♫

Before Ed could even finish, he was halted by 2 men. One was very tall and intimidating looking and reminded Ed of the large mental patient he freed. The other was shorter, had long blonde hair and carried a briefcase. They both wore dark suits and black shoes. One had reading glasses on despite the fact that he looked younger than the other man.

"Mr. Ed?"

"I'm Ed"

"My name is Craig and are with Jaile Advetising. We were wondering if you'd like to use our agency to advertise Good Burger."

"Thanks but I already have a newspaper subscription!" Beamed Ed

The other man spoke up "No, were not selling papers, we want to know if Good Burger wants to use our service to advertise and get more customers"

(Ed is talking to a caterpillar and did not hear any of what the tall man said)

"Ed!" yelled the short man

"Fly away into a butterfly little caterpillar!"

"Look Ed" said Craig "Why dont you take some pamphlets and let us know if you want to do business with us"

Barely getting over his fixation over the caterpillar, he acknowledges the men.

"Sure dude, I love cheese"

The short man opens the briefcase in Ed's face. Green gas eminates from it and the next thing he knows, Ed is on the ground. He can faintly hear a voice, but it didnt belong to either of the people he had been talking to.

"Good work men"

"It was no problem Kurt"

A/N: Chapter 2 will be posted if/when I feel like it