A/N: Hello! This is a really short piece I thought I'd write because I was bored and listening to random songs.

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Ratings: PG

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Very dark

Pairings: One-sided AayaXTori, ToriXKana

Additional Notes: Almost completely inspired by Melissa Etheridge's song, "I'm The Only One". Its lyrics appear at the top and bottom of the page

I'll Be Waiting

Go on and hold her till the screamin' is gone,

Go on believe her, when she tells you nothing's wrong…

I can't stand her. Well, maybe it's not her I can't stand. Maybe it's you, Tori. You and your stupidity. I can't help but laugh, albeit bitterly, when I see you with her. It makes me miserable too, but you'll never notice it—I can promise you that. Sometimes I just want to scream at you, shake you, hit you to make you understand. I can see it, Tori, where this is going. I know what will happen. It's so painfully obvious, can't you see? You shouldn't be with her. Every time she touches your hand, you, I hate her more. Sometime I even wish she would die, though I quench the thought quickly.

I know how it sounds. I do. And I know how you see it—you don't think I do, but it's true. You think she's so wonderful, so perfect. She isn't, Tori, but you don't care. You don't think anything can go wrong; after all, love always wins in the end, right? That's a lie, Tori. Love isn't worth shit. Yes, you really do love her with all your heart, and she probably thinks she loves you with all of hers. And sure, it will go on that way for a while. Maybe a week or two, a month, a year. But soon enough, Tori, she will find out. She'll learn. For a while, she'll be fine with it—she might even genuinely be all right with your transformation.

But she'll never be a match for god.

I've warned you, Tori, so many times, but every time you brush me away like dust off your sleeve. Now I'll just watch. Hell, I might even get some perverse pleasure from her pain, that hallow pleasure of being right. And I am right, Tori. Sometimes I wish I wasn't, but then I see her face and I smile in anticipation. You see, Tori, when she's gone, you'll be mine again. It's horrible, I know, to feel this way—but I can't help it. I know you'll be hurt in the process, and I wish that wouldn't happen, but there's really very little to be done for it. I'll wait, and I'll watch. I'll be there, when it's all over, to hold you while you cry, and I'm sure I'll feel guilty. But it won't change what will happen. I told you, you should never have loved her.

After all, you could have had me. Some part of me feels that you deserve to be punished for loving her, albeit it's a small part—the rest of me just wants you to be happy. And I do genuinely care for your happiness, Tori-san. Really, I do. But satisfaction is a tempting treat.

So go on, love her. Hold her if you will. Pretend it will be perfect forever. Pretend that nothing is wrong. And when you fall, I'll be there to pick you up and dust you off.

And I'll be waiting.

But I'm the only one…


A/N: Dark. I was listening to the song and wondering how Aaya really felt about Kana. After all, I was watching the anime and it just seemed like he was a little bitter and venomous towards her… Anyway, please, review!