Title: Opera Babies Episode 1: Nap Time?

Rating: G, goodness for the whole family!

Summary: The main characters from the movie are babies… hilarity ensues… need I say more?

A/N: This is just me having a little fun. First episode is short… just seeing what kind of ideas I can play with. Future episodes with include: Sugar, Bath Time, Talent Show, Hide N Go Seek and more :D



One dark evening the babies of the opera lay sleeping in their cribs as their nanny tucked them in for the evening. Once she assured they were all asleep, she dimmed the lights a little further and left the room… only the babies weren't really asleep.

"Is she gone?" Meg asked, rolling over to look at the door.

"Coast is clear!" Raoul replied as he stood up in his crib. The others watched him intently. Raoul attempted to lift his leg up to the top of the bar, but couldn't reach. His little stubby legs were just too short. He grunted furiously as he attempted to lift his leg higher and higher until he fell backward in his crib and smashed his head on the other side.

"Waaaaa.." He cried, but a hand was quickly cupped over his mouth. It was Erik.

"Quiet you stupid nuncumpoop!" Erik hissed as he bopped Raoul over the noggin.

"How did you get out of your crib?" Raoul asked as he hoisted himself up.

Erik revealed his noose/lasso and leapt from the crib and slid safely down the rope. He waddled over to Christine's crib and peered inside.

"Cwistine! Pstt! Cwistine!" Erik whispered and poked at Christine through the bars. She rolled over and looked at Erik, her thumb planted firmly in her mouth.

"Whathit you wont?" Christine asked, not bothering to take her thumb out.

Erik looked at her strangely .

"What is it you want?" Christine repeated taking her thumb out only long enough to answer.

"Come with me and be my love!" Erik professed to Christine.

"Why would I want to do that?" Christine asked, unimpressed and not amuzed.

"Because we shall share everything! From bottles, to blankets, and bids! Come with me and forget Raoul and his diaper rash!" Erik proclaimed.

Meg laughed hysterically and pointed at Raoul, who wobbled precariously atop his crib.

"So my bum is a little red! Big deal! Nana said that all little boys get it!" Raoul defended. His grip of the crib faltered and he tumbled to the floor with a sickening thud.

"Only little boys who pee themselves!" Erik laughed.

"I do not pee myself!" Raoul cried. His eyes watered and his nose leaked snot down to his mouth. He sat up for a moment then stopped suddenly and looked at everyone in turn. A little puddle formed around him and he started to cry.

Christine looked completely unimpressed by everyone and rolled back over in her crib.

"Boys" she mumbled.

A/N: Stay tuned for the next episode, (which I promise will be longer), when the babies make a strange discovery… Something to sugar and it's effects.

P.S. Raoul wears bunny pajamas!!!