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This takes place right where New Moon leaves off.

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1. I Will Remember You by Sarah McLauchlan

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Sun Down; Chapter One


"Dad- Charlie, I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions," I gripped Edward's glacial hand, trying to keep calm. My voice was beginning to shake, but I swallowed the tremors down.

"No, Isabella Marie. You still have a month left of school and you still live in this house and you will follow my rules. Come inside now, Isabella. Edward, go home," I held on to Edward's hand, he was stroking my tight skin softly as if I weren't gripping his hand with all my strength. "You aren't welcome here," an outburst of emotion shook my heart.

Charlie's vein was twitching and his face was purple, I had seen him like this before but I was too sleepy and occupied with Edward to really see him. I wanted to walk up to him and make him feel better, he might not agree with me on some points but he was still my father and I cared about him. My legs weren't moving though and I couldn't tell if it was because Edward was keeping me planted or because my legs and brain weren't working together.

Although Charlie disagreed that I had the ability, I had some major decisions I had to work out right now. What if I never saw Charlie again… but what if I never saw Edward again? Both wanted me to be happy and I knew I was happy when I was with Edward, but could I truly be happy knowing I was breaking my father's heart?

But with no Edward in my life I would never have a happily ever after. Life without Edward was unbearable. He had told me that I was his other half and I felt exactly the same way.

I had lived with Charlie for a year and a half and had given him only grief… maybe he would be better off without me. He wouldn't have to worry about me; his life could go back to normal… he wouldn't have to drive down to the hospital so often.

I had to make a choice between Edward and Charlie, I couldn't have my cake and eat it too, "I think it's time we all talked," I told Edward, his eyes were wide.

"What are we going to tell him? If we tell him the truth then we'll have to leave," Edward warned. I knew what that meant, I would never see any of my family again. But I couldn't imagine my life with out Edward again. "Are you ready to make this decision?"

I stepped towards my father, but Edward pulled me back, "We'll be on the run after this."

"What else can we tell him?" I could almost hear the gears running in his head, "We're gonna have to leave after this anyway, we can't stay in Forks after all of this," and then, something registered with me, Edward hadn't known who I was going to chose until that moment. Had he honestly thought I would stay in Forks without him? We had seen how well that had gone over in the past few months.

"I can't live with out you, Edward," somewhere behind his eyes was a small smile.

"There's no need for dramatics," only Edward could make fun of this situation.

"Isabella, if you leave this yard don't even think about coming back," his voice wasn't making a threat, it was stating fact. I backed out of Edward's grasp and he let me go. Was I truly okay with this?

I could have my cake and there was a chance that it was enough. Being around me and just being able to smell me was enough for Edward.

I was silent as I turned around in the darkness, the clouds had burst open and I could barely hear my motionless sobs over the rain pounding against the cars, house and dirt. With out Edward's hand the tears had broken through the strong barrier I had put up. I walked towards the car, my dignity a trail behind me; Edward was in the car before I had buckled the seat belt, "Please drive."

Edward's hand was stroking mine but I could barely feel it, my arms and legs were numb with shock, fear and my cold wet clothes clinging to them. My father would be okay. He was a grown man and had lived without me for seventeen years and had been perfectly okay then, I could do this and this was the right choice. Edward was my life and without him, I would go back to the doom and gloom mood I had been in late last year.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked softly, it was okay if I didn't answer. He held my hand against his lips and kissed it, "Bella," his velvet voice finally shook me out of my thoughts, "Bella, stop worrying about this so much, everything will work out," I began to lie to him that I wasn't stressed, but he knew me to well, "I can smell it in your blood. I'll call Jasper and Emmett and tell them to pick up food for you."

"I'm not hungry."

"You're in shock, a lot happened tonight," his voice was calm and soothing, but it didn't help.

"How can you just act like nothing has happened?" I ripped my hand away from his cheek.

"I knew it would come down to this," he let out slowly. Of course, I should of known.

"Alice?" it wasn't really a question.

"Yes, but she didn't see your decision, she just knew you would have a choice to make," he grabbed my hand again and placed it back on his cheek, "I should call them now," he let go of my hand long enough to call and talk to them, my hand was barely back in my lap before he grabbed it again and intertwined his granite fingers into mine.

I sat there, my left arm covered in goose bumps from the combination of his cold hard and my wet shirt. What had I just done? "Stop the car," he had pulled over before I had finished speaking and I was out of the car before Edward pulled the break.

The air was cold but the rain had stopped, the mud soaked through the knees of the jeans Alice had bought me, I didn't want to think of the money that was suddenly wasted. Before I lost my stomach Edward pulled my hair out of face, his hands scraping across my neck made me shiver and stomach acid burned my throat.

I knelt there on the ground, my hands digging into the dirt and sparse grass with anger.

"Bella, can you get back in the car?" I didn't answer, but he had me buckled and the car started again before I even realized I had been moved.

