A little fic-chan about my most beloved characters. I make this out when I was taking shower yesterday XDD It´s my first attempt here and I´m not native speaker so please don´t beat me. I´ve seen only 11 episodes to this day so... Here you go

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Mother´s advice

It was a lovely Sunday, slightly after noon. The Hitachiin household have just finished their lunch. Hikaru and Kaoru were sitting on the sofa stuffing spoonfuls of desert cake into each others´ mouth, munching loudly.

There was a soft rustle of cloth as their mother came to the back of sofa and put her tiny white hands on her sons´ shoulders.

They looked back at her at the same time, still chewing and there was a double: „Yuhm?"

„Hikaru, Kaoru, could you please come to my room when you are finished? I would like to discuss something with you two." Mrs. Hitachiin said seriously.

The twins looked at each other surprisedly. There was a loud gulp and their eyes travelled back to their mother´s face. „Of course, Mom." was said in unison.

„Thank you. I will see you there then." she headed to the stairs.

Brothers looked at each other again a bit startled now, then just shruged and got back to eating their desert.

There was a light double-knock at the door and two carroty heads peeked in.

„Come in, darlings. Sit down. I wanted to tell you something."

The twins sat down opposite of their mother and fixed their eyes on her in expectation of being scolded.

„Well, I don´t really know how to start..." Mrs. Hitachiin wriggled slightly in her armchair and blushed. „Hm... boys, I know that as brothers you love each other dearly. Because you are twins you feel like one, so you want to be together all the time. You have always been... But somethimes... I mean... I know you are used to it... but you are at high school now, you are almost grown men... so I thought... Will you be willing to... stop bathing together...?"

Her sons just gave her the most ridiculous look and bursted out laughing.

Mrs. Hitachiin grinned disappointedly and told to herself: „Oh well, I think I will have to wait for at least another year with this... again..."