Title: Sunrays And Saturdays
Pairing: Hikaru/Kaoru
Rating: R for vague sexuality
Summary: They slip and slide and fall in the snow. They laugh so hard they begin to cry.

It is nine days before Christmas. Some time last night, snow has started to fall. The temperature shifts, restless, like a receding tide. Kaoru is lying very still. The blankets that they are wrapped in are thick and warm, damp where their hips meet. Hikaru's fingertips are tracing the obvious bumps of his spine, his chin digging into his shoulder. He is heavy but Kaoru doesn't want to move.

"It's started snowing," Hikaru says, quiet, lifting his head. The window is frozen. He laughs. "I didn't even notice."

Kaoru doesn't say Hikaru fails to notice a lot of things. "I want to sleep." he says.

"In this weather?"

"In this weather."

Hikaru makes it sound incredulous. "But why?" He sits up completely so that the blankets fall off his shoulders in layers. He leans over Kaoru. "Why?"

"It's too cold out." Kaoru says. Hikaru's breath is warm on his collarbone. He shivers. "And I'm sleepy."

Hikaru frowns briefly. His hair falls over his eyes. Kaoru thinks he needs a haircut. Or maybe the both of them do. "I'll keep you warm," he promises. "Let's go out." The hand that rests on Kaoru's shoulder is firm, insistent. It will leave a bruise later.

"I'll think about it," he says as his gaze drifts outside. Hikaru rolls his eyes and laughs. "I'll keep you warm, ne?" And he leans over and holds himself up by propped elbows. "I'll keep you warm." he says.

Kaoru's eyes widen. Hikaru pushes his hips forward for the second time. There is a hand at the back of his knee.

"Hikaru," But Hikaru is not listening. Kaoru pulls him close and his grip is tight on Hikaru's shoulder blades. Their movements are slow and unhurried. Outside, everything looks so clean and white. Snow starts to fall. Their hips meet again.

A hand drifts to stroke Kaoru's hip. "You're warm now," Hikaru says and Kaoru cannot deny this is true. But Kaoru feels even more exhausted. His eyelids are heavy.

"Can we go out then?" The pads of Hikaru's fingers drum against his clavicles.

Kaoru fights his smile. "Hai."

Hikaru is fully dressed by the time Kaoru is slipping into his winter boots. They run to the courtyard, Hikaru dragging Kaoru behind him. The cold squeezes through layers of clothing. Kaoru looks up. A snowflake catches in his eye.

"Ne, Hikaru, you know that saying about how no two snowflakes are alike?" Kaoru is not expecting Hikaru to answer but he is not expecting Hikaru to hit him with a snowball in the chest, either.

"You think too much," he says and pulls him by the wrist before he has a chance to react. Kaoru falls forward and their lips meet for the first time. It is brief and Hikaru grins after.

"Your lips are cold," he says. His breath is soursweet. "I thought I should warm them up." And Kaoru grins back a grin that looks all too similar but isn't. His face heats. Hikaru grabs his hand again. They run in the foot-inch snow, Hikaru's scarf wrapped around Kaoru's neck.

When Hikaru lets go of their hands it is to hit Kaoru with a snowball again. "Bull's eye," he says and Kaoru grins and runs after him. He grabs Hikaru by the shoulder and they slip and slide and fall in the snow. They laugh so hard they begin to cry.