Epilogue – Endings and a new Beginning

The moment everyone was finally back in Sunnydale's very own Magic Box, the Scoobies were hugging each other fiercely. After a long time of being apart, they were finally reunited again. Congratulations for the show they'd all put on in England and how they had dealt with Quentin were exchanged. They were all sure that, this time, the Council wouldn't do anything as stupid as attacking the Scoobies again. But just to be on the safe side, they had recorded everything Quentin had told Dawn in his office and as long as Quentin wouldn't notice the small magical bug in his office, they would continue to do just that.

However, during their small celebration, Buffy did her best to avoid Spike. She often noticed him looking at her, and though she knew that they would have to talk eventually (after all, if he really was the one the Prophecy had referred to, there was a lot to talk about), she always quickly averted her gaze. So she was glad, when Xander finally interrupted their hugging and talking with a loud,

"Hey, guys! It's still an early night in good ol' Sunnydale, so what do you think of Bronzing?" He grinned widely, as he had effectively gotten his friends' attention. "Or are you guys too tired?"

Buffy raised an eyebrow as she looked at her friends. "I'm not tired… what about you?"

"I'm never too tired for Bronzing," announced Pan, which the others agreed to.

"Bronzing? What's that?" a confused Goten wanted to know.

"The Bronze is the best club in town," Pan explained. "Well, the only club in town, but still the best one. The only bad thing is that many vamps are hanging out there, looking for some food. But that won't stop us from going there. So, what do you think?"

"Well, why not… I think we can party a bit, after what happened today… and yesterday…" Goten answered with a grin. "I mean, we have enough reason to celebrate."

"A truer word has never been spoken, my friend." Xander slung an arm around Goten's shoulder. "Let's go!"

"Wait," Buffy stopped him, as he was about to leave the Magic Box. She was looking down at her clothes with a disgusted look on her face. "Before we go, I have to get out of these clothes. I don't want to wear anything Quentin bought for me."

"Don't worry, Buffy," Dawn said to her sister with a reassuring smile on her face. "We've kept all your clothes. Okay, I might have borrowed one or two things, but I'm sure you'll find something cute to wear tonight."

Buffy let out a sigh of relief before smiling at her friends. "Okay, then what are we waiting for? Let's get pretty for the Bronze!"


About half an hour later almost everyone was waiting downstairs in the living room. Only the girls were still missing. They had all gone upstairs to get changed, while the men were waiting rather patiently, even though they were slowly getting impatient, for them.

"Why do girls always take so long?" Goten mumbled, as he glanced at the clock. "I mean, we men never take so long to get ready."

"That's because you have no sense of style," Trunks teased him, as he looked at his friend with a scrutinizing look. And he wasn't too wrong. After all, Goten was dressed in one of Xander's very colorful Hawaii shirts and beige pants.

"Shouldn't someone go up there and get them?" Angel, who was still dressed all in black, asked uncertainly.

A low grumble alerted them to Vegeta's mood, as the Saiyajin muttered, "I don't understand this whole thing… I would rather stay here."

"Come on, dad," Trunks said cheerfully. He had borrowed one of Mirai's nice shirts, which was a dark blue color, as well as a pair of jeans. "I'm sure it'll be fun."

Vegeta simply grunted and continued to ignore them with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Of course it'll be fun. Or what do you think, Watcher?" Spike, who was, just as Angel – much to his dismay - still dressed in black, asked.

"Well, for you young people, I'm sure it will be. However, I think I'm finally after five years beginning to understand, what you understand of 'having fun'."

"Mr. Giles, if it's boring for us in the club, I'm sure we can talk to pass the time more productively," Gohan suggested and earned a grateful smile from the Watcher.

"How long have they already been in there? I think it's time to go," Trunks eventually turned the attention back to the fact that the girls still hadn't come downstairs again. "If we don't get going soon, the others will have to wait for us at this club."

Mirai sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Okay, okay, I'll go and see what keeps them…" Without another backward glance, Mirai ascended the stairs to Buffy's room, where he guessed the girls would be.


