4. Time to say goodbye

The day of her leaving had arrived and as Elizabeth watched as her belongings were once more packed up and taken through the Stargate she couldn't help but stop, turn and look at the gateroom that had been her home for the past three years.

"Atlantis isn't going to be the same with out you…" John whispered in her ear as he joined her with a duffle-bag over his shoulder.

"…I won't be gone that long…" Elizabeth answered with a girlish smile.


"Yes Teyla….?" Elizabeth asked turning quickly from John to see the younger Athosian woman standing before her with several other Athosian youths and Ronan behind her.

"May your life on Earth be bountiful and safe…." Teyla wished as one of the young Athosian girls who was behind her presented Elizabeth with a gift wrapped in cloth. Elizabeth took the gift gratefully and gave it to John who tucked it in the top of his duffle bag.

"Thank you Teyla…" Elizabeth thanked as she wrapped the Athosian women up in a hug. "…but you know," she whispered cheekily in her ear. "-I won't be gone that long…"

"Elizabeth?" Teyla began questioningly when Rodney cut in.


"Yes Rodney…?" Elizabeth asked turning to see Rodney coming down the gateroom stairs. "…what can I do for you?"

"Well I was just going to-" Rodney paused and pointed up to the control room but seemed to lose his train of thought. "-I just-"

"Well Rodney?" Elizabeth asked with a small smile as she walked up to the bumbling scientist. "What is it?"

Whatever Rodney was going to say, he didn't say it. Instead he drew Elizabeth up in an awkward hug and as Elizabeth hugged Rodney back, fierce tears came to her eyes as she realised that this would be the last time that she would see any of them as their leader- maybe forever.

'…hopefully I can convince the IOA that Atlantis needs a negotiator…' Elizabeth whispered silently to herself as she pulled out of Rodney's hug.

"I'll miss you too Rodney-" She whispered quietly into his ear as he too pulled away from her.

"Take care Elizabeth." Rodney stated curtly and while his face didn't betray his feelings she knew that he would miss her terribly too.

"Elizabeth…" John began pulling Elizabeth from Rodney towards the gate. "..it's time for us to go."

"Yes John," Elizabeth answered softly as she grasped his hand- the action not going un-noticed by the people around her. "Just let me say goodbye…"

"Of course…"

Elizabeth smiled as John took a few steps backwards allowing Elizabeth to say her final goodbye to Atlantis and her people. Elizabeth took one last glance around the control room and saw that in addition to those whom she saw most, many others from the expedition came walking forward and she knew that it was finally time to say goodbye.

"Atlantis…this is Elizabeth Weir…" Elizabeth paused and collected herself before continuing, trying her best to keep her voice steady and calm. "…as many of you know, the International Oversight Association has deemed that my leadership has been lacking these last few months and have seen fit to replace me with Colonel Steven Caldwell, thus militarizing Atlantis." Elizabeth paused and watched as Caldwell came to the edge of the balcony while the rest of the Atlantis personal stiffened slightly and Elizabeth knew that she couldn't sabotage Caldwell's leadership.

"I know," She continued with a slight waver in her voice as she brushed a stray curl out of her face. "-I know that you all will award him the greatest respect as you all have been gracious enough to bestow upon me…. But my time has come to say goodbye and I wish you all the best of luck in your trials against the wraith and the Asurans and I hope that we will all meet again one day…"

Elizabeth turned to leave with John at her side when she suddenly got the impulse to add one more final thing.

"…and for those of you in the betting pool…" She continued with a cheeky grin looking at John with love and adoration in her eyes. "…Colonel Sheppard and I will be officially engaged when we are on Earth-"

Elizabeth paused amidst the outcry of hooting and hollering as those who had gravitated to the control room whooped with cheer and congratulations and Elizabeth saw Zelenka make Rodney pay up

"-and you are all welcome to the wedding in three months time-" Elizabeth continued with a smile. "-so until then, goodbye for now…take care of each other, and be safe until I see you all again…..Weir out."

And with that Elizabeth turned off her comm. link, mournfully took it off and placed it in the hands of John who clasped it like it was buried treasure. And then, hand in hand, they went through the Stargate towards Earth and a new future together.


A/N- Short ending I know...and I bet you guys thought that I had forgotten about this story... :D ...well no. It is finished now though, I may do a sequel or continue it but I doubt it. It started as a drabble and expanded into a story...I think that its time to put it to rest now. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it, leave a review if you can and check out my other works... :D