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---The rotten pumpkin---

The blond quivered uncontrollably then slumped forward. He passed out. Hikaru grinned then let out a whoop, grabbing Kaoru hand and dragging him outside before people noticed the blond and started asking questions. The cool wind felt extremely pleasant on their hot skin. Unlike the stuffy room, there were hardly any people. The two looked at each other and grinned, bursting into another fit of laughter. Kaoru had to admit, that was well worth the threat that the prank may catch up with him in the long run. Hikaru slung his arm around Kaoru shoulder, very much enjoying himself.

"That was the best scare I've ever committed! Wonderful! What a wuss!" he cried in pure bliss.

Kaoru just felt himself calm. Outside the hyper prince, everything was quite tranquil. He found that he himself was finding enjoyment. Maybe this party wasn't such a bad idea after all. Hikaru slumped and rested his chin on Kaoru's shoulder.

"You are quite possibly the coolest friend I've ever made," he sighed, smiling into the darkness of the night.

The stars were shining dimly. Pleasantly.

"Well I guess it's an honor considering you probably have a lot of friends," Kaoru remarked, gently brushing his bangs away from his face.

He didn't even notice Hikaru's face slowly change from that of a happy soul to that of an abandoned child.

"No. Actually, I haven't any friends at all. You're my first one," he almost whispered, as if embarrassed.

Kaoru tilted his head to look at him. Frankly, he knew the feeling. Being locked up in the house day to day, working, pleasing others. Friends were house mice and the occasional bird.

"Well, if it accounts for anything, you're my first friend too, Hikaru," he stated.

The prince held a serious expression.

"You... said my name. My name. Without suffixes... just... my name," he stated quite bluntly.

Kaoru thought for a moment then nodded.

"Yes, I did," he stated back.

"No one calls me by my first name. They say it's inappropriate for a young prince to be address so familiarly."

Kaoru smiled.

"Well we're friends now; we are allowed to call each other by our first names."

Hikaru slowly leaned forward, already having Kaoru in his grasp. Kaoru just blushed slightly.

"But I don't even know your name..." the prince murmured softly.

"It's Kaoru..." the slightly shorter boy whispered before closing the gap between them.

A kiss woven with sweetest. Gentle and soft. Hikaru moved his arms to wrap securely around Kaoru back as the younger boy gently placed his hands on the prince's chest. So comfortable. So loving... Kaoru felt tears spring to his eyes. Someone... SOMEONE actually found him necessary. Someone... finally, someone cared for him, even if it was only slightly. At that point, nothing else really mattered. Who cared is Mori-san found out about him sneaking out? Who cared if he was forced to live, chained to the cellar? Who cared if the prince ended up never speaking to him again? This night was so perfect, all the troubles that once pestered the teen seemed to melt away. Tonight was his perfect night. Even if everything went back to the way it was before, he had SOMETHING to hold onto. Something to cherish. Parting for air, the two looked at each other. One with adoration. One with happiness. Hikaru smiled.

"You're so beautiful," he stated with a gleeful tone, "And awesome. This night... wow, I feel like I'm in a dream."

"Ditto," Kaoru muttered with lack of anything to say.

"Look, mommy! Those two girls were KISSING!"

The two turned dull eyes to a little girl who was hopping up and down impatiently, beckoning for her mother. The two plum forgot they were both wearing dresses. Hikaru sighed.

"That's my cousin, ignore her," he said, grabbing Kaoru's chin in hope for another kiss.

The smaller boy almost gave in before he heard the tolling of the watch tower. Quickly tearing his gaze away form the prince, Kaoru stared in horror at the clock. Midnight.

"Shit!" he yelled, pulling himself rapidly away from Hikaru's grip to make a mad dash towards the parking lot, "Shit! I'm so screwed!"

"Hey wait a second, you're leaving!? Why!?" the prince yelled angrily, running straight after Kaoru.

The bell kept tolling.

"Go away! I shouldn't have come! This was a huge mistake!!" Kaoru hollered, picking up his pace so that he was soon far ahead of Hikaru.

Reality, as it would seem, was coming back to hit him all too quick. He tripped and stumbled out of one of his shoes, mentally cursing himself as it slowed him down.

"Dammit!" he seethed, kicking the shoe off.

He didn't have much time to get further away, however, as Hikaru tackled him to the ground. Oddly enough, his dress was missing.

'It must have got in the way of him running... maybe that's why he slowed down' Kaoru pondered, trying to pushed the half naked prince off of him.

"GET OFF OF ME!!" he yelled, beginning to punch Hikaru just so that the boy would release him.

Hikaru did not such thing. In fact, he grabbed Kaoru hands and pinned them to the ground, staring down at him in fury.

"Not until you give me an explanation!" he whispered dangerously, "We had fun, right?! What is it!? I'm not your type or something? Is that it?!"

"No! That's not it at all! Please get off of me! I have to get home," Kaoru begged, now beginning to weep slightly.

He didn't want the prince to see him... as his true self. A poor ugly peasant with no family. It was just too much to bear.

"Then what is it?" Hikaru demanded, eyes shining with curiosity and flaring with hope.

Hope that Kaoru would stay with him. Be his friend. Be his companion. Keep him as happy as he had been tonight. The prince gasped as Kaoru started glowing a faint pink.

"You've been warned, Kaoru-kun. Your time is up..."