While the men were waiting rather impatiently downstairs, the girls were almost finished. All of them had found something to wear in the closets of the girls living in the house and it was obvious to everyone that Buffy was more than happy to finally wear her own clothes again. For this night she had chosen one of her favorite dresses – it was baby blue and knee-long – and sandals with low heels. Dawn on the other hand had chosen something less fancy, just a tight dark green T-shirt and black jeans, while Faith had donned her usual leather pants and a deep red blouse. Cordelia had, like Buffy, chosen a dress, only that hers was longer and red like fire.

A quiet knock at their door sounded just at the moment, when Buffy closed the clasp of her necklace, and after she had said, "Come in", Mirai stepped inside. His gaze wandered around, as he said, "The others are waiting downstairs and they sent me to… wow," he gasped, as he saw Pan. His eyes wandered from head to toe and back again. She was wearing high-heeled black boots, which went up to her knees, a black miniskirt and a night blue halter-neck top. This was something he had never seen on her before, and he liked it.

"You like what you see?" she asked him teasingly, as she walked up to him.

"Oh hell yes…" He leaned down and placed a soft and short kiss on her lips. He knew that if he deepened the kiss now, they would never leave this room.

Pan sighed against his lips, as he pulled away, but the teasing grin was quickly back on her lips. "But you don't look too bad yourself."

Trunks smirked down at her, knowing full well that he looked good tonight. He had decided to forgo formal wear and instead just chose his favorite and at the same time best blue jeans (he would never wear the ones during patrols!) and a tight black T-shirt, which showed his well-built body.

Suddenly they heard Faith clearing her throat. "I'm sorry to interrupt you guys, but we're finished here and I think we should go down now."


Goten just came out of the kitchen, his hand holding some cake, of which about half was in his mouth at the very same moment, as the girls finally came down the stairs. But he had to swallow hard and almost choked, when the last couple descended the steps. Once his coughing fit had subsided, he stared at them with wide eyes. "Panny? What happened to you? You- you're wearing a skirt. Man, how did you get her into that?" he asked Mirai.

"I didn't do anything," Mirai Trunks answered honestly, with a grin on his face.

"Panny, I hope you'll tell me, when I should get worried about you."

"Don't worry Goten. I'm still me… I've just widened my taste for clothing a bit." At that moment, the others came out of the living room and spotted Pan. Gohan's jaw dropped to the floor literally. He had never seen his daughter wearing something like this, as well as Trunks. "Hey you two! Are you coming?" she snapped them back into reality, when everyone had already left the house and just they were still standing in the corridor.

"Mmh? Oh, alright…" Gohan said, still dumbfounded and walked past Pan. He turned his head to look at her one more time, before he shook it. He knew he had to accept that his little girl was now a grown up woman, who had managed to live with amnesia for six month.

Trunks on the other hand didn't say anything, as he walked past Pan. He was still shocked by her outfit. He somehow found it too bad that he hadn't seen the woman in her before he fell in love and bonded with Marron. But he admitted to himself that it's better for her to be with his other self, not just because he's nearer at her age, also because he knew that this man is a better Trunks than he ever would be.


It didn't take long for them to arrive at the Bronze. Just as Trunks had already suspected, Xander, Anya, Willow and Tara, who had gone home to change, were already waiting for them. After they had bought a couple of drinks and talked for a bit, the younger generation soon was to be found on the dance floor, while Giles, Wesley, Angel, Gohan and Vegeta were sitting at a table, talking (Vegeta was of course feigning disinterest and didn't engage in the conversation).

Only Spike was neither with the group on the dance floor, nor with the other men at the table. He was sitting at the bar, nursing a beer and watching the others. He still had a hard time to accept that Buffy was alive, just like that. And in addition to that, he should be the one who had made her remember everything? That was simply unbelievable.

A quiet sigh escaped his lips, as his eyes were once again drawn to the blond Slayer on the dance floor, as she was laughing with her sister and her friends, and dancing as if she didn't have a care in the world. Even though she was a Slayer, she still belonged into the daylight, and while he was now a human, Spike didn't believe that he was worthy of her. There were too many voices, voices which he managed to keep quiet for now, that whispered those things to him.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a movement and groaned, when he realized who was now walking up to him.

