Winning over Haruhi Fujioka

By: theunknownvoice

Chapter 1: An Agreement between Brothers

It started as a simple agreement. They could see the tides turning in their "family." Feelings were being realized and the others now knew what they had known for ages.

She was a girl. They had always known that but they had tended to view her as just another member of the club. Now the truth was out: Every member of the group had fallen in love with her.

Haruhi wasn't exceptionally beautiful. She wasn't vivacious or outgoing. She wasn't extravagant or rich.

Haruhi simply was plain spoken and someone who didn't put up with anyone's bull shit. She had called them all on their ridiculous behavior. She had seen through every member of the Host Club's cleverly designed masks. She had seen through their fancy outfits and acts doing what no other girl had ever done.

The Host Club had been designed to sell women on an image. It had been the reason for the club to provide the romantic illusion that many of their clients wanted. Yet the club had never been designed for a woman such as Haruhi Fujioka.

They had known that they found her interesting when she first joined the club. She didn't care about men or women. She wasn't interested in what appeared to be cute. Instead she would rather study so she could become a lawyer.

It had been a bonus for them that she was in their class. It was easier to tease Tamaki that way. He didn't want them spending too much time with his precious Haruhi.

Still they had rubbed it in his lordly face that they not him were spending time with Haruhi.

Everything they did after that was to get some response from her or to annoy him. The incident with the cookie, for example, had been their way of trying to get her to like them. Biting the cookie off in her mouth had been a delight. Licking the crumbs from her face had been intoxicating. It was horrible they both wanted her and for the first time they didn't want to share.

"I should have her because I went out on a date with her," Hikaru said.

"I'm the one that set up that date," Kaoru retorted.

"That doesn't mean anything," Hikaru rebutted.

"I saved her from dying when that vase came out the widow," Kaoru returned.

"I got to look down her shirt at the Halloween event," Hikaru replied.

"You what?"

"I don't think she noticed what she was doing. It was a nice view."

"Ugh…We need to think of something."

"What do you mean?"

"She likes both us doesn't she?"

"I would think so considering we're her best friends."

"The others have just recognized their feelings. They'll all be after Haruhi in a little while. So I think we should try to win her over together."

"I don't want to share her."

"Neither do I but sharing her with you is a better option than loosing her to the others."

"I can agree to that. How do you want to go about this?"

"Simple we seduce her together."

"She doesn't like the whole brotherly love act. She says it's stupid."

"We don't use the act. We just show her the benefits of being with both of us versus them."

"Kind of like a two for one deal?"


"Fine, I agree to this plan. I'll help you win over Haruhi provided one condition."

"Which is?"

"That if we win and she wants both us that we share her equally. If she only wants one of us then there's no blood shed. We just step back."

"Hikaru, when did you become so reasonable?"

"Shut up! Do you agree or not?"

"I agree. We win her over and then we decide what comes next."

The twins shook hands.

To be continued…..