Kaoru cringed at the voice, Haruhi's sweet yet saddened voice, and gave a final desperate attempt to flee. Hikaru would not have it.

"You will now be returned to the state in which you were found..."

Kaoru viciously shoved the prince off of him as his clothes frayed back into his dirty boyish materials and as his hair lost its sheen. He picked himself up, tears streaming silently down his sooty face at a slightly stunned Hikaru. He felt himself grow weak, tired... his stomach rumbled. Too bad he didn't think of eating at the party...

"See!? Do you see it now?! I'm not of noble blood or even of common blood! I am no princess or wealthy person! Hell, I'm not even a girl!" he screamed, feeling himself become even more depressed as the minutes pressed by, "I'm just a poor, ugly boy! I don't get the luxury of food everyday so I am as thin as paper! I don't have a dollar to my name, and I have no clue as to why I am worked like a horse everyday!"

Kaoru felt tear after tear roll down his cheek until they became so frequent that they blurred his vision.

"I'm sorry I'm not your perfect Princess who would gladly throw herself at your feet! I'm sorry I took the time you could have been searching for that girl away from you! I'm sorr--"

Kaoru didn't even have time to finish him sentence before he felt warm lips against his and strong arms pulling him close into a cocoon of comfort. Feeling it become all too overwhelming, Kaoru wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck. He sobbed and tried to kiss back in the best possible way he could, earning a laugh from Hikaru who just held on more tightly. Lips met briefly, parted, then met again in an almost desperate need to be together. Becoming a little more deeper, a little longer... a little more passionate. The two didn't realize they were on the ground until Hikaru was laughing insanely, stating that his boxers were getting wet compliments to the dew which now adorned the grass. Kaoru just smiled and buried his face into Hikaru's chest, allowing himself to cry a little more openly. The prince just smiled softly and rubbed small comforting circle across the younger boy's back.

"Excuse the irony but you are my perfect princess, Kaoru. I couldn't ask for a better girl—boy to spend my time with," he said, smiling humorously, "You think that just because you're a boy, I'm gunna fall out of love with you?"

Kaoru hesitantly raised his head and sniffed, rubbing his eyes.


Hikaru tilted Kaoru chin up and gave him another soft kiss.

"I guess you could say it was love at first sight. Excuse the cliché," he laughed.

Kaoru shook his head.

"Not on your life, Mr. I'm-using-sappy-love-lines."

"I really do love you though."


"...neeee, what does that mean? You don't believe in love at first sight?!"

"I'll let you know soon enough."

"Oh c'mon Kaoru! You know I'm sexy, just admit you love me!"

"You're not sexy."

"No, but you were kissing me."

"Well I like you."

"Ah ha! You love me!"

"I said I liked you..."

"I know but I can hint on the deeper meaning to that."



Mori silently shifted through his stuff as he finished typing a thesis statement for his work. Why did he have so much stuff? Huh? What's this? The tall quiet man slowly pulled out some forms. Glancing over them, he gently tossed them to the side and continued rummaging through his desk. Blank paper. A pen. Gum wrappers. A picture of his sons...

Mori turned his attention back to the papers.

For some reason, they seemed to be nagging at him. It was odd, more than likely because they were shoved into his desk, they weren't important... then why was he so drawn towards them? Sighing, he picked them up and began to read them.

Birth Certificates.

One for Hunny. One for Tamaki. One for Kaoru.

Scratching his head, Mori allowed his vision to linger on Kaoru's. His full name read out Kaoru Hitachiin. Where had he heard that name before? Hitachiin... Hitachiin...

Pulling the internet up onto his computer, Mori quickly typed 'Hitachiin' in the Google search bar. Immediately, news articles and attractions of the infamous Hitachiin fashion label popped up. Curiously clicking on one links that caught his interest, Mori read. It was a profile of the female designer. Where she was born, how old she was. Her inspiration... that sort of thing. Mori was about to close out when something at the bottom of the page caught his eye.

It said she had two sons.

One was the famous Prince Charming. The other one was said to have gone missing sixteen years ago. Stunned, Mori immediately held up Kaoru birth certificate. Kaoru Hitachiin. Hikaru Hitachiin.

On the lines of birth mother read the name of the infamous fashion designer.

Kaoru was Prince Charming's brother.


Mori looked at an updating picture of the prince then slid back in slightly horror upon seeing Kaoru face staring back at him.

Kaoru was Prince Charming's TWIN brother.

"Ne, Mori-san?"

Mori turn towards the voice to see Kaoru standing bashfully in the doorway, gently twirling his fingers together. He quickly exited the website and turned, sweating slightly in paranoia.

"Aa, Kaoru-kun."

"Ahh, Mori-san," Kaoru started again, this time looking down at the floor, "I kind of had a favor to ask of you..."

"What?" the dark haired man demanded.

Kaoru blinked then nodded and opened the door wider to reveal Hikaru who was grinning away with mirth.

"I... ahem, kind of found him outside. Can he stay with us?" Kaoru asked timidly as Hikaru waltzed right up to Mori and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

"Yeah, Dad, can I stay over?" he quirked.

Mori didn't even get the chance to give his answer. Within a second he was flat on the floor. Gone.


"What?! ...ou, hey, Kaoru, would you believe me if I said I saw his spirit leave his body? Literally!"