"Spike," Angel said, as he joined him at the bar. "Can I talk to you?"

Spike suppressed the urge to say something sarcastic and instead just asked, "What about?"

"It's about Buffy…"

"Oh," Spike felt something raging inside him. A fire which he quickly recognized as jealousy, but if he had learned something in the great story of Buffy and Angel, it was when to admit defeat. "The Slayer's all yours. You're the better man for someone like Buffy."

"That's…" Angel fidgeted, as he struggled with the words. Spike raised an eyebrow. "That's the whole point… I don't love her anymore… And she doesn't love me… At least we're not in love anymore. You know, when I walked her home yesterday, she told me this and she was right. But she was still too confused about her own feelings." He shook his head. "However, she saw something I didn't want to see. Over the course of the last two years, I think I fell in love with Cordelia…" His gaze drifted to the dance floor, to where the song had just ended and the girls were on their way back to their table.

"Queen C?" Spike snorted. "Wow, I never saw that one coming…"

"Spike…. What I want to say is, even if I still loved Buffy, she would never feel the same for me, because I think that she's in love with you."


"What do you think they're talking about?" Cordelia asked, looking over to the bar where Spike and Angel were sitting. "One would think that those two couldn't manage a civil conversation without killing each other."

Buffy followed her gaze and inwardly agreed with Cordelia. It really looked like Spike and Angel were talking normally with each other. Then, to answer Cordelia's question, she said with a light grin, "I can't say for sure. But I think that Angel is talking about you. According to the dreamy look in his eyes." A giggle escaped her lips, when she saw the flabbergasted look on Spike's face. It seemed like Angel had just told him about his feelings for Cordelia, otherwise Buffy couldn't explain that look.

"What are you talking about?" Cordelia asked, immediately averting her eyes from Angel. Then, Buffy saw something, she thought she'd never see on Cordelia Chase's face. She was blushing. However, just as she wanted to tease Cordelia a bit more, Faith cut in,

"Come on, Cordy," she interrupted them. "Haven't you noticed the look in his eyes whenever he talks to or about you? That guy's absolutely fallen for you." At that moment the fast song ended and the DJ decided to play a slow and romantic one. "Now take your chance, or I'll have to help you."

"You won't dare!" Cordelia nearly squeaked.

"Oh yes, I will," Faith smirked and was immediately gone, sauntering up to the two former vampires. Buffy and Cordelia could only stare after her, as Faith began to talk to them. She had grabbed both of them tightly by one shoulder and after she had spoken for a few seconds (with each passing second the looks on both Angel's and Spike's face became more dumbfounded), she literally whirled them around by force and pushed them into their direction. Instead of following them, however, Faith sat down on Spike's chair and immediately commandeered his beer.

Buffy could feel her heart beat hard against her chest, as Spike came closer. A well-known feeling to her, fight-or-flight, was rising up in her body, but before she could do anything, he was suddenly standing in front of her. She couldn't take her eyes off him – he looked just as nervous as she felt – and only vaguely registered Angel asking Cordelia for a dance and then the two of them disappearing somewhere on the dance floor.

Instead of saying something, anything, to her, Spike just extended his hand. Ignoring the boring looks of her friends and sister in her back, Buffy shakily raised her own hand and put it into his. Apparently feeling more confident that she hadn't hit him for this move, Spike tightly clasped his fingers around hers and pulled her with him to the dance floor. However, his confidence suddenly seemed to leave him, once they were in the middle of embracing and swaying couple. His hold on her hand loosened slightly, as he carefully put his other hand on her hip and the two of them began to sway as well, just a lot more awkwardly than the others.

Pan had watched the exchange between the two not-yet-but-probably-soon-to-be-couples with a slight grin on her face, especially the exchange between Buffy and Spike. After all, Spike's feelings for Buffy had always been more than obvious, and even though she didn't know Buffy that well, Pan was sure that somewhere, deep inside, the Slayer just had to feel more than friendship for the former vampire. And maybe, maybe the Prophecy was true and it really was true love between them. She hoped that it was, for both of them. They really deserved it.

