The sequel for this story is currently on hiatus. I started Innocence Lost which really took over, it was only supposed to be a short five chapter story. I'm working on developing a character for Young Dawn and once the character is fully developed you will totally see a chapter!

I am also working on Love is a Battlefield which I'm a little more aware of where it is going. And I don't have those pesky OC's to deal with.

Go check out both of those stories… heck, go check out all of those stories!

Thanks for reading everyone. I'll update again once the sequel is up.



Are you going to write the wedding?

I don't know. I don't even know if they are going to be married or not in the next fic. I've always found that the wedding itself to incredibly unnessacary to the plot of any story… and although I like fluff as much as the next teenage girl I'm not sure I want to write an entire chapter dedicated to it. I might however write a little bit about it in the first chapter of Young Dawn.

Jesse McCartney?

We've been over this but the question was asked multiple times… yeah, Jesse McCartney. Little kids have taken over my house and that is what I am forced to listen to. If you take away the singer and really just read the lyrics the song totally works.

Are you going to become a writer?

My entire family thinks I should be one… but I don't know. I can't see myself seriously becoming a writer that supports herself purely on writing. I want to become a Special Education teacher, but I will always continue to write. I am currently editing a document that I wrote in seventh grade. I also have a few other stories in my head…. maybe you'll see my name on a book one day!