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Chapter 3

Two demons sat in a bar talking. There were only a few patrons in the bar as it was in a very isolated region of Makai. No one seemed to be paying any attention to their conversation.

"Have you seen him?"

"Yeah, it's him alright. They say he's gone mad."

"It's true. He holds up in that makeshift fortress of his. It's completely surrounded by wards and traps. Anyone who's tried to get past them is either caught and killed or incinerated."

"Even in his madness he's still one of the most powerful demon's in Makai."

"Yeah, and even mad no one can deny that the most beautiful and desirable demon ever born is still Yoko Kurama."

Faster than the eye could see the man at the next table drew his sword and had it to the demon's throat. Both demon's trembled in fear at the crazed fire demon before them. "When and where did you see Yoko Kurama?"

Even this far from civilization most demons knew of Hiei and how powerful he was. Knowing his life depended on his answer the demon under Hiei's sword spoke. "He was at the market place yesterday. Every few months he comes down from his compound for supplies."

Hiei's heart pounded as he pulled his katana back slightly to regard the two demons. "You're sure it's him?"

The other demon nodded. "He's changed some but there's no doubt that it's him. His long silver hair is dull and tangled some. His eyes are dull too but the worst is the vacant expression in them. Like he has no emotions left."

The first demon relaxed a little when Hiei sheathed his katana. "He doesn't talk to anyone accept a couple of the shop owners. He gets the weirdest thing from one of them, books. Both Makai and Ningen books from what I hear. I'd go mad too living in those caves like a hermit with nothing but books to keep me company for almost two years."

Though Hiei was afraid to get his hopes up he still had to know. "Tell me where he is."

After getting the information Hiei gave the bar maid some coins to get the demons another drink. Before he left however he turned back to them. "If you've lied to me you'll be dead before sundown."

After Hiei left the demons looked at each other and one of them shrugged. "Even if we had lied he'll never live long enough to get past the Youko's traps."

The other shook his head. "I don't know about that. I don't think an S-class has tried before, especially not one that was his partner at the dark tournament."

The first finally agreed. "True, guess it's a good thing we didn't lie then."

As Hiei made his way across the little village he passed through the market place. Knowing Kurama might have been here yesterday Hiei slowed and looked around. Just as he would have gone on something caught his eye and he remembered what one of the demons in the bar had said. Walking over to one of the booths Hiei selected an item and paid the shop owner before slipping it into the pocket of his cloak.

A moment later Hiei was flitting towards the hills where Kurama's compound was alleged to be. It had been seven months since he'd found out Kurama was dead. Three months since he'd finally read Kurama's letter. He had returned to the Ningenkai one time since then, to visit Kurama's grave. He sat beside the grave for hours talking to his fox. Finally after he had yelled and cried his anger and sorrow until he had nothing left Hiei said one final goodbye and returned to Makai. Since then he had wandered the land aimlessly.

Using the Jagon Hiei easily sensed the wards and traps set up along the perimeter of the Youko's compound. Hiei smirked when he was suddenly engulfed in flames from a Makai fire plant. A slight flare of his ki protected his clothes from being scorched. Hiei couldn't help but wonder at the choice of wards, traps and plants. Only a Jagon wielding fire demon would be able to penetrate the fortress easily.

Once inside Hiei's heart skipped several beats as his Youko's scent surrounded him. A quick glance with the Jagon told him the only occupant of the fortress was bathing in a nearby pond. Though he wanted to see his fox Hiei decided to take a moment and look around.

There wasn't much outside, only a fire pit with a couple of large rocks near it and a few animal pelts. Once inside the cave Hiei had no doubt that the demon at the pond was definitely Kurama. The main cavern held a large chair and was lined with plants creating shelves along the walls. Almost every inch was covered in books. Occasionally there were spaces between the books. In the spaces were pictures. Some were of Shiori and her family and some were of Yusuke, Kuwabara and the gang.

Hiei glanced longingly at the beautiful redhead in one of the pictures before heading to the adjacent cavern. There Hiei found a bed, lush with thick blankets and pillows. Along the floor were stacks of books. What caught his eye however was the lone picture by the bed. One of a grinning redhead with an arm around a blushing fire demon. Pain clenched Hiei's heart.

Needing to see Kurama Hiei exited the den just as a naked wet Youko stepped into the clearing. Sad golden eyes looked at him with longing before looking away. Hiei watched silently as Kurama walked past him to the fire. "It must be my lucky day if you've finally decided to come down from the trees. Perhaps luck has nothing to do with it and I've finally slipped over the edge into madness. That is the rumor you know, that I've gone mad. I'm beginning to think they're right. Day after day I sit here reading my books and talking to my imaginary friend. If that's not crazy, then what is?"