Lost in thoughts, Pan started slightly, when Trunks suddenly appeared in front of her, holding out his hand for her. "May I have this dance?"

Pan looked down at his hand, back at the nervous smile on his face and then glanced to Mirai, who had gone over to Gohan and was in deep conversation with her father. Surely, one dance couldn't hurt. "Okay," she whispered, as she took his hand and followed him to the other couples.

"You really have changed," Trunks commented after a few seconds of slightly uncomfortable silence between them. "I don't think that Bra would recognize you in this outfit with the skirt and all."

"So, it's a good thing or a bad thing?" Pan asked him, a light teasing tone in her voice.

"I think it would give her a heart attack and after that she would start screaming and yelling and tell everyone that you've finally grown out of your tomboyish ways."

"Who says that I've grown out of it?" she commented with a smirk.

"Hey, that's what she will say, not I… But honestly, in my opinion, this suits you. I mean, you're still you, but new and improved, if you get what I mean." Trunks sighed. "It's no wonder that he's fallen for you."

Pan raised an eyebrow. "Are you jealous?"

Trunks laughed, shaking his head. "Not jealous, just protective. I just want him to treat you right."

"He does. He loves me, really loves me. And I love him just as much."

"And you're happy, really really happy?" Trunks asked imploringly

"Deliriously happy."

"Then… I'm glad…" Suddenly, without saying something, Trunks leaned forward and pressed his lips against Pan's forehead. Then, he let go off her, turned around and left the dance floor. Confused, Pan followed him with her eyes. He was talking to Mirai, clapping him on the shoulder, and then, Mirai got up and walked up to her. Pan welcomed him with a bright smile.

While they were swaying, Buffy spotted Pan and Mirai, holding each other tightly and smiling, as they were swaying to the music. They looked so comfortable and happy with each other, that something constricted in Buffy's throat. Sure, she was dancing with Spike, but this was awkward, it felt forced. They weren't talking, weren't smiling, hell, they weren't even looking at each other! This couldn't go on like this, Buffy suddenly decided and stopped dancing.

Finally, Spike looked at her, confusion and hurt evident in his eyes. "What's up, pet?"

Trying to swallow the gigantic lump that had appeared in her throat, she said, "Spike, we need to talk."

Spike sighed. "Yeah, I think we should." There was so much they had to talk about. "But not in here, not with this noise. Let's go outside."

"Okay…" Buffy agreed. Hesitantly, Spike took her hand and together they walked through the masses of people towards the exit. On their way out, Buffy saw something that made her at least a bit happy. In the darker back, Angel was pressing Cordelia against a wall in what appeared to be a very intense make-out session. It seemed that at least they had come clean about their feelings for each other in the last few minutes.

They were the only ones outside, which suited them just well. But instead of lingering at the entrance, they walked a bit further down the alley, just to make sure that they really wouldn't be disturbed.

Buffy fidgeted nervously with her fingers, now that Spike had let go off her hand. He was looking at her and she knew that she needed to say something. After all, she had told him that they needed to talk, so she needed to do some talking. But there were so many things in her head and she didn't know where to start and she was sure that once she had started, she wouldn't be able to stop and she didn't want to unload a Willow-sized ramble on him tonight.

But she couldn't wait any longer. So, taking a deep breath, she finally said, "Spike…"

However, she didn't come far, as Spike interrupted her. "Buffy, stop, I know already what you want to say."

"Really?" Buffy let out a humorless laugh. "Because even I don't know what I want to say… Or how to say it… So I think you should just let me do it, okay?"

"Okay," Spike backed off, now getting curious. If the situation weren't so serious, he would say that it was adorable how Buffy was playing with her fingers, how flustered she was.

"Spike," she eventually began again and inwardly told herself, Here we go. Prepare for the Willow-sized ramble.

Spike watched as she took another deep breath, before she finally started to talk.

