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"Since we've reached the point of no return
We pray for starlight
We wait for the moon
The sky is empty
Alone in the unknown
We're getting nowhere"

-blind guardian; And then there was silence

Yet there in the back of his mind, in which the light was starting to enter, Hugh new the shattering truth; and he knew that it could possibly change him forever. He knew, right before the monk of the monastery of death had come, that he was falling in love with that fair, female, mage.

"No!" the Hand indicted himself. He would be heartless until the end. The first time he had died and Alfred had "saved" him. The same song bearing monk who now, even sang to him, told him before "You hated us, yet you served us"

Hugh responded, to his love that was in his heart with false lies. "I have simply made myself death's master, because I chose to give myself to death instead of the boy and his mother, Iridal.

I do not love the one named, Iridal, and I am not death's servant! I chose who lived and who died!"

The black-robed monk finally broke off from song. "Don't lie to yourself, Hugh the Hand. You will always be our servant." The monk suddenly jerked the hood covering his face off. Or should it be her face. The Hand had a hard time seeing in the velvet darkness, but from what he could tell, it was the face of a woman.

"You will always be death's servant," the monk repeated in a feminine voice that sounded all too familiar.

It was a sunny, autumn day, with the warmth of Solarus grazing the land. Unfortunately, none of the warmth would touch the Kir monks flesh, for they were the monks of death. Possibly the only warmth that could touch them on that frightening day would be the flames of the funeral pyres that would engulf the plague infested village.

Hugh, who was at the time about twelve cycles , as well as the other boys, was to go around and collect the payment. The payment was for burning the plague infested bodies and laying them to rest. Loaves of bread, fruits, and more importantly; precious water ; were the payment for the Kir monk's labor.

Hugh, being one of the older boys of the group of monks, was more alert for signs of life, and therefore heard the distant crash before most of the other boys. Of course, some of the newer, smaller boys just simply had an adrenaline high and ended hearing the sound as well.

"Hugh!" whispered a younger boy, "What was that?" The boy was much smaller than Hugh, probably being only about six or seven cycles old, but the older boy had already taken an interest in the kid. Hugh had found the boy on one of his last payment runs and brought the child into the monastery.

The kid's name was William Sungleam, but because of his youth and frailness, Hugh just called him Will. Will was a small boy. He had sandy blond hair that he was picked on for, and crystal blue eyes; or at least they used to be crystal blue. After a few months in the monastery Will's eyes had turned to slate blue; that were constantly strained with fear.

Hugh, himself, at twelve cycles, had ebony black hair with even darker eyes. His eyes and ears had become accustomed to the sounds and sights of death that usually wafted from the halls of monastery, and of the boy's payment collecting missions. Regrettably, for Will, his ears had not.

"It's nothing Will," Hugh responded in a cool, calm voice, "probably just some pour kid, like you were, who is about to join the Kir monastery". Hugh turned back forward and started heading off in the direction of the sound, with a sure and smooth gait.

Hugh wasn't sure if Will would follow. He knew that, Will would be scared witless if he followed, yet to stay behind meant having to face the other Kir children, without Hugh to protect him.

Hugh had found out that the other Kir children enjoyed picking on his small friend with the sandy blond hair. Apparently, the other boys were calling Will names such as "elf" and "Solarus-head" because blond hair color was usually only common among Elven children. Hugh, feeling bad for the "elf" had put a stop to that, even though the affect only worked when Hugh was actually around.

As it turned out Will, was indeed following Hugh, and judging from the heat that was warming his back, Will was very close behind him.

When the boys finally reached the decrepit building, Will was still cowering right in back of Hugh.

"You know," Hugh spoke to his rear, "you can stop doing that now."

"I'm sorry," Will cried, "but I can't help it."

Hugh sighed and opened the front door. Inside the boys saw a strange sight. A boy, from the looks of it, who was probably no younger than about ten cycles, was sitting by his mother's bedside staring at the broken glass of water on the ground. Now, this might have not been such a strange spectacle for the boys except for the boy. The body and face were too thin for a boy's, even a starving one's. "The face," thought Hugh,"could possibly even elven.

The boy turned his delicate face toward the company of the two boys. "My mother is dead isn't she?" Hugh was completely caught off guard by the stillness in the boy's voice.

"Yeah, I guess so," Hugh returned.

"Then I am to go with you; the Kir monks, I suppose," the boy calmly said. The boy rose from the ground. Hugh was once again caught off his guard. He had never met another human; if indeed this boy was one, beside himself and the other adult Kir monks who could ever say such words with no feeling.

The boy walked out of the front door and towards the Hugh and Will. The boy never glanced back like most children did when loosing a parent.

"Hello, my name is Phoenix. May I help you with this," the boy's chilling voice spoke to Will. Phoenix lifted the bundle of bread out of Will's arms and into his own.

"My name is Will"

"And I'm Hugh. So why are you so eager to join the monks of death?" Hugh questioned, while he folded his arms.

"You could say," Phoenix started, while balancing the bread in his arms, "it's my destiny!"

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