I hated all of this, would I ever see my family again? I hated the fact that Edward could tell I hadn't eaten in a while; he worried too much about me and him being able to tell if anything was wrong with me just by smelling my wrist or neck made it even worse.

I found a water bottle under the seat, I had left it there yesterday, and a good swallow was left after I had dumped most it on Edward yesterday. He had been trying to convince me to let him buy me a new car; he had his mind set on a white Audi Coupe.

I swished the water around my mouth, trying to get the rancid taste of acid out of my mouth.

"Edward," I was still shivering, "Did I do the right thing?"

"That decision is up to you," my hand was in his again, it made a near euphoric feeling go through me. He didn't seem to care that my hand was covered in mud and grass.

"I don't like it," we had pulled up to the house and I had opened my door before Edward could. I stopped there though; moving so fast gave me a head rush.

"You're not supposed to."

"You can go back if you want," his eyes were yelling at me to say no.

"If I go back I don't know if I'll ever see you again," his cold lips bushed against mine causing my blood to start pumping again.

"That's nice," I murmured against him. He carried me in the house and I was glad to not exert much energy, "Where is everyone?" The house was dark, even though one window did make up an entire wall.

"Esme and Alice just went hunting, but Rosalie and Carlisle are here, Carlisle is working and Roaslie is being… Rosalie," he rolled his eyes, "Emmett and Jasper should have been back by now though."

"When was the last time they went grocery shopping?"

"Long time, at least in the orthodox sense," his smile was gruesome but still as handsome as ever.

"Ew," I blanched, "You stock up on blood?" I tried not to let my disgust appear on my face. I wanted to be with Edward forever, I didn't want the nightmare I had months ago to come true. And if becoming a vampire meant that I could spend the rest of eternity with Edward then I was all for it. But, Edward still wasn't buying my arguments and I still wasn't sure about marrying him.

"If we have to go into hiding, yes, we do. This life we lead isn't everything it seems to you," he stroked my hair gently, "When was the last time you ate?"

I sighed against his chest, "Breakfast," I waited for his outburst but he remained calm.

"Why didn't you have lunch?" he was irritated, but it could have been much worse.

"It's a three day weekend, we were busy, I couldn't take a break," that was no lie. My thought's traveled back to what he had said about going into hiding, "Are we going to have to go into hiding, now?"

"I don't think we will have to hide, but we are going to have to leave Forks," I knew this was one of the consequences of my decision but I was sure I could live with it, "Let's go wash the mud off your hands, Bella."

"Could I get some dry clothes to?," I looked down, the jeans Alice had gushed over were never going to be saved, but I was sure I would survive the loss of my work shirt, "Warm ones?"

"That could be hard," being warm and comfortable wasn't exactly a vampire's goal when it came to fashion, "I'll find something." He picked me up in his stone arms, I was feeling more at ease and his familiar hold was making more comfortable. The back of my mind was still filled with thoughts of my father; he had probably called my mother by now. I wasn't sure what they were going to do about any of this.

We had reached Alice's bathroom and he sat me on the counter, the coldness seeping through my jeans, "You guys should think about a investing in a heater."

"We don't really need one," he looked at me, his hair partially covering his dark eyes, "Test the water," I paused at his words, which waters? The one coming from the faucet, obviously to hot due to the steam rising from the sink or the waters of his world.

"I can manage, Edward, I remember how to wash my hands. I'm a big girl," I hopped off the counter and if he hadn't been made of stone I could of pushed him out of my way.

"I forget sometimes," he looked away sheepishly, "I forget the things weak humans can do for themselves," he was testing how far he could take this. Not far. I put my hands under the water, now at the right temperature and smeared what was now mud on his impeccably white shirt.

"I am not weak," a klutz, maybe. I was not weak though. He laughed at my feeble attempts to attack him with mud, pulling my wrists into my hands a brought me right up to him, the mud from his shirt getting on my neck and chin. He grasped my wrist in one hand and wrapped his long fingers around the back of my neck, the cold was nice against my flushed neck.

"Fragile, then," his lips touched my as gently as possible, I was in no position to try and deepen it. My blood boiled beneath my skin and warmed instantly, he smiled at the warmth, and pushed me away gently. His eyes were dark.

" I can almost hear your blood asking for substance, you need to eat," he looked down at me, his eyes penetrating mine.

"So do you," I whispered. I tried to concentrate on washing the mud from under my stubby nails.

"I can wait, I'm not gonna let a silly thing like thirst stop me from being around you right now. Not when you need," he paused and changed thought paths, "someone the most."

"I need only you, Edward. I'll always need you," I placed my hands on his steady chest, the water seeped through his shirt, now ruined from the dirt.

"Then I'll always be here," his velvet voice dazzled me and my knees began to grow weak.

"Promise," my voice cracked, my breath caught in my throat. He leaned his face towards mine, his mouth directly above my nose.

"Werewolves couldn't keep me away from you, Bella," he breathed out, my heart fluttered and Edward caught me in his arms. "What am I going to do with you?

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