Still naked Kurama sat on one of the rocks near the fire and briefly ran his fingers through his tangled wet hair. With a sigh he looked longingly at Hiei again. "I miss you so much Fire-Baby. I wish just once I could see you for real but I know that will never happen. Even if you knew that Shuuichi died you wouldn't come see me. It was never me you wanted."

When Kurama saw the surprise in Hiei's eyes he gave a cold laugh. "Don't look so surprised Hiei. You act like I didn't know it was my human form that you loved. Well I did know, how could I not know when every time you were forced to be with me you made it obvious that you wanted him and not me."

Reaching down Kurama threw a few branches on the fire. "Why do you think I fought so hard about coming back to Makai with you? I am the demon, I am the child of Makai but I knew it was the human you wanted beside you not me. I knew some day my human body would die and you would be stuck with me like this or worse you would leave me. Part of me wishes I had given in and just let you love me that way. At least we would have had two more years together. But I didn't and now I have an empty past and an empty future."

Rising, Kurama turned away from Hiei. "I'm sorry, I don't know why I suddenly decided to vent all of this on you. I know I usually just talk to you and tell you how much I miss you while you watch me from the trees. Something about you coming closer today and knowing I couldn't touch you just made me snap. Maybe I'm just tired… maybe I truly have gone mad. Please forgive me Hiei."

Without another word Kurama walked into the den leaving Hiei behind. The fire demon just stared after him not sure what to make of the Youko's confession. After a moment Hiei decided to follow him. Hiei found Kurama sprawled face down on the bed hugging his pillow. The Youko stiffened but didn't move when he felt the bed shift under Hiei's weight. Hiei almost didn't hear the muffled words spoken from the pillow. "If it means I get to be near you Hiei, even for a moment, I will gladly succumb to my madness."

Hiei reached into his pocket for the item he'd bought earlier before unclasping his cloak and tossing it on the floor. Leaning close to the cute Youko ears laying flat against Kurama's head Hiei whispered. "Then we'll live here in your madness together my beautiful Fox."

Kurama shivered as Hiei's warm breath caressed his sensitive ears. He didn't move as warm hands gently drew a brush through his tangled hair. Breathing hard Kurama clutched his pillow tighter and tried to stop his tears from falling. It had been so long since anyone had touched him. Even longer since Hiei had touched him. If this was a dream then he prayed he would never waken.

Stroke after stroke Hiei worked the brush through Kurama's long silver hair. "Hn. You haven't been taking very good care of yourself Kurama. Your beautiful hair is all tangled. You look tired and you're far too thin."

Afraid of breaking whatever spell he was under Kurama remained still and quiet as the brush and Hiei's hands stroked through his hair and down his back. Kurama whimpered when Hiei reached for his tail. He could feel the fire demon's brush against his bare behind as Hiei brushed out his tail.

It was Hiei's words however that kept him frozen in place. "What am I going to do with you Kurama? You didn't trust me enough to tell me how you felt and I lost you. When I was finally so lost and defeated that I would have begged you to take me back you were gone. When I couldn't find you I followed Shiori but all I found was your grave. Do you know what that did to me Kurama, finding out like that? Do you know how much it hurt to know that you spent time with and said goodbye to everyone you loved and I wasn't one of them? I wasn't even important enough to you to tell me you were dead. What am I supposed to think now Fox? Why didn't you want me to know you were alive?"

As Hiei finished his hands fell away from Kurama's tail. Almost afraid to believe that Hiei was really there Kurama quickly sat up and pulled away. Feeling exposed he put the pillow in his lap to cover his nudity. "Hiei?"

Seeing Kurama at a loss for words Hiei set the brush aside, kicked off his shoes and moved closer. Hiei was on his knees beside the startled Youko when he spoke. "I'm right here Kurama and I'm not leaving you again. I'm not sure if I should be hurt, angry or relieved that you're alive. I don't really want to think about it right now."

Kurama just stared as Hiei stripped off his shirt before tossing it and the pillow aside to straddle the Youko's lap. "You've been dead for almost two years Kurama, well I've been dead since the moment I left you. All I want to do right now is feel again and the only way I know how to do that is for you to make love to me. Please love me again Kurama, I need you so much."

Hiei's last words were whispered against Kurama's lips. No longer caring if this was real or if he truly had gone mad Kurama wrapped his arms around Hiei and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. The two clung to each other for several minutes before their lips parted to explore the other's neck and chest.

Within minutes Kurama had pushed Hiei's pants off. Both moaned when their aroused bodies touched for the first time in almost four years. More kisses and touches were exchanged before Hiei moved down Kurama's body. With his hands and mouth Hiei worshiped the Youko until he was settled between the strong thighs. Kurama gasped as Hiei's warm mouth engulfed his arousal.

After being denied his lover for so long Kurama could only thrash his head and moan as Hiei pleasured him. Hiei always loved the way his fox tasted. Knowing Kurama was close Hiei left him wet and wanting as he crawled up his lover's body. Realizing what Hiei was about to do Kurama reached out to stop him but Hiei had already lowered himself onto Kurama's erection.

