Chapter 13: Game Over

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Five Years Later

She could have given many answers that day. She had gone through each one of them in her head. Each outcome had been methodically thought except for their reactions.

She could try to predict them but they were the twins, redheaded dual enigmas that had taken over her life without her knowledge. If she had never walked into the abandoned third music room that day where would her life gone? Before that day she was alone. It had always been about school, would always be about school, and will always be about school. Her dreams were waiting for her and she would achieve them because that was who she was. She was Haruhi Fujioka.

There had never been a challenge Haruhi Fujioka could not beat. They had never been a landmark in her pathway to success that she had missed. She was determined. She would be a lawyer and afterwards—

She had never thought about the afterwards. There had never been an afterwards to think about. It had been the goal. She had wanted to achieve the goal. The goal was everything, is everything and will always be everything.

That was Haruhi Fujioka thought until the day she entered the music room. Until that day she was just an empty shell.

Haruhi groaned as she picked up the last of the groceries. Class was exhausting. There were the pre-law courses that she was finished with. Then there was law school. She was tired, hot, sweaty, and very irritated.

Her fridge had been emptied out when the members of the Host Club had come to visit. Tamaki had eaten the last of her "commoner jam." (Sempai, it's just regular jam!) Kyoya had charged her for the pleasure of his company. (Rich bastard.) Hunny had eaten mounds of cake (How does he have such wonderful teeth?) Mori had eaten with Hunny (I sometimes wonder if he likes desert that much.) Then there were the twins.

The grocery bags crashed from her hands as she felt wetness along her cheek and neck. Dear God, where had he learned to do that?

The licking and biting didn't stop. The hot heady sensation of those lips on hers wasn't going away and she didn't want it to. Her hands ran through his hair and across his chest.

He continued licking and biting and then she felt it. Another pair of hands layered over her back.

"No fair Hikaru, I want some too."

Hikaru broke the kiss. "Sorry, Kaoru but I thought it was my turn. Besides she's mine too. Right Haruhi?"

"Still our toy aren't you, Haruhi?" Kaoru asked.

Kaoru's hands went under her shirt in brief seconds. She could feel the fabric of her bra tearing as he continued to pull.

Hikaru moved towards her pants. Pulling down pieces of her suit the two twins moved quickly.

"Be careful you two if you tear my clothes—"

"We'll buy you more," was their reply.

"But I like this suit—"

"But Haruhi don't you like us more?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes, don't you love us more than a silly suit that doesn't even fit you right?" Hikaru asked sucking on her neck.

"Don't be ridiculous," Haruhi groaned. "You know that you two are my toys as well."

Haruhi lay sweaty and sprawled out on the bed. Next to her lay her two personal demons. They possessed her and sometimes she wished they didn't know they did.

"You shouldn't have gone shopping by yourself."

"We would've gone with you."

Her eyes turned towards the two mirror images. She had thought them asleep.

"You two hate to go grocery shopping."

"We only hate to go—"

"when you're not there."

She just shook her head to Kaoru on her left. She leaned into him slightly as Hikaru began run his hands over her legs. Kaoru stoked her hair, his fingers weaving intricate patterns.

The twins continued caressing her and she just laid like mush. She had been so tired but suddenly she was wide awake. All day long she had been thinking about them and had wanted to go home and be with them. And now she wanted to be with them again. It was insane.

Maybe they drugged her to keep her addicted to them. Because she was addicted to them. She loved their smiles and laughter and smirks and heaven forbid she even loved their pranks.

She thought about them so much that she didn't even know that the professor had called on her. Her only answer to the question had been, "42." That didn't make sense since the question was about international law and extradition to a foreign country.

Lord help her if the twins ever found out how utterly in love with them she was. But by the smirks on their faces as they continued to caress her and play with her they already knew.

Life was good for Haruhi Hitiichan. Provided her husbands weren't trying to win her over. And didn't have any plans on corrupting their future offspring.

She smirked slightly. Right now she would let them have their fun and tomorrow she would tell them.

The End