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Chapter 1

Walking home from work Kurama contemplated his existence for the millionth time. Over all, life was good. He'd graduated from the university a few months ago with top honors and now had a good paying job that he enjoyed. He had a wonderful family and friends that would lay down their lives for him. To alleviate the boredom of human life he still took the occasional mission for Koenma. What more could he want from this live?

Love, that's what. Oh, he was loved by his family and friends but that wasn't the same as the love of one special person that you want to dedicate you life to. Kurama thought he had found that love twice now but fate had stepped in and snatched his happiness away both times.

In his previous life as a Youko he had loved Kuronue beyond all reason. Demons, especially Youko, didn't usually love the way he and Kuro had loved. In hindsight Kurama wished he had been less selfish and showered Kuro with the love he had deserved. To this day he still felt as if Kuronue died because the gods wanted to punish him for being insolent enough to love one of their angels.

Kurama wanted so much to blame anyone but himself for losing the only man that had been able to capture his heart since Kuronue's death but he knew it was his own fault. He and Hiei had begun as friends and partners so many years ago that it was hard for Kurama to believe that it was all over. Their friendship had grown with each year and each peril their lives were put in until the inevitable happened and they became lovers.

Pausing outside his apartment Kurama dreaded opening the door. Inside were the painful memories of the life and love he and Hiei had shared for almost three years. Inside were the table where they had eaten their meals together, the sofa where they had cuddled and the bed where they had made love and shared their dreams. Sighing, Kurama went inside. He knew he should move, Hiei hadn't returned in two years. When Hiei left for the last time he vowed never to return but Kurama still wouldn't move in the vain hope that someday his lover would come back to him.

Slipping out of his shoes and tossing down his keys Kurama noticed the red light blinking on his answering machine. Staring at it a moment he contemplated not pushing the button but as usual reason won out. What if his mother needed him? Pushing the button he listened as his mother invited him to dinner the next night to celebrate his stepbrother's birthday. He groaned when the next message was from a girl at work. Somehow she had gotten his phone number and was hoping he would join her for drinks after work on Friday.

Rolling his eyes Kurama headed toward his bedroom to change when the third message caught his attention and he turned back. "Um, Kurama, this is Koenma. I'm not sure how this ningen machine works but I think I just speak into it. I need you to come to Reikai right away, there's something I need to show you. I would have sent Botan but I wanted to talk to you in private. It's important so come as soon as you get this."

As Kurama stared at the answering machine he wasn't sure what to make of the cryptic message. Koenma had never used the phone before, always sending Botan whenever he was summoned. Kurama gave another sigh as he picked up his keys and stepped back into his shoes.

An hour later he was admitted into Koenma's office. Stepping from behind his large desk Koenma held out a hand to greet his old friend. "Kurama, thank you for coming so quickly. Please, have a seat. Can I get you a drink?"

Curious at the godling's nervousness Kurama accepted then watched as the man poured them both a drink. He'd never seen Koenma drink alcohol before. Kurama took a moment note how much Koenma had changed over the years. He no longer appeared as an immature toddler or teen but maintained a rather handsome adult form with ease. Perhaps marriage to Botan had matured him.

When Koenma handed him his drink and leaned against his desk but made no move to tell him why he'd been called Kurama raised an eyebrow. "Something is obviously bothering you Koenma, why don't you enlighten me as to what I'm doing here?"

Nodding, Koenma downed his drink then leaned over his desk to retrieve a document. "I received this this morning. I spent the day trying to see if there was anything I could do to change it but my father's orders are not to interfere."

Reluctantly Koenma handed the paper to Kurama. It only took Kurama a moment to realize it's implications. Koenma was amazed that Kurama remained calm. "I'm sorry Kurama, I wish there was something I could do."

Standing, Kurama handed the document back. "There's no need to apologize Koenma, everything will be fine."

When Kurama would have turned away Koenma took his arm. "Kurama, what are you going to do?"

Koenma was shocked when his friend smiled. "I'm not going to do anything Koenma, and I don't want you to do anything either. The only thing I'm going to ask is that you please not tell anyone. They will all know soon enough."