Afraid Hiei would hurt himself Kurama held his hips still and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss giving him time to adjust. The distraction worked and after a few minutes the two were moving as one. Moans filled the cave as Hiei rose up to his knees. Kurama nearly lost all control when Hiei's hands ghosted across his own chest before traveling down between his legs.

Watching Hiei pleasure himself while riding him was the most erotic thing Kurama had ever seen. Unable to take any more Kurama rolled Hiei beneath him and drove into him unmercifully. Kurama's new assault was quickly driving Hiei over the edge. Sensing his lover's oncoming release Kurama pushed the fire demon's hand aside, replacing the smaller one with his own. Feeling Kurama touching him was all it took to make Hiei cry out his pleasure. When Hiei screamed and tightened around him Kurama quickly followed.

Kurama didn't know how much time passed before he had the ability to move off of Hiei. Pulling the fire demon close the Youko pulled the covers around them and for the first time in years Kurama and Hiei fell into a peaceful sleep.

Hours later Kurama slowly began to waken. He didn't need to open his eyes to know his arms were empty. If his latest fantasy was any indication then he really had crossed the line into madness. With a sigh he braced himself to open his eyes and find himself alone. Opening his golden eyes it took him a moment to focus and realize what he was seeing. Sitting beside him watching him sleep was Hiei.

Seeing the uncertainty in Kurama's eyes Hiei leaned over to give him a gentle kiss. Pulling back Hiei gave him a little smile. "It's not a dream Kurama. I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere."

Wanting so much to believe Hiei's words Kurama sat up, pulling the fire demon into his arms. Hiei could feel Kurama tremble in his embrace. Settling against Kurama's chest Hiei stroked his hair, back and tail the way he knew his fox liked it. Hiei sat there holding him until the Youko's trembling subsided. "Kurama, we need to talk."

Hiei could feel Kurama's shoulders shake as he chuckled. "Isn't that usually my line?"

Smirking, Hiei pulled back. "I guess you rubbed off on me. Now get dressed. If we stay like this we won't get much talking done."

As Hiei moved to get off the bed a grinning Kurama reached out to caress his behind, disappointed to find him wearing his pants. "Oh but don't actions speak louder than words Fire-Baby?"

Pausing briefly, Hiei allowed the caress to continue as Kurama crawled forward to kiss him. "We'll have plenty of time for action later Fox."

Reluctantly Kurama rose, dressed and followed Hiei outside. He was surprised to see that it was early evening. When the smell of roasting rabbit drifted past his nose Kurama's stomach growled and he laughed. "I guess I must be hungry. Hiei, when did you do this?"

Turning towards the fire Kurama saw Hiei retrieve two rabbits, skinned and roasted to a perfect golden color. Indicating for Kurama to take a seat Hiei wrapped a big leaf around the skewer of one of the rabbits before handing it to him. "When I woke up you were sleeping so deeply I figured I'd have time to get dinner before you woke up."

Kurama moaned as he bit into the rabbit. "Oh Hiei, this is so good. You basted it in fruit juice while it cooked. I love it that way."

Taking up his own skewer of rabbit Hiei sat near Kurama. "I know you do Fox, and I kept the fruit to have for dessert."

As he licked his fingers Kurama didn't see Hiei lick his lips as he watched him. "Trying to fatten me up Fire-Baby?"

Dragging his eyes away from Kurama's mouth Hiei nodded. "Like I said earlier, you've gotten far too thin Kurama. You'll make yourself sick if you don't start taking better care of yourself."

Kurama's heart swelled at the concern in his lover's voice. "Now that you're with me Hiei we'll take care of each other."

After that they ate in silence. Kurama's words seemed to make them both uncomfortable since they had yet to discuss their relationship. Things relaxed a little when Hiei brought Kurama the bowl of fruit and Kurama pulled him onto his lap. Happily cuddled together they fed each other until the bowl was empty.

It was Hiei that finally decided to end the awkward silence. "I'm sorry Kurama. I didn't realize that my doubts and insecurities were making you believe that I loved Shuuichi and not you."

Only partially appeased by his words Kurama's heart pounded. "What did I do to make you doubt me Hiei?"

Hiei sighed. "You didn't do anything Kurama. It was my own insecurities that made me doubt that you could really love me. I didn't doubt that you desired me but I didn't believe that you could love only me."

The last few words were spoken so quietly that Kurama almost didn't hear them. "So you believed that as a human I had the ability to love you for the rest of my life but as a Youko… as Yoko Kurama you thought I desired you but that I would some day tire of you and move on."

Hiei only nodded. "Hiei, I thought you didn't love me the way I love you. That's why I was unhappy before and why I pushed you away. That's why I didn't want you to know I was alive. I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in your eyes when you found out Shuuichi was gone and there was only me."

