Hey! Me and Fainted.Tears are back with another collab story for y'all. This time it's a 60/362 one. To get some of this stuff in here you'll have to read our other fics on her account op CONFESS and op DENIAL and op FERRIS on my account. So like our other fics we take turns in POV. I'll be doing Rachel and she'll be doing Patton. Hope you like! Please R&R?

Operation C.H.E.A.T.


Chapter 1

Rachels POV

Being supreme commander isn't all it's cracked up to be.

You have to make sure every operative is all in accounting for and you're the glue that holds this whole organization together. People look up to you and it's almost impossible to make a mistake. I remember when I was supreme commander of KND I gave it up and I regret it terribly for it put the whole organization in trouble.

And I thought being supreme commander of KND was hard but try the TND. More paperwork and harder missions and you try commanding a bunch of teenagers! I have to fit in schoolwork between it all as well. I'm surprised I can find time for my boyfriend.

Yes that's right. I, Rachel, Supreme Commander of TND, have a boyfriend. Patton Drilovsky is his name. Kind of rolls off the tongue doesn't it? He's Numbuh 60-T and is the drill sergeant supreme at the Arctic Training Base. Hot too. That's the hormones talking but he is quite the looker. His dark chocolate eyes are so mesmerizing and his black hair sticks up in a way that makes him cute. And he has a good body. That's essential. There go the hormones again.

But yes, Patton is what makes my world go round, my heart beat fast and bring goofy smiles to my face that make Numbuh 44-T and 44-T question my thoughts, and I'm pretty sure it's vice versa for him.

Today, but, is our two-year anniversary and he promised me a romantic candlelit dinner at his house, his family is out of course and hopefully some dessert later… if you know what I mean.

So here I am in my office… yes, office… getting ready for our date. I have to do it in my office you see… I haven't told my parents about Patton yet. I want to it's just that… they have this no-dating-until-you're-married thing.

Numbuh 23, or Virginia Sims, comes in without knocking like she usually does while I'm brushing my hair.

"Geez I might as well not have a door." I said sarcastically. She pulled a face at me and I poked my tongue out at her.

"Oh my god, you're not going wearing that are you?" She gasped pointing to my oversized jumper.

I rolled my eyes. "No. Of course not." I waved my hand in front my face. "That's what I'm wearing."

I pointed to an outfit sitting on the chair. The top was a black stringy tank top, tight around the bust of course and the skirt was a blue and long. Virginia went to pick the top up.

"Isn't this a bit small?" She asked.

"Exactly." I said grabbing the top from her hands and made a circle motion with my finger indicating for her to turn around.

"You're actually expecting to… you know… tonight?" She asked as she turned.

"That, Numbuh 23, is none of your business." I replied sternly before taking my jumper off.

"You are aren't you?"

"Can't you annoy Bartie instead?"

"Nah it's more fun annoying you."

I sighed as I pulled the top over my chest. "Pass me the skirt." I said, holding out my hand.

Virginia placed the skirt in my hand and turned once again.

"You know Rach," Virginia began to say. "Two years is a long time."

"And?" I asked, pulling my leg-ins off.

"So you are aren't you?"

I scoffed as she giggled. Then all of a sudden Bartie walked in. "Numbuh 362-T, sir, those reports you wanted just got…"

"Numbuh 35!" I shrieked as I covered my underwear.

"AH!" He shrieked as well. "Oh my god I-I'm so sorry s-sir, I… but… ahh!"

"Bartie." Virginia growled as she grabbed her boyfriend's shoulders and turned him around. She whispered something in his ear, which made him squirm.

"Sorry!" He called out as Virginia slammed the door in his face. I could feel my face being super flushed and hot.

"Sir, your face." Virginia said.

"Yeah, well it's not every day your best friend's boyfriend sees you in your undies." I said while rapidly pulling up my skirt.

Then all of a sudden the screen on my wall turned on and there was my boyfriend looking down on us.

"Hey!" I said almost too excitedly. "Are you ready?"

"Uh." He rubbed his neck nervously. "I can't do tonight."

My throat went dry and anger started boiling in my stomach. "Why?" I asked.

"Something real crucial and chaotic just happened here at the base and it'll take all night. I'm really sorry babe."

He pulled the most apologetic face in the world. It was almost too cute I couldn't stay mad at him…


I heard Numbuh 86, or Fanny Fulbright, yell off screen.

"I have to go but I really am sorry. I'll make it up to you somehow I promise. I love you."

And with that he switched off the screen and it went black once again. I could feel my face fume. How could he blow off our two-year anniversary?

I slumped aggressively in my chair and blew a strand of hair from my face. Virginia put a hand on my shoulder.

"He did say he'd make it up to you." She said.

"I know…" I replied dully. "Just bring Numbuh 35-T in here if he had something to tell me."

Virginia nodded and walked out. A few seconds after Bartie came in.

"The reports you wanted sir? Th-They're here." He stuttered as he pulled out sheets of paper.

"Thanks Numbuh 35-T." I said as I took them. I placed a hand on his shoulder. "You don't have to be nervous. You were just being an idiot."

Bartie smiled hesitantly before running out.

Well, at least I can occupy myself through the night with reading reports.