Kurama would have pulled away but Koenma wouldn't release him. "You are going back aren't you?"

The green eyes that regarded him were so calm it almost scared him. "No Koenma, I'm not."

Stunned, Koenma's hand fell away. He finally found his voice as Kurama reached the door. "Kurama, you know the consequences if…"

Pausing, Kurama didn't turn back. "Yes Koenma, I do know. As I said, everything will be fine."

Passing through a portal from Makai to the Ningenkai Hiei looked around briefly before flitting towards the temple. It had been almost three years since he'd been here but things didn't appear to have changed much.

Nearing the temple Hiei cloaked his energy when he felt Yukina and Kuwabara in the garden. Flitting high into the trees he silently watched his sister and her husband. Kuwabara lay on a blanket with his head in his wife's lap. Yukina stroked Kuwabara's chest as they quietly talked. Kuwabara held one of her hands nibbling her palm and along her arm causing her to giggle.

One look told Hiei that his sister was happy and he knew that Kuwabara would give his life to protect her. Yukina had sent him an invitation to their wedding a couple of years ago but Hiei hadn't come knowing it would be too painful to see Kurama again. Pushing the ever present ache in his heart aside Hiei flitted away.

Passing through town Hiei detoured slightly to peer in the window of the ramen shop. Keiko stood with her hands on her hips scolding Yusuke over something. The Toushin just smiled at her as he avoided the swat of her hand to pull his wife into his arms. Envious of their passionate kiss Hiei's thoughts once again turned to Kurama. Frustrated he flitted away.

Seeing Kurama's apartment building Hiei slowed to a walk. Would the fox welcome him? After the fights they'd had he doubted it but he had to try. For three years he'd thrown himself into his work trying to forget his former… what word should he use… friend, partner or lover? For three years he'd waited, hoping that Kurama would miss him and come to Makai. Praying that Kurama loved him enough to want to work things out, but for three years Hiei had waited in vain.

Pride had kept him away from the one that he loved for too long. Now looking up at Kurama's window Hiei knew he had no pride left, he knew he had to do whatever it took to get his fox back. Flitting up into the all too familiar tree Hiei peered in the window. The sight that greeted him nearly made his heart stop.

Standing in front of the open closet was a beautiful woman with long dark hair. She wore only a delicate pink bra and panties. Hiei saw her turn towards the bathroom and smile. Hiei waited for the man that he knew would come out of the bathroom into the waiting arms of his lover. When the woman was tumbled onto the bed Hiei fell out of the tree.

Hiei sat on the ground for a minute trying to understand what he'd seen. The man with short black hair wasn't Kurama. Regaining his composure Hiei wondered where Kurama was. Knowing that the fox's human mother would know his whereabouts Hiei flitted towards Kurama's childhood home.

As he approached Shiori's home Hiei saw Kurama's mother and stepbrother exit the house. The young man tossed a bag in his car before turning to Shiori. "I'm going to be late tonight Mom so I won't be home for dinner. Say hello to Shuuichi for me."

Shiori gave him a little smile as she waved. "I will. Drive careful Shu-Chan. I love you."

As Kurama's stepbrother got in his car he waved and called "I love you too". After he drove away Hiei followed Shiori, remaining hidden in the trees and on the buildings. At a street vender she stopped to buy flowers. Hiei smirked. Apparently she still didn't know that her son was a plant manipulator and could make flowers so beautiful it would put the ones she'd bought to shame.

Hiei wasn't paying much attention as she passed through the gates of a small park. As it was only sparsely populated with trees Hiei flitted ahead to wait for the woman. Seeing her sitting on a bench talking to herself he wondered what was taking her so long. A half an hour passed before she rose to exit the park.

It took Hiei a moment to notice that she no longer carried the flowers she had bought. Curious, Hiei went to the bench where she had been sitting thinking that she had forgotten them. The flowers weren't on the bench however but laying on the ground nearby next to an odd stone.

Looking closer Hiei's heart stopped then began to pound in his chest making it hard to breathe. Falling to his knees Hiei reached out to touch the inscription on the stone.

'Here lies Shuuichi Minamino, Beloved Son, Brother and Friend. Though we are parted by death you will always be in our hearts.'