Hiei could see that Kurama was struggling with his emotions. "I won't lie to you Kurama, I miss Shuuichi so much it hurts but I could never be disappointed to have you. I love you Fox."

Kurama looked deep into Hiei's eyes. "I love you too Hiei. Not just for your sexy body, not just for now, but with all my heart and soul, always and forever."

When Kurama claimed Hiei's lips they both knew time for talking was over. Without releasing the warm lips beneath his Kurama carried Hiei back into the den. Their lovemaking that night was sensual and passionate, gentle and fierce as they each poured out their emotions. Never again would either have reason to doubt the others love.


Entering the temple Yusuke went to sit with Kuwabara and Koenma as Keiko joined the girls. "So, does anyone know why Hiei called this meeting?"

Koenma shook his head. "Not a clue. The message was hand written and sent through a messenger. It was quite cryptic demanding everyone be here."

Kuwabara shrugged. "Yukina says he was here a few months ago. She found a dragon carved into Kurama's headstone."

Yusuke sighed. "Yeah, Shiori called me all upset about it. Once I told her that Hiei had finally returned and heard of Shuuichi's death she settled down. She says the dragon's actually quite pretty."

Just then Yukina rushed towards the door. "Brother!"

From just inside the doorway Hiei caught his sister in his arms. "Hello Yukina."

The little Koorime pulled back suddenly, her eyes wide. Reaching out, her fingers trembled slightly as she pulled his collar back to reveal a mark on his neck. "Hiei, you've taken a mate? Isn't this rather sudden?"

Hiei looked around at the shock and disbelief on his friend's faces. "Actually it's long overdue."

Stepping away from Yukina Hiei went back to the door and held out his hand. All eyes stared as long fingers laced with Hiei's. A moment later a beautiful silver Youko stood at his side. Hiei smirked as everyone gasped.

A breath later Yusuke sprinted across the room. "Kurama!"

Kurama barely managed to remain standing as he found Yusuke in his arms with Kuwabara and the others right behind him. After getting a hug from Kurama a tearful Yukina slipped into Hiei's arms. "Oh Hiei, I'm so happy for you both."

Before long Kurama found himself on the sofa surrounded by his friends. He was introduced to little Rose and currently had baby Lily sleeping in his arms. There was a smile on his face as his eyes found Hiei.

Koenma finally asked the question they all wanted to know. "Alright Kurama, how did you do it? I found Shuuichi's body, we all saw it at the funeral. You're not supposed to be here if Shuuichi dies."

Kurama shrugged. "A plant of course. I used a cloning plant to make a duplicate of Shuuichi's body then dressed it up and left it there for you to find. The only way I would get found out was if there was an autopsy and since I was a demon I was pretty sure you'd see to it that didn't happen."

Kuwabara took his daughter from the Youko. "So Kurama, where have you been while we've all been here mourning you?"

Looking around at his friends Kurama gave them a sad smile. "I'm so sorry I did that to you. You all know I'd been depressed since Hiei left. I guess I saw Shuuichi's death as a way to escape that. I found a remote region of Makai where I thought no one would find me and buried myself in a cave in the hills there. Problem was my depression followed me there. I was so far lost in my own madness that I had been having hallucinations of seeing Hiei for almost a year. When he really showed up I didn't even believe it was him, I just thought I was crazy."

Smiling at their love story Keiko looked at Hiei. "Hiei, how did you find him?"

Hiei shrugged. "It was an accident. Mukuro through me out a few months ago for being an ass so with nowhere else to go I just wandered around Makai. One day I was in this bar in the middle of nowhere when I heard these two demons talking about how Yoko Kurama had gone mad. Within an hour I was with my fox."

Botan sighed. "Oh that's so romantic. Now you can live happily ever after."

There was one thing that could dampen Kurama's happiness. "Yusuke, how's my mother doing?"

Yusuke gave him a sad smile. "Losing you… Shuuichi hit her really hard. It's been almost two years but she does better with each passing day. At first she visited Shuuichi's grave every few days now it's only every week or two. It was hard for her to be home all the time but with your stepfather's encouragement she started doing some volunteer work for a children's charity. About six months ago the organization offered her a job as their director. She really likes helping the children Kurama. It's helped her get over your loss."

A shadow of sadness crossed Kurama's golden eyes until he looked up to find Hiei watching him and he gave him a little smiled. "Thank you Yusuke. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you watch out for her."

From beside him Yusuke nudged his shoulder embarrassed. "Anything for my family Kurama."

This made Kurama smile. Not just a little smile but the first huge happy smile Hiei had seen from his fox since finding him. From the window sill Hiei watched how happy his fox was to be back his loved one's arms and he knew Kurama was going to be alright. He knew everything was going to be alright.