Mind Over Matter

By: Npkedit
Beta: Minisinoo
Rating: A slight bit of profanity, but not much else.
Fandom: House MD/X-Men
Word Count: 18,335
Pairings: None
Warnings: Story contains spoilers up to "No Reason" in House and for the first two X-Men films, especially X-Men 2.
Summary: The mutant telepathic attack on the world's population in X-Men: United has some unusual repercussions at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Author Notes: I took prompt 94 (AU: Chase wakes up with magical powers. And no, he can't suddenly heal- that would be cheating). The subject of the prompt was magic, but in order to give the piece as much of a sense of realism as I could in this sort of medium (coupled with the fact that I've been an X-Men fan since I was a child), I couldn't resist altering it a bit. So apologies if it's not exactly what you wanted.

Yes, this is a crossover. I've tried to make sure that even those with no knowledge of the X-Men can make heads and tails out of it. If I failed, mea culpa. Truth be told the ratio of X-Men to House tilts decidedly in the latter's favor.

A few caveats: As this was written between the second and third seasons of House and I had no clue what TPTB would do with House post-shooting, this fic presumes that "No Reason" didn't happen. And because the word "loathe" would not be too strong to sum up my reaction to what TPTB did to the X-men in that travesty of a third film, X-3 never happened either.

Finally, thanks and much licorice (Danish!) to my brilliant editor, Minisinoo (who finally got to return the favor); to Mara, for the X-advice; to my brother for the proof; and to Rychki for making sure I didn't screw up all things Aussie.

Disclaimer: Alas, none of the characters are mine. I'm just temporarily playing in PPTH's and the X-Men's playground. All medical errrors (and hopefully there are none) are my own.

Feedback, as always, is relished.