Willow looked up at them with heartbroken eyes for what felt like an eternity.  Every second that passed deepen the feeling of dread that filled Angel and then she said it;  "Buffy died."

Before the words could echo in the painfully silent room Angel knew what he was going to do.  Buffy couldn't be dead, he wouldn't let her be dead.  Angel spun on his heel and raced out of the Hotel and into the night.

When he reached the place he didn't pause as he had before.  No uncertainty, no awkward jokes to psyche himself up.  If the portal had changed locations it would hurt, not that he'd notice it, not with the pain that already existed in his heart.  He didn't even slow as he reached the edge of the empty pool, his run simply flowed into a smooth dive.

When he rolled to his feet in the trial chamber Angel shook with relief.  It was still here, still open to him.

The being he'd dubbed Jeeves last time approached him and began his spiel then faltered.  "You… Why are you here again?"

"I'm sorry about how I behaved last time, but I still passed all of your tests," Angel said firmly.  "You still owe me a life, bring back Buffy."

Jeeves blinked in surprise and silence stretched out between them.

Angel began unbuttoning his shirt, kicking off his shoes as he did so.  "I'll take the tests again," he offered.  A quaver entered his voice.  "Or other trials if you want."

Angel sank to his knees looking up at Jeeves with dark pleading eyes that glistened with tears not yet shed.  "I'll do whatever you want," he begged.  "Just bring her back… Anything at all… Please…"