Chapter 122 Endings And New Beginnings

"I can't believe this is happening! Not just one, but something took all three of them!" Dean said as he paced back and forth in the kitchen. Sam and John were sitting at the table, just staring blankly at it while Jada was sitting in the living room. Akina went to pick up Kaley just to make sure she was safe and Bobby went as well to make sure they both were safe. Dean stopped and looked over at his father and brother. "So where do we start?" John looked up at him and shook his head.

"I don't even know where to begin. I mean we know that it was a demon based on the sulfer, but other than that we have nothing to go on."

"Not what I wanted to hear dad." Dean said sadly as he joined them at the table.

"Dean, you know how many demons are out there. Any number of them could have done this. We just need to stay calm and do some research. We can go from there once we find something out."

"How the hell can you expect me to be calm about this!? Some demon has my girls and his son and god knows what it has planned for them! So don't sit there and tell me to be calm!" Dean yelled loud enough to make Sam and John jump. Sam hasn't said a word this whole time. Dean just figured he, along with Jada, were in shock. Akina just went into mother mode and her thoughts went to Kaley, but Dean knew that she was torn up inside just as much as he was.

"It's not going to do them any good if we sit here and scream at each other." John and Dean both glanced over at Sam. He still had his eyes glued to the table, but at least he said something. "Dad." He finally looked up at him and it broke John's heard to see the fear and pain in his son's eyes. "Where do we start?"

"Here!" The three turned to see a out of breath Riley holding a book. "I stopped at Missouris on the way over here and she said that there might be something in here that could help us find them." He handed the book to John and sat down next to Dean. "She told me that only a few demons go for young children and that we should be able to find out which one somewhere in that book. She said it was the only thing she could do to help at the moment, but she's trying other things to locate them." Dean nodded and started reading the book. John found a few old books at Bobbys that might help so him and Riley started going through them. Sam just went in and sat next to his wife and held her.

"What are we going to do Sam? What if something happens to them and we're not there to stop it?" He glanced over at Jada and shook his head.

"Dean, dad, and Riley are looking into it now. All we have to do is wait and pray that nothing bad happens to them." She nodded and looked at the floor. "Why don't you try to get some sleep. I'll wake you if we find something."

"My son is missing along with the twins. Highly doubt I can sleep right now." That statement was followed by a yawn that made Sam smile. "Maybe just a little nap. You know, so I can be strong enough to kill the thing that did this." Sam nodded and led her to the spare room. He sat on the bed next to her till she fell asleep and then joined the others back in the kitchen.

With the kids...somewhere

"You ok?" Alina looked over at Jensen and nodded. Sure the two were scared as hell and neither could keep from crying, but that didn't mean that they weren't concerned about each other.

"The bad man took Ailsa." Alina said as she choked back more tears. "Why didn't mommy and daddy come yet?"

"Because they don't care about you." The two frightened five year olds looked over at the door and saw the same man that brought them here was now standing in the same room with them. Jensen wrapped his small arms around his cousin and held her close to him. "That's so cute. Thinking you can protect her. Shame you couldn't do the same thing for her sister." The demon laughed and walked closer.

"Where is she?" Alina all but whispered without looking at him. The demon laughed and knelt infront of the two children.

"She's dead. Can't you feel it? You're her twin so you should have felt something when I slit her tiny throat." He said with a smile. That smile grew when he saw the look on both their faces. "No need to be scared kids. I'm not going to do that to you just yet. She was just a pain in the ass and I had to end her. She was giving me a major head ache."

"You killed her?" Jensen whispered.

"Of course I did. I did her parents a favor. Now they don't have to put up with a whiney little bitch like that ever again. Of course, they do still have you." He said as he grabbed Alina's face and forced her to look at him. "Don't worry about that though. That's going to change in a little bit."