"Spike, before I… fought Glory… I meant it, as I said that you're not a monster. You are a man. Okay, now you are definitely one, since you're human. But when you told me that I treated you like a man, even though you thought you knew you were a monster, I knew deep down that you were wrong. At this time, you were already a man, Spike. You were a vampire, right. But you were not a monster. A monster kills, but you protected my family. Always. You've never hurt Dawn. That's why I asked you to take care of her. I knew that you would protect her with your life. And that was enough for me to die in peace, knowing that she would always be safe with you."

Wearily, Buffy sat down on some steps of an old warehouse, forcing herself not to look away, to look directly at Spike, because that was what he deserved. He opened his mouth, apparently wanting to say something, but she just shook her head, effectively silencing him.

"The prophecy was right. Shortly before I remembered everything, I saw visions of you and me, how you pissed me off and how you promised me this. I've thought about this the whole time since we've come back from England and I… I think I know now that… if I'm able to trust someone like I trust you… there just has to be something like…"

Spike never heard the big revelation, as just at that very moment a high-pitched scream echoed through the alley. Buffy and Spike exchanged a look and as one they were off, heading into the direction of the scream. The scene that greeted them was not unfamiliar to both of them – two vampires cornering a teenage girl.

Stepping forward calmly, Buffy asked with an innocent tone in her voice, "Hey! Is everything okay here?"

"Run!" the girl only yelled, tears running down her cheeks.

"I would listen to her…" one of the vampires said as he walked over to Buffy. Just as he was a few steps away, he showed her his true face, apparently wanting to scare her, and added, "This place isn't safe for you."

Buffy smirked, of course not at all intimidated by him. She really loved this game and was once again more than happy to be back on her playground. "Really? 'Cos I'd think that this place isn't safe for you." She pulled out a stake of her pocket and threw it to Spike. "Spike, take care of the other one."

"Sure pet," he answered and, once he had caught the stake, lunged at the vamp.

"While I take care of this one," Buffy finished with a low voice. She pulled out another stake and began pummeling on the stunned vampire. Out of the corner of her eyes, Buffy saw that the girl used this chance to run away. Smart girl.

Spike managed to dust his one within a few seconds and looked just up to see how Buffy was about to finish the other off. "Who are you?" the vampire asked, when he was lying on the ground.

"I'm Buffy," she said and brought the stake down into his chest. "The Vampire Slayer." She pulled out the stake and the vampire disintegrated into dust. She rose to her feet and dusted her blue dress off. There was of course dirt all over it after this fight, and Buffy cursed under her breath, wondering if it would ever get out again.

"So, Buffy, what did you want to say before we were interrupted?" Spike wanted to know, once he came to a halt next to Buffy.

Buffy looked at him, a hard and determined look in her eyes, as she only said, "This."

She pulled his face down and pressed her lips against his. He tensed for just a second, before he began to move with her, opening his mouth to her tongue. His hands rested on her arms, while their lips were moving against each other in a dance that was so new and so familiar all the same.

When they finally broke apart, both were out of breath, but they were both feeling good, better than they had in ages. Pushing a stray strand of hair out of her face, Spike chuckled, "Not that this kiss wasn't fantastic or anything, but you still didn't tell me what you wanted to say."

Buffy chuckled along with him, positively glowing, as she whispered, "I meant that I could just be able to trust you like this, if there were something like true love."

"You really mean that, luv?" Spike asked confused, happy, but not ready to believe his luck.

First when Buffy nodded and repeated, "I think, no, I'm pretty sure that I love you," he believed her and leaned down to kiss her again.

This time, their kiss was short and sweet and this time, Spike wasn't out of breath, when he said, "I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I'm head over heels in love with you, Buffy."

Once again, his lips descended and they didn't think about going back inside for a long while.


The next evening everyone was gathered in front of the crypt, where the four Saiyajins had appeared just a few days ago. Last hugs were exchanged between Pan, who was by the way dressed in the clothes in which she had arrived a half year ago, Mirai and the Scoobies, while the Saiyajins were waiting patiently for them.

"Promise me that you will come back and visit us," Dawn said to Pan with tears shining in her eyes.

"Don't worry Dawnie, Trunks and I will come back," Pan promised, having a hard time to hold back her own tears. How much she hated to say goodbye. Those people had been her family for a half year, the only family she had known at that time and she was going to miss them terribly.

