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I paled as I kneeled next to Harry's pale body.

I knew that spell. I knew the one my father used on him. It…was to leech all the blood from your body.

I was frantic as I pulled Harry into my grasp, I didn't know what to do.

All of a sudden, a memory came flashing back.

Snape set something on the desk in front me

"Wear this at all times. We cannot house you just yet…but if something should happen, just say 'The Burrow.'" He paused and looked at me "Understand Draco?"

I blinked and nodded, taking the pendant which was of a Dragon flying around a flame

I took a deep breath and hoped desperately that the charm hadn't worn off

"The Burrow."


I appeared in a small kitchen, humble and slightly broken down. I cradled Harry close, almost in tears. I heard excitement in the next room, and the sound of presents being opened. I found my voice

"H-help…" I said weakly, I frowned and tried again "Help!"

There was a pause and some shuffling before a gaggle of Weasley's and one Granger appeared.

"He…he needs help..." I muttered, before blacking out.


Hermione shook my shoulder gently

"Draco, you were having a nightmare…" She said softly, I noticed it was late, almost every one was asleep, except for Hermione and Mrs. Weasley who was busily knitting, obviously worried out of her mind. I sighed and rubbed my eyes

"Thanks Hermione…" I muttered groggily and Hermione smiled a little

"You called me by my first name." She stated, looking pleased. I paused

"I suppose I did." I said, giving her a small smile.

Ron grunted loudly

"Nnnnnoooooo Mummy not the pandaaaaa, not the dancing panda!" He cried, after which he proceeded to fall off the plastic chair with a resounding thud.

Everyone had either been awakened by his proclamation or by him falling. The twins snickered in amusement as their younger brother woke confusedly. Suddenly the door to Harry's room opened and a tired looking healer stepped out.

"He's awake." He stated, all at once, everyone jumped to their feet, fighting to be the first one to see him. But the healer held up a hand

"He has requested to see Mr. Malfoy first." He stated, I blinked in surprise and Ron scowled, starting to say something offensive, but Hermione clapped a hand around his mouth.

I strode forward carefully and entered Harry's room, shutting the door behind me.

Harry looked up and smiled

"Draco…" He whispered, his voice was hoarse, I walked closer and sat in the provided chair. Harry reached out and took my hand. He smiled weakly

"They told me what you did…" He murmured, I shrugged. He sighed and looked at me sadly

"Can I have a hug Draco?" He asked, a sadness leaking into his voice. I blinked and complied, wrapping my arms around him tightly

"I'm sorry…" He whispered, I sighed and burrowed into his shoulder

"It's okay…" I muttered, speaking for the first time, Harry hugged tighter

"I love you…" He said softly, I paused and looked up at him

"Why do you love me Harry?"

He smiled softly

"Because you're an insufferable git." He stated simply, I blinked and couldn't help but break out into a smile

"I hate you Potter." I drawled, Harry grinned

"Mmm. I guess I'll just have to hate you more then huh?"


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