"You know, for a five year old, you ask a lot of questions." He said looking over at Jensen. "This is revenge for what they did to my father. They killed him so I kill all of you. Seems fair in my book." And with that he walked back over to the door. "Don't think they're going to come for you cause they're not. Why do you think they let me take you in the first place?" He turned and looked at the two scared kids in the corner. "Your parents could have gotten into that room, but they didn't. They wanted me to take you. No member of your family gives a damn about you three. Oh! I'm sorry. I mean you two or else they would have stopped me. Just sit back and relax. The funs going to start soon." And he left, leaving the two alone in the dark.

Back with the others

Akina, Kaley, and Bobby strolled into the house a few minutes after Jada fell asleep. Akina didn't tell Kaley anything yet. She wanted to wait till they got him and both Dean and her could tell her. Bobby went into the kitchen and the girls stayed in the living room.

"Mom, what is it?" Akina glanced over at her oldest daughter and shook her head. "I know somethings wrong from the way you're acting. Not to mention the fact that Bobby came with you to pick me up. I wanna know what's up." She placed her hand on her hip and looked at her mother. Akina took a deep breath and told her.

"Something took the girls and Jensen. We don't know what it was, but we do know that it's a demon." Kaley looked into her mothers eyes and then glanced over at her father who was standing in the doorway. "We don't even know where they are or where to start looking." Dean walked over and joined the conversation.

"Riley got a book from Missouri that might help us out, but we still might need your help with this one." Kaley just nodded. Her sisters and cousin were gone and here she was having fun at a friends house when she should have been keeping an eye on them. Akina looked over at her and shook her head.

"You didn't know so don't blame yourself for this." Dean glanced over at her at the same time Kaley did. "I know that you said that you would look after them, but you didn't know this was going to happen and you can't be home 24/7."

"I know, but.."

"No buts. Now come on. You can help us research." The two girls walked into the kitchen while a confused Dean just stood there.

"I think I just missed something." He said to himself before following the two. After three hours of reading, Kaley finally fell asleep, along with Sam. Poor boy needed it. Jada was still out like a light and Dean felt like he was going to explode. "So far we've found nothing!" Akina looked over at him and he looked at the table. John and Riley went to get something to eat cause they were all starving. "How can we have all these books and have nothing that helps?"

"We'll find them Dean and we'll kill whatever took them." He looked up at her and shook his head.

"Now would be a great time for one of your stupid jokes." She smiled and he smiled back.

"Sorry. Just haven't beem in the joking mood lately." She said before continueing reading. Another ten minutes later, Dean's phone rang.


"I got something that might help." Dean looked over at Akina as Missouri spoke. "I asked someone I knew for help and he said that he could locate where the kids are. He's also able to tell me which demon took them. It was the yellow eyes demon's son."

"WHAT!?" Akina glanced up at him and he just shook his head. "I thought that we..."

"So did everyone else, but it looks like he had more than one. This one is nastier than the other ones and..." She paused, not knowing how to tell Dean what her friend found out. "Dean. This is bad. I mean really bad."

"How bad?" He asked just as John and Riley walked in. Dean glanced at them and put the phone on speaker so they could all hear. "I have you on speaker. Just tell us." He placed the phone in the middle of the table and waited for her to start. Kaley also woke up, as did Sam and Jada. It was almost as if they all sensed they needed to hear this for themselves. "We're all here."

"Alright. This demon is ancient. Older than any known demon still alive and even more powerful and brutal. It goes after small children that have power in order to twist their minds to do his dirty work. He does whatever is needed to get them to join him and once they do, there's no going back." Dean, Akina, Jada, and Sam all looked over at John as if he had answers.

"So you're saying that he wants the kids to join him?"

"Not all of them. Only the one with the most power. Now I know how strong Jensen is, but I do not know the power level of the twins. I'm not sure which one he wanted to control. I do know that which ever ones he doesn't want and it's hard for me to tell you this, but..."

"He'll kill them." Akina whispered to no one.

"Yes." Came Missouris answer. "And I'm not going to sugarcoat this, it's going to be slow and brutal so we need to find them fast."

"Do you know where he is?" Bobby asked as he handed Jada some tissues.

"I can find out, but it's going to take a little bit of time. You all need to gear up for a hell of a fight. Once he has a child that he wants, he won't give them up."

