'Me' is pronounced with a short 'e' sound and I'm going to have some other words in the languages I choose throughout the fic. This was really fun to write and the next part should be out soon.

Dragon Wars

It was a beautiful day on the road from Alicana to Doomak. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, foreigners that didn't speak basic walked along, talking to imaginary people. A nice, quiet day, except for all the curses that no one knew were curses because they were in another language flying through the air. A historical, normal day; except that it was the first day of the New Year of the year 807 in Aldaraania.
The road was mostly unraveled for most who supported the Zodiac Kingdom's rule were celebrating the New Year. Alicana and Doomak were city-states under the Zodiac Kingdom. In return for protection from the Northern Kingdom the city-states to the west of the Zodiac capital and the south of the fallen Sanc Kingdom agreed to be ruled over by the King of the Zodiac Kingdom, Treize Kushrenada.
If one were traveling from Alicana to Doomak then they might just see a foreigner from the Far East, with chin length straight and shiny black hair pulled back. He had on a white silk suit with almost invisible silver designs that shined through when light hit the traveler. When one saw his face they could tell he was a foreigner even more so. He had slanted black eyes and fuller lips, his nose was rounder than most in the 'states. Most of the time foreigners caught traveling alone (or seemingly so) in the 'states would be captured by bandits and sold into the slave trade.
But there were a few things that prevented this. First of all, unlike almost all the 'state public who were not allowed to, this man carried a weapon. Strapped to his back was a large thick sword called a katana in his language. It looked heavy, but he carried it with practiced ease.
Secondly, they had tried to capture him… word had spread that it was not to be tried, namely because of the katana he had strapped to his back. Lastly, when he was seen on the dirt road, traveling slowly westward many edged away from him because every so often he would pause, with a look of extreme annoyance, and start yelling loudly in a foreign language to the air above his head.
If one was able to understand the vibrations on which faeries speak then one may have heard responses, given how open or closed-minded they were. But as for the normal people that avoided the foreigner, they are not so misfortunate. Those who do not wish to believe in faeries have no hope of seeing them; such is the case with unicorns and ghosts.
Normally, this is so, however, one foreigner traveling the streets is plagued with the fairy gift.
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we-" Wufei made a grab for the small flying creature but his slow hand missed against the beating of her wings. She was beautiful, for a person of six inches tall. She wore a green and gold robe, the gold having her family design in the center. The arms were very loose and came down in a triangle shape the ends were so enlarged. The robe ended above her knee and revealed her tan skin with small floppy green boots. She had wavy black hair that came to her shoulders and had a lot of volume that made her look less eastern that the stiff man from the East she traveled with, his hair was slick with no volume at all. Almost invisible were her darks violet eyes that slanted like Wufei's and pointed ears as an elf. She flitted around the annoyed companion using her glossy wings and landed on his other shoulder.
"Annoying insect! Begone! Must you travel with me so? Of all the faeries to be stuck with, I get you!" Wufei continued. She gasped and then pounded on his shoulder with tiny fists, secretly hurt more that she let on.
""Tis not so much fun to be stuck to you as well, o stubborn incompetent, unbelieving one!" She stood and kicked his collar, then walked defiantly to the tip of his shoulder to face her back to him.
"Shut up! You brought this upon yourself, and," he sputtered, "incompetent?! Who is incompetent, I did not use my magic to defy the elders!"
"No! You low and cheap scum! You used your pure incompetence to defy the elders!" She yelled out towards the woods she faced, but loud enough for him to hear her.
Wufei slumped a little and did not argue with her. "Yes… maybe I deserve this punishment…" he said sadly. The fairy glanced behind her to look at his solemn face. Wufei began to move forward again.
She looked forward again defiantly and tried not to glance back. She failed and turned around to cheer him up. "O! Wufei the mighty… master of nobility, everyone afmires him, he so handsome it's a sin!"
"Shut up."
"When you're in jeopardy, caused by the enemy, although he doesn't work for free-" She began dancing along.
"Shut up!"
"When things get quick, we'll make it on the gip! When-"
"SHUT UP MERLAIN!" A man pulling a cart full with rice stopped to stare at the insane foreigner.
"My NAME is not Merlain! It's Meiran!"
"Fine, Mary Ann…"
"Meiran!" She kicked his collar.
"Meiran!" She screamed.
"Meirela?" Wufei tried to hide a grin.
"You are doing this on purpose!" She tried to fly away and when she was about ten feet above him an invisible force pulled her back. Wufei held out his hand and she landed on it with a thud. "I hate this!" She yelled as loudly as she could. She pounded her small fists into Wufei's palm; he didn't look at her and continued to walk.
"That tickles," he said and glanced amusedly at her but when he saw her face he stopped and looked at her seriously.
He small face was no longer angry, but very, very solemn. He thought she might cry but corrected himself; he had never and would never see Meiran cry, she was too strong for that. "What did he mean?" she asked herself, she wrapped her arms around her own legs and sighed.
"Huh?" Wufei lifted his palm so that it was level with his face and looked at her… she's beautiful.
"I asked the elder what I had to do to regain my powers," she started, "and he answered me: 'When thy heart learns love for another than thyself, the curse will be lifted. You may find that you no longer care… that is when you are ready. Selfish are those who have not learned of loss, so loose your powers you shall.' I have figured out the meaning but it makes no sense. Must I find a true love?" She stood and then flitted over to Wufei's shoulder once more, which started rocking as he began to walk.
"I do not believe that is what it meant for that is what mine is and they would not stick two of opposite sex together who were both looking for love on a journey, it is too easy." Wufei shifted his pack and glanced at Meiran.
"What is yours?" Meiran asked one of the many questions going through her mind.
"'Thou will be free from punishment when you know of true love. Your heart is cold and closed. Many a time have you rejected those who talked of marriage and you shall learn the value of love's strength.' I need to find a true love," he glared at an invisible elder.
"Me, it does not seem as though either of us is very likely to fulfill our quest. I live for myself that is all that is necessary, it is true, and I am too selfish to love." She sniffed, "You have hardened your heart and have become self-absorbed. We are doomed to be bound together forever!" She sat back down on the soft white cloth.
"I believe we are both capable of loving… don't you?"
"This coming from a man that just confessed his love to me? Yes!" She sat up and did a victory dance singing, "Go Meiran, its your birthday, go Meiran-"
"When did I do that?!"" Wufei stopped and spun around. Merian fell off his shoulder and righted herself in the air, hovering there.
"You said it would be too easy for us to fall in love if we had the same quest!" She said happily.
"Fairy demon! Off with you! You do this to annoy me to no end, don't you?!" He began to chase her around his body, cupping his hands to catch her but she always flew out of his reach. She gave him a raspberry and pulled down an eyelid.
One of the travelers on the road started to run back the way they came when they saw the insane foreigner yelling at and invisible demon in a foreign language.

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