"Hey P, when you come back, I promise I will be stronger then," Faith swore.

"I know. But you also have to promise me another thing. Don't die."

"No problem. Can do that. We're two Slayers, one former vampire and a Key. Nothing should take us down that easily." Faith smirked and going against her own nature, engulfed Pan in a strong and short embrace.

"Goodbye, Dawn, Faith," Mirai said, as he, too, hugged the two girls. The next one standing in the row of farewell wishers was Giles. "Giles, we wanted to say thank you for everything."

"Yeah," Pan continued. "You were a really good friend." Now Pan couldn't hold back her tears anymore and jumped at Giles neck. "Goodbye Giles. Take good care of them."

"I will, Pan, I will. Goodbye, Trunks," he said as Pan let go of him and he shook Trunks' hand.


Then they arrived at the last ones. Spike and Buffy. Holding hands. "Well, Spike…" Mirai said. "Looks like you got your true love."

"Yep, and she's all mine," the former vampire answered smirking.

"Buffy, it was nice to meet you, even if it was just for a few days…"

"It was nice to meet you too, Mirai. You're a great guy. Pan, do you know how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like him?"

"Yeah, I know. But to quote Spike: He's all mine," Pan said laughing. "Goodbye Buffy." They hugged and then Pan went to Spike. "And you help Giles to take care of them. If not I will come back and kick your sorry ass."

"I will take care of them, like I've promised. Goodbye Pan." Spike leaned down and hugged her as well. "Goodbye Boxer Boy," he said, when he and Mirai exchanged a manly hug.

Slowly, one by one, Pan and Mirai said goodbye to the remaining Scoobies. All of them wished them well and made them promise to visit them soon (Willow had managed to ramble almost a whole minute until both Pan and Mirai just pulled her and Tara into a tight hug).

Much too soon it was really time for them to leave and so they walked over to the waiting Saiyajins. Gohan opened the portal and they waved one last time to the Scoobies, before they disappeared in the vortex.


When the Saiyajins came out of the portal, they were alone in the laboratory. Pan immediately grabbed Mirai's hand and pulled him behind her. "Hey, where are we going?" he asked surprised, much to the other Saiyajin's amusement, as he was dragged off, laughter following them.

"I have to see Bra! Both she and Marron are here! And you know I haven't seen them for a half year," Pan announced happily and ran through the corridors until they stopped in front of a door, through which they could hear loud music.

"What's that?" he asked.

"That's just Bra. She often hears loud music when she doesn't want to be disturbed," Pan explained.

"Then maybe we should come back later, and…"

"No way, you won't get out of meeting your sister. Now… And besides, it's my job as best friend to annoy her." Without another word, Pan opened the door and walked in, followed by Mirai, who looked around a bit uncomfortably. Meeting the sister he had never had wasn't something that happened every day, after all.

The two girls, however, hadn't noticed their entrance, because Bra was lying on her bed, letting her head hang down on one side and they could see Marron's feet on the floor, suggesting that her head should be somewhere near Bra's. Pan smirked and slowly floated over the bed to her two friends, 'lying' on her stomach and resting her head on her hands. "Hey you two! Whatcha doing?" she yelled to be heard over the ear-deafening music.

Bra nearly fell off her bed, when she heard that voice. Neither she nor Marron had seen her, because their eyes had been closed. "Pan?" Marron asked in disbelief.

Bra stared at her best friend for a moment, before she jumped up and tackled her with a loud, "PAN!" You're back! When did they find you? Are you okay?"

"Bra… need… air…" Pan managed to say and Bra immediately got up from her friend. "So, this is a lot better. Yes, I'm back as you see, they've found me a few days ago and yes, I'm okay," she answered the questions. "Oh, and Bra, I'd like you to meet someone." Pan motioned to Trunks.

"Really? Who?" Bra whirled around in excitement, which quickly turned to disappointment, as she sighed dismissively, "Oh, it's just my brother… I thought you found a boyfriend…"

"Uhm, Bra…" Marron said confused. "This is not your brother… Well, at least not your your brother. Just look at him… the hair and… I just don't feel him. He's not our Trunks."

"Marron's right. That's one Trunks, but not your brother Trunks. He is the one who came to the past to help in the fight against the Jinzoningen. And he's mine," she told her friends with a smirk on her face. "Trunks, meet your sister Bra and our best friend Marron."

"Hi," Mirai only said.

"Hi," the girls just replied a bit confused.

Pan saw the look on their faces and began to laugh. "Don't worry, I'll explain everything, when everyone's here."


Shortly after, everyone was gathered at Capsule Corporation, happy that Pan was back and safe. ChiChi and Videl cried, when they finally saw her again, causing Pan to cry as well. First when everyone had calmed down enough to talk, Pan remembered what she had promised her grandfather. "Grandma, I have to tell you something from grandpa."

"What do you mean?" ChiChi asked confused.

"He visited me in my dreams a few times, to watch over me. He told me to tell you that he's really sorry that he had left you again and that he really loves you with all his heart."

"Thank you Panny…" ChiChi only said, tears once again streaming down her face, and hugged Pan.


A few days later Mirai and Pan were standing in front of the portal, which was now modified, so that it would also work as a time machine, ready to go to the past to visit the other Bulma. "Okay, kids, are you ready?" the Bulma of their time asked.

"Sure… I can't wait to see my mom again," Mirai Trunks said smiling.

Bulma returned the smile and opened the portal for them. "You can go through now. And don't get lost. Again."

"Don't worry Bulma. That won't happen again," Pan promised and followed her mate through the portal.


Mirai Bulma was standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window. It had now been about a half year since Trunks had gone back to the past, and she was slightly worried that something might have happened to him. He had just been gone too long without contacting her in any way.

Suddenly she saw how a blue swirling vortex appeared in the front yard and her son and another strange, yet familiar girl stepped out of it. Speaking, or better, thinking of the devil. Smiling brightly she quickly ran outside to greet them. "Trunks!" she shouted and hugged him tightly.

"Mom!" he sighed, as he hugged her back.

"Where have you been? It's been a half year!" she asked, hitting him on the arm.

Trunks winced, though this hadn't hurt him at all. He knew that he owed his mother a long explanation, and that she must have been terribly worried, but there was still time for that later. Now, there were more important things, among other the girl who was standing next to him. "That's a long story, but mom, I want to introduce you to Pan. She is Gohan's daughter. Pan, that's my mom."

"Gohan's daughter? But how? Wait, you can explain it to me once we're all inside." Bulma shook her head and led the two of them inside.

A few hours later the two Saiyajins had explained the most important facts. Bulma noticed, how happy her son was and it had really been a long time, since she'd last seen him that happy. He had finally found someone to love, and it was his mentor's daughter he had fallen in love with. The irony of this. She was convinced that it must have been fate that the two found each other in a complete different dimension.

After Pan and Trunks had gone to bed, Bulma was sitting in her room on the balcony looking at the stars. "Oh Vegeta, you should see your son now. Fully grown up, strong and he's even found a girlfriend. I know you would like her. She's a Saiyajin, Gohan's daughter. They're both deeply in love and really happy. And he deserves to be happy after everything he had to go through in the last twenty years," she whispered, feeling that Vegeta was watching her, and hearing every word she said.


"I wonder what they're doing right now?" Dawn asked, disturbing the silence. She, Buffy, Spike and Faith were on patrol in one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries.

"Who? Trunks and Pan?" Faith asked confused, and upon the 'duh-who-else' look on Dawn's face, snickered. "I think they're having big 'Welcome Back' parties everywhere," Faith told them with a smirk. "I guess, according to what they had told us about their families, that it's gonna be torture for both of them."

"Torture or not, they're finally home, together, and happy, I guess. Just like we are," Spike said as he put his arm around Buffy, something he would have never imagined he could do just a few days ago – never mind the fact that a few days ago they had still believed that Buffy was dead.

"Yeah, happy," the blond Slayer only said and snuggled up to the former vampire with a smile on her face. She would enjoy this new happiness, this feeling of being in love, as long as possible, because who knew what was going to happen in the future?

But for now, all was well.