"Alright. Just call us when you have a location."

"I will, but right now I need you to do something for me. I need you to bring Kaley here." All eyes on her.


"Honestly, I think she might be your strongest weapon against him. Just bring her here and I'll see." And Missouri hung up. Dean hung up his phone and looked over at his daughter. Poor thing looked scared as all hell.

"You wanna do this?" Dean voice was soft and she slowly nodded. "Alright. Akina and I will take you over. Can the rest of you get everything we even might need together?"

"Sure." John said as the three headed to the door. The others were busy gathering weapons, books, herbs, and anything else they might need. Hell, they even grabbed some stuff they might not need. The ride to Missouris was fast and quite. None of them spoke till Dean turned off the car and looked at the house.

"You sure you're alright?" He asked turned around and looked at Kaley.

"If I can do something to help, then I'll do it." She said. Her voice was strong, determined as she got out and waited for her parents. Dean took one look at Akina before the two joined her. Together they walked to the porch and the door opened before the made it there.

"We need to hurry." Missouri said as she hurried the three into the house. They were in the living room and soon another man joined them. The three looked over at him and then at Missouri. "This is Thomas. He's the one that's been helping me with finding them." Thomas looked at the three and smiled.

"You have some powerful children. Great things await them."

"Yeah well. All I want is my powerful children and nephew back." Akina spat at him as she sat next to Dean. Thomas looked at the floor.

"I didn't mean to sound so chipper there. I'm sorry." He looked back up at her and she gave him a small smile. "Now." He walked over to Kaley, but Dean blocked his path. "I'm not going to hurt her. I just need to gauge her power." Dean never took his eyes off him. "I sware I'm not going to do anything."

"Alright, but if you touch her, I'll kill you." Kaley smiled at how protective her father was and looked at Thomas.

"This won't hurt a bit." Akina and Missouri watched as Thomas placed a hand on Kaley's head and closed his eyes. All Dean wanted to do was kill him. He loved his baby girl. "Alright." He whispered as he continued. Kaley just kept looking at her parents. "Wow! You do have some power, don't you!?" He said with a smile as he opened his eyes. "You're the key to ending this."

"Ending what?" Dean asked standing up next to his daughter.

"This war. The war against good and evil. This girl is going to tip the scale in favor of good and finally end it once and for all." Dean and Akina looked over at her. Safe to say that Kaley was freaking out. "Don't take this in a bad way either. Nothing bad will ever happen to you. You have way to much protection around you that nothing evil will ever be able to touch you."

"So I can save them?" Kaley finally whispered. Thomas smiled and nodded. "Where are they?"

"Somewhere that you can't go. No human can unless he brings you and no way are we risking you doing that. You have to wait till I bring him here and then you can do what needs to be done." The three Winchesters eyed up Thomas. "No. I'm not human. I'm the same one that brough your brother back and took away his visions." Dean's mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. "It's all be fine. Just go and be ready. I'll do this as fast as I can." And he was gone. The three turned to Missouri.

"Thomas and I were old friends before he died. After that he became a messanger of god, an angel. I knew that he would be able to help so I gave him a call."

"Heaven has phones?" Akina asked with a smile. Missouri smiled back.

"Not exactly. I called him some other way. Now do what he said and get ready. I don't think it's going to take him long to bring him here." The three nodded and left. In the car, both Akina and Dean wanted to talk to Kaley to find out how she was feeling, but neither could put it into words.

"I'm fine. Almost happy that I can end this." Akina looked back at her and sure enough, the girl looked happy. "I can save them and end all this. That's just awesome!"

"Well, as long as nothing happens to any of you along the way, I have to agree with you." Dean said with a smile as they pulled up to the house. They walked in and saw what the others were doing while they were gone.

"Jeez! Thinking about invading Iraq to?" Akina asked as she looked over all the weapons that were layed out. "I never knew we had all these."

"From my personal stash." Bobby said as he finished loading the last of the guns. "So?"

