Chapter II

Old Ties, New Pants

The scene reveals a busy Good Burger which is even more hectic as one of their employees is missing..

"Where's Ed?" said Mr. Bailey.

"He still hasn't come back" said Monique as she stuffed a large fries and a good shake into a bag.

"It's been an hour and a half, that house was only 10 minutes away at most" replied Mr. Bailey.

"Maybe he got sidetracked by one of those wacky, waving, inflatable arm flailing tube men?" commented Heather.

"I don't think so, he went out of business after Ed's repeated protests for tube men rights" said Otis as he reached for his oxygen tank.

"Someone should to go look for him, any volunteers?" asked Mr. Bailey.

Everyone was dying to get away from the hot burger place so everyone jumped at the chance.

"Well were really busy so I'll send Heather and Monique."

"We'll be right back as soon as we can sir" said Monique trying to hide her eagerness to escape Good Burger

"Yeah, we'll find Ed faster than a snail...with rocket boots on!" Yelled Heather.

"Check his house first, if he's not there try the toy store or another of his usual haunts."

"Got it Mr. Bailey" said Monique.

As the girls exited, they had no idea that their search for the one they call "Ed" would change them in a profound way.

Change scene!

We see a rural suburban home, on the outside a Tulip garden and a mailbox that reads "The Bozwells". 0n the inside of the house, we find our favorite fast food jockey wrapped in electrical tape. Kurt looms over Ed and pours a pitcher of lemonade on him.

Ed sputters and comes to. He has to blink to adjust to the flourescent lighting

"Dude where's my caterpillar?" demanded Ed

Kurt says to Ed "Hello Ed, remember me?"

Ed squeals as he looks at Kurt's face then relaxes

"No" Ed said in his usual matter of fact tone

Kurt recoils in rage, remembering how Ed destroyed his business, his dreams, and his sanity. "Such unforgivable acts" thought Kurt, "AND HE DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHO I AM?!?!?1"

"Kurt, here" says a fat man, handing Kurt some pills

pops pills

"No Ed." It's Kurt from Mondo Burger, the man you sent to jail and even worse made do communty service!"

"Did you play a clown at parties? I once went to this party where this clow-

"ED!" screamed Kurt

"All that time, only one thing kept me going: knowing that I would get out someday and right some wrongs"

"But I dont even know my right from my left" replied Ed

"Oh but you know plenty...when it comes to making sauce and that knowledge is going to make me rich again!"

"But i thought that the court banned you from making Mondo Burgers?" Ed asked

"That they did Ed, but they didnt ban me from making...

At those words, Ed's eyes widened