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It was a beautiful morning in the feudal era. The group of 6 shard hunters where currently trying to find Naraku's new location. They had just come across a village when Kagome sensed a jewel shard.

"Kagome where is it?" Inuyasha asked.

"Straight ahead," she replied.

And, sure enough, they came across a giant demon with a jewel shard in his head. It stood proudly at 10 feet tall. It had purple colored skin, red eyes, long black hair, and two horns coming out of his head.

"That thing looks scary!" Shippo exclaimed.

"Keh, that's nothin. He's no match for me and my tetsusaiga." Inuyasha boasted.

"You think that you can beat me? A mere hanyou! HA!" the demon sneered.

"I'll show you!" Inuyasha yelled.

Inuyasha then charged at the demon. The met head on, sword on sword. The demon pushed Inuyasha back only to have a giant boomerang thrown directly at his head. He used his hand and deflected the attack.

Inuyasha then used his windscar on the demon. The demon tried to dodge but the attack hit his left shoulder and his arm disintegrated. The demon, blind with fury, started relentlessly attacking Inuyasha.

Kagome couldn't watch Inuyasha get hurt anymore so she decided to wait for an opening and shoot her arrow. It took awhile but finally an opening was shown to her. So Kagome aimed and fired.

While she fired Inuyasha Jumped to attack the demon and in the process almost got hit by Kagome's arrow.

"Oi wench! Watch it would ya?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Well sorryI was just trying to help!" she retorted.

"Well I didn't need your help!"

"Fine then if you don't want my help don't bother in asking for help EVER again!"

With that said Kagome turned on her heel and headed back into the forest. As she ran off she just so happened to get lost. And with no hope of finding her way back to Sango and the others she found a cave that looked relatively safe and went to set up camp.

About halfway there it started raining. 'Great. Now not only am I lost I'm also wet and cold.' She thought.

Kagome finally made it to the cave, and with great relief she sat down against the wall of the cave. She had been daydreaming when she heard an annoying yet familiar voice.

"Wench you will leave at once." The voice commanded

"I will not. I am wet and cold so I'm not goin' out in the rain where I can get wetter and colder." Kagome replied, still trying to remember where she heard that voice.

"Master Jaken who are you talking to?" yet another voice asked, but this one sounded like a young girl.

'Wait, Jaken? As in Lord Sesshomaru's retainer? But why would they be here? I mean Sesshomaru can survive in the rain and Jaken would do anything Sesshomaru told him to. Wait, what about that girl's voice who's that…RIN!'

"Hey are you listening to me?" the voice, now known as Jaken.

"Hi! Lady Kagome!" Rin greeted.

"You know this wench!?" Jaken yelled

"Jaken, you will refrain from using that word in Rin's presence." A cold and emotionless voice interjected.

"LORD SESSHOMARU!" Rin yelled while running to Lord Sesshomaru and latching on to his leg. He just nodded at her in acknowledgement.

"Jaken take Rin and get some food for her to eat." Sesshomaru commanded.

"Yes milord!"

Sesshomaru turned and looked toward Kagome.

"Girl" he started.

"The name is Kagome" she interrupted.

"Why are you here?"

"Well I got into a fight with Inuyasha and stormed off into the forest and got lost. Then it started to rain and I found the cave and decided to stay here for the night and search for Inuyasha in the morning,"

"Very well then, you can stay with us until you are reunited with your pack"

"Thank you…Wait! You're saying I have to stay with you until I find Inuyasha?'

"You heard what I said human and I never said you had to stay. If you do not wish to stay with me and my pack then suit yourself. That will be one more thing I don't have to worry about."

"I never said I didn't want too! And if you didn't want me too then why did you suggest it?"

"My honor," and with that said Sesshomaru turned and went back to his 'pack'.

"Wait!…What?…Your honor?…Sesshomaru?…What do you mean?" Kagome sighed realizing that he wouldn't answer her.

With Inuyasha
Inuyasha was walking aimlessly through the woods when he remembered what happened that morning…


"Inuyasha! How could you say that to Kagome?!" yelled a very angry Sango.

"Yes Inuyasha that was harsh. She was just trying to help," Stated Miroku.

"Yeah you baka!" agreed Shippo.

"I don't need you guys to tell me what to do," Inuyasha snapped.

They started walking in the direction Kagome went after the cleaned up the mess from the fight from earlier. They walked for about an hour before it started to rain and they set up camp.

-end of flashback-

Now Inuyasha was walking away from the other hoping to think when he smelt it, his only true love's scent, Kikyou. He started to run to where the scent was coming from.

In a few minutes he found her and immediately he embraced her.

"Inuyasha?" said a very surprised Kikyou.

"Kikyou, I missed you."
"And I you Inuyasha."

"Why did you hide for so long?"

"Because my reincarnation was getting upset that I was there."

"So why do you care? I missed you so much. And besides you should know that I don't like her in that way. She is only good for finding jewel shards."

"I know but still."

"You should come with me and search for the jewel shards!"

"I don't know Inuyasha."

"Come on Kikyou. Please? For me?"

"Alright I'll go."


With that they kissed. (A/N-EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! --)

With Kagome...the next morning
"Lady Kagome do you want to pick flowers with Rin?"

"If it's okay with Sesshomaru. Oh and Rin just call me Kagome."

"Is it okay Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked.

Sesshomaru nodded his head. Rin then dragged Kagome along to pick flowers in the field up ahead.

With Inuyasha
"Guys! Wake up! Let's go!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Settle down Inuyasha. We have plenty of time," Miroku said.

"WHY IS SHE HERE!!" yelled Sango

"Kikyou is going to help us find the jewel shards since the bitch can't stay here and do what she's supposed to."

"Why you little…" Sango started only to be held back by Miroku.

The rest of the day the group walked in silence, neither knew where their Kagome was, but determined to find out.

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