"Seems that Kaley is going to be the one to end this and save them." Akina said with a smile. You can't say anything either, Kaleys was just as big. "And we met your angel friend to Sam." He looked over at them in shock. "You know, the one that brought you back when you were all dead and stuff."

"So he's helping out?" Dean nodded just as a ball of light engulfed the room. "What the hell is this!?" Dean grabbed Kaley and pulled her behind him and Akina as they waited for the light to fade. Standing in the middle were Jensen and Alina. Both lookin fine, scared, but fine and holding Thomasa hands. "Jensen!" Thomas let the kids go and they ran to their parents.

"You better be ready cause he's coming!" Thomas said as he stood next to Dean.

"WAIT! Where Ailsa!?" Akina yelled once she let go of Alina. Dean looked over at her and wondered the same thing.

"She wasn't there. I don't know what he did with her." Thomas explained with sadness in his voice.

"Oh she's here!" They all turned to the evil voice and saw the thing that started this. "Right where she belongs." Ailsa was standing next to the demon, just looking at the floor. "My! The power that this one has is more that I thought."

"Let her go!" Dean spat out. That just made him laugh.

"Why would I let such a powerful tool go?" He asked as he pushed the small girl infront of him. "Time to show me what you learned." Ailsa looked up and put her hands out, sending the other flying back into the wall. "See. She knows the truth about how you all really feel about her. I told her every bad though you ever had towards her and now she's going to make you all pay." Akina was the first one up and walked calmly over to her daughter. "I wouldn't get that close if I were you." Akina didn't even hear him. Her total focus was on Ailsa. "So be it. Show her what you do to people that hate and disbise you." The small girl put her hands on her mother and Akina started screaming in pain. "HA! This is better that I planned!"

"KINA!" Dean yelled as he ran for her. Ailsa just looked at him and he dropped to the floor with a grunt and stayed there. Akina was still screaming as her own flesh and blood started to tear her apart from the inside. "STOP!"

"Can't do that Dean. Your little girl was so hurt when she found out the truth that this is all her. You never should of favored Kaley and Alina over her." Kaley was just watching. To scared to do anything. That is until her mother went silent and fell to the floor. Ailsa looked over at the others and pinned them all to the wall. "So strong for such a young child." Dean looked over at his wife to see if she was still breathing, but he couldn't tell. "Now kill the rest of them." Ailsa nodded and walked over to Dean.

"Don't do this Ailsa. You don't have to listen to him. Listen to me." She just shook her head and placed her hands on his head. Dean began screaming just like Akina and that was enough for Kaley.

"STOP IT!!" She looked over at her baby sister and walked over to her. "I won't let you hurt them anymore." Ailsa let go of Dean and stood back infront of the demon. "I won't hurt you, but I can still help you." Thomas was also standing and watching. He was only allowed to do so much, but couldn't interfear with the fight. "You can fight him and I can help you."

The demon looked over at her and laughed.

"I know you have power as well. Shame I can't use you to, but you know how good and evil go. Guess I'll just have to take you out of the picture now." He raised his hand and she was thrown into the wall and fell to the floor, unconsious. The others couldn't do anything as they watched the scene unfold. No matter how much they fought against the hold on them, none of them could break it. All the weapons they gathered were useless. "This has been fun and it was so nice to see you again to Thomas, but we must be off. So much training, so little time before she kills all of you." The demon placed a hand on Ailsas shoulder and they were gone. The others fell from the wall and John and Bobby ran to Kaley. She was out cold, but alive. Sam helped Dean off the floor as Jada checked on Akina. Riley took Jensen and Alina into the kitchen so they wouldn't have to see what was going to. Jada rolled Akina over and saw the blood trickling from the long gash that spread across her chest, Sam helped Dean over to her and the two put as much pressure on the wound as Jada called for help. No one said a word. Thomas left soon after seeing as there was nothing he could do. He had to report all that happened to the big man upstairs anyways. They waited to help to arrive and were still silent. What could any of them say anyways? Some nasty demon was back and now one of their own family members was on his side. Things just got a bit more complicated.

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