I ran into my house with fat, wet tears steadily falling down my cheeks and slammed the door behind me. I looked up to see my parents sitting on the couch. Or at least I thought it was them. I really wasn't seeing straight with all that just happened. As soon as the door slammed I knew this was going to be a scene. My parents looked up to see me standing pathetically at the door with tears running down my face.

"Sadie! Are you okay?" my mom was the first to jump up. Dad of course followed not far behind her.

"I'm fine." I said, wiping away my tears.

"Sweetie tell me what's wrong! I want to help you." She said, tucking a curl behind my ear.

"Mom stop! I said I'm fine!" I said, pulling away.

"But Sadie!" she began.

"No mom. I really. REALLY don't feel like talking about it right now. Especially with my parents." I said heading for the stairs. They started following me.

"Are you going to follow me everywhere until I tell you why I'm so upset?" I asked, getting angry.

"Yeah Sadie, we're your parents! We have a right to know why you come home in tears. Is it Ben? Because if it is I swear…." My dad started. I felt a rant coming on so I decided to stop him while I still could.

"No dad, he's perfect. He never does anything wrong, it's completely me, and Benjamin Harrison never does anything wrong." I said, heading back over towards the door, grabbing my coat in the process.

"I'm going to Margaret's." I said, heading out the door and slamming it just as hard, if not harder, as I did when I first came in.


When I got to Margaret's house I gingerly knocked on the door and tried to wipe the tears from my face so I didn't look so pathetic when someone answered the door. I was happy to see it was Margaret that answered.

"Sadie?" she said when she saw me. As soon as she said that I completely lost it and burst into tears.

"Sadie! Oh my god are you okay?" she rushed over to me and embraced me in a hug.

"I….. don't think…. So….." I said in between massive amounts of tears.

"Come in and tell me what happened." She said, leading me to her bedroom.


About an hour and forty thousand tissues later, I had told my best friend everything. My piano playing skills, my piano teacher, and everything that happened with Ben.

"So then he just said, "Explain? It's too late for that Sadie." and stormed off!" I said, feeling my eyes starting to well up again. Margaret handed me yet another tissue.

"Sadie, sweetie." She said in a soothing voice. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well…" I wasn't exactly sure how to answer. What was I supposed to say? I didn't trust her not to rag on me about playing the piano? I didn't want her to hear me play?

"You thought I was going to start laughing at you playing the piano." She said, as if she was completely sure of herself. I let out a huge sigh.

"Well, yeah." I answered.

"Sadie. I would never do anything like that, and you should know that." She smiled.

"I know, it's just… I don't know. I was afraid."

"I completely understand Sade." She replied.

"So you're not mad?" I asked.

"What! Of course not!" she exclaimed.

"Good." I laughed.

"Sooooooo!!!" she giggled.

"So…. What?" I asked.

"What does jjaaaacckkkkkk look like???" she laughed girlishly.

"Margaret." I smiled.

"Is he my type??" she said. I laughed, thankful that my best friend would always be on my side.

"Of course Margaret." I said. "He's totally your type."

a/n: it was short, and I don't know if I liked it. Tell me your thoughts on this one.