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Faint buzzing sounds could be heard, along with the occasional clicking of a healer's shoes on the hard linoleum floors.

Ron snored quietly next to me, using Hermione's lap as a pillow.

The Weasleys had long since given up asking of all people why I was here. Though I think Hermione knew. Bill Weasley walked up and sat in a plastic chair across from me, his eyes marked me as a Malfoy. Just like everyone else's.

He was the only one that ever saw me as maybe a little bit more…

And now he could be dead…and it was my fault. Hermione looked at me and frowned

"He'll be alright Draco. You have to believe in him."

My gaze snapped onto hers

"I do believe in him…"


I sat in front of a tree. Not sure what kind of tree now…but then I knew quite well.

I didn't have a worry. Not one. Not now. Not until I opened my eyes and faced the world.

Sun was my weakness. I'll admit that openly. A patch of sun on a warm day was all I needed.

"Mind if I join you Malfoy?" A voice asked. That question…that one simple question changed my life. I opened my eyes and blinked, finding none other then Harry Potter standing in front of me.


"Do you mind if I sit down Malfoy?" He asked, I stared at him and finally shook my head slightly

"No. Why?" I asked. It was a fair enough question.

He blinked

"Because you look lonely." He stated, sitting next to me.

Now, if you're expecting him to be romantic and admit his mad passionate love for me, me to return it, then both of us buggering under the tree, heedless of anyone else, you're sadly mistaken.

In fact. Neither of us really knew what to do next.

Civility? Between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter?

I looked at the sky half expecting it to be blood red with pig flying with angel wings.

He cleared his throat next to me and I glanced at him

"So uh….Cedric looked good on his broom today didn't he?" He asked in a squeaky voice, I blinked

"Was that an ice breaker?" I asked, perking an eyebrow impatiently, but managing to keep my tone civil. Har—Potter blinked

"…I think it was…yeah." He stated; a faint blush coloring his cheeks, but he smiled confidently.

A…warming kind smile…

He…only smiled like that to his friends…

Yeah…I was confused then. It makes much more sense now.

He looked nervous, but confidence hid behind his emerald irises.

I blinked a little and sighed

"It was fairly horrible…but true." I smirked.

Who was I to lie? Cedric Diggory always looked good. I think Potter knew my thoughts, because he smirked.

Not a smirk I would've normally got, say in Quidditch or when he won a duel…those cold ruthless smirks that reminded me so much of my father…

This…he just knew. A simple smirk, a playfully teasing one.

"What are you smirking at Potter?" I asked in a slightly snappy tone, he chuckled

"Our similar taste in men I suppose." He stated, I perked an eyebrow

I had always had my suspicions of Potter's orientation…but I could now get my proof…

Hey, who said I changed any since that refused handshake?

"And your taste in girls Potter? What about little Weaselette?" I asked in a smooth manner, he chuckled a little

"Bluntness doesn't become you Malfoy." He paused for a second "Let's put it this way though…I'd much rather snog you then snog her."

I chuckled

"Don't worry. Me too."

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