Note: Though a full epilogue for this story is unlikely as I am, in fact, plotting a sequel (which may take a very long while), the following was written as a small one for a Live Journal Time Stamp Meme challenge, which requested a small summary of what Chase was up to a week after the end of Mind Over Matter. Enjoy!

MOM: Seven Days Later

One week after his return to Princeton-Plainsboro, Robert Chase was feeling a tad more comfortable with the idea of his mutancy, but far less sanguine about his ability to hide his genetic status. Charles Xavier had been right—it had turned out to be a lot easier than he thought to adapt to his "gift.'

When he and Foreman had been ordered to break into their latest patient's home, Chase had to keep himself from mentally opening the door as Foreman took forever to jimmy the lock. And Cameron had shot him a weird look when he'd neatly navigated some very busy corridors without so much as bumping into anyone or anything—despite the fact his attention had been wholly centered on the file he was reading at the time and not on where he was going. He was discovering pretty fast that it was hard to turn off instinct—and he couldn't exactly tell another physician that his diagnosis was wrong because Chase knew the patient didn't have a torn muscle without benefit of a scan.

In short, Chase was feeling a great deal of empathy for Clark Kent. But whereas Superman might have been welcomed with open arms at the DailyWhatever (minus that awful costume), Chase was positive his reception at the hospital would be less generous, no matter how much his mutation improved his ability to diagnose problems. As he walked into the diagnostics lounge for a morning cup of caffeine, Chase made a mental note to consult on the matter with Hank McCoy, who he'd be seeing three weeks later. Chase had committed to spending a weekend each month at the Xavier School for the foreseeable future in order to get a better handle on his mutation. And though Hank couldn't exactly disguise his own mutation, he'd known people who'd flown under the radar.

At least, Chase thought as he set about brewing a fresh pot of coffee, House had been rather mellow the previous week—no doubt the diagnostics chief was smug over his diagnosis of the origin of Chase's newfound powers and their patient's septicemia. Or it was because House was afraid Cuddy would find out that Chase had been doing House's punishment hours in the clinic. Either way, Chase figured he might as well enjoy the vacation before he was back worshipping in Our Lady of Perpetual Doghouse. Even Superman, he thought, might have met his match in House. That image, for whatever reason